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Tampa Bay Rays Memorabilia: First-Game Program, Figurines, Autographs, Etc.

Lot 195. Tampa Bay Rays Memorabilia: First-Game Program, Figurines, Autographs, Etc. Seven items are connected with the Rays’ inaugural season in 1988: 1. Inaugural game program vs. Detroit, nm-m+. 2. July 1998 program, McGriff min-poster, insert vs. Yankees, Rolando Arrojo cover, nm-m. 3. “Official Team Pin Set” of three for the first game, #3710 of 10,000, mint in the original box. 4-5. Limited edition ticket holder and commemorative ticket for the first game (2), nm. 6. Beach towel reproducing a March 31, 1998 “St. Petersburg Times” page showing Wilson Alvarez delivering the first pitch ever for the Rays. Ex-m, about 30” x 56”. 7. Inaugural season seat cushion from GTE, nm-m. 8. White Rose inaugural season Ford Aeromax tractor-trailer, nm-m. PUBLICATIONS: 9. 1999-2000 Devil Rays calendar, nm-m. 10-11. 2003 and 2007 yearbooks, nm-m. 12. 2003 scorecard vs. Cleveland, nm. 13-14. April (Aki cover) and July (Upton Cover) 2007 “Inside Pitch” magazines-programs vs. Blue Jays and Yankees, nm. AUTOGRAPHS: 15. Wade Boggs autograph on a Schutt Sports replica base, ex-m 6 signature. 16. Scott Kazmir signed poster, mint signature and poster, given to Rays’ 2007 season ticket holders. 17. 2007 Festival Latino poster signed by Carlo Pena. 18. Festival Latino poster signed by Pena, Jorge Cantu, Al Reyes, Dioner Navarro and one other. 19-20: Two Hispanic Heritage Night posters signed by Dioner Navarro, Ruddy Lugo and Juan Salas. The signatures are 9s and 10s. FIGURINES: 21-22. Two B. J. Upton figurines from Bright House Networks, stadium give-away, mint in the original boxes. Upton autographed the outside of one box. 23. Jonny Gomes figurine, 2006 stadium premium, mint in the original box. 24. Replica of Tropicana Field, ex-m. TICKETS: 25-26. Two commemorative tickets for the Rays’ first game in Orlando on May 16, 2007. One is numbered 148 of 400, and the other, 152. 27. An actual ticket for the Orlando game, complete ticket, ex-m with stadium ink marks. 28. Ticket stub for the game, ex. 29. Ticket for the opening game of 2007, ex-m. 30-38. Nine tickets for 2007 games, four stapled together; otherwise, vg-ex. PINS: 39-40. Two sets of three pins given to 2007 season ticket holders, mint in the original boxes. CARDS: 41-97. 57 baseball cards featuring Devil Rays, almost all from 1999 or 2000 team-issued sets, nm+ POSTERS: 98-99. Two 2003 Hispanic Heritage Night posters, ex-m. 100-105. Six 2007 Festival Latino posters featuring Carlos Pena, ex-m. 106. Rawlings “Official Ball, Inaugural Game,” one of 30,000, nm-m. Autographs authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Minimum Bid $75.

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Minimum Bid $75    


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