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Florida Marlins Memorabilia – Autographs, Cards, Pins, First-Year Programs, Yearbook, Etc.

Lot 193. Florida Marlins Memorabilia – Autographs, Cards, Pins, First-Year Programs, Yearbook, Etc. This collection contains more than 200 individual items. Among them is a 14” x 11” autographed photo showing Charlie Hough hurling the first pitch in the Marlins inaugural game on April 5, 1993 against the LA Dodgers. Hough’s signature is a large gem mint 10. PUBLICATIONS (22): 1993 Inaugural Game program, nm-m. Unopened complete commemorative set of seven different 1993 “Marlins Magazines,” mint. 1993 Marlins yearbook, nm-m+. “Marlins Magazine” #2 vs. San Diego nm-m and #4 vs. St. Louis nm-m+. “Marlins Mania,” 126-page recap of the inaugural season by the Sun-Sentinel staff, nm-m+. 1994 Opening Day program vs. Houston and 1997 vs. Chicago, both nm-m+. 1997 program vs. Baltimore, Cal Ripken cover, nm. Spring training programs for 2003 (2), 2004, 2006 and 2007, nm. And calendars for 1993-94 and 1994-95, nm. April 6, 1993 “Miami Herald” with coverage of the Marlins’ first game, ex-m. Oct. 25, 1997 “Sun-Sentinel” previewing World Series Game 6., ex-m. Two copies of the Oct. 27, 1997 “Sun-Sentinel” celebrating the “Marvelous World Champs!” Ex-m to nm. Oct. 29-Nov. 4 “Baseball Weekly” covering the World Series, vg. Three issues of “TV Guide” with Marlins covers, Moises Alou, Sept. 27, 1997; Kevin Brown, Oct. 25, 1997, and Josh Beckett, April 3, 2004, ex-m. TICKETS & STUBS (34): Two 1993 inaugural year season ticket holders (empty), vg+. Two 1994 season ticket folders, each with 26 unused tickets, ex. Opening Day tickets for 1994, nm, ink mark on back, and 1997, vg-ex, ink marks on back. Ticket for Oct. 23, 2003 World Series game, nm in a plastic holder with the World Series logo. PINS (4): Stadium give-aways, 1993 “Inaugural Season” on a Bumble Bee “The Start of Something Great” card, Sunshine Network, Winn Dixie (Joe Robbie Stadium), mint pins, ex cards. Also, and World Series pin showing Yankees and Marlins caps, nm-m. MEDALLION: 1991 Marlins Franchise, #2,990 of 10,000, one troy ounce, 0.999 fine silver, in original plastic holder, some tarnishing. AUTOGRAPHS (20+): Josh Beckett and A. J. Burnett on Fleer 2000 FreshINK cards. Manny Sanguillen and Boog Powell on Marlins logo cards and Matt Petersen and Toddy Pridy on Marlins 5” x 7” photo cards. Several issues, mostly 2006 Topps, signed by Adrian Gonzalez, Jacobs, Lee, Nolasco, Scott Olsen, Olivo, Treanor, Uggla, Willingham and Willis. Manny Sanguillen and Boog Powell on a 1993 Expansion Draft scorecard. Autographs are generally 9s and 10s authenticated by Kevin Keating. CARDS (109): Mostly Topps, 1993T (30), 2001T Archives Dawson, 2002T (8), 2003T (12), 2006T (8) and 2001 Fleer Tradition (6). Nm+ overall. Also, an unopened 1993 Stadium Club team set of 30 cards. POSTERS (5). Gary Sheffield, 1994 Starline, 22 ½” x 34 ½”, ex; Marlins inaugural team, 36” x 24”, sponsored by Bumble Bee, Publix and Cookie Crisp, shows inaugural game and has player vignettes, vg+; 2004 Marlins All-Stars, facsimile signatures, 18” x 22”, ex-m; 2007 Marlins schedule (2), 24” x 18”, ex+. All rolled. LICENSE PLATE: World Champions plate with the Marlins logo and the 2003 World Series logo, nm. ALSO: A Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes cereal box with Tony the Tiger in a Marlins uniform on the front and the team’s schedule on the back, a White Rose 1997 Marlins World Series Champions tractor-trailer and two 1993 Rookie Season large hard-plastic drinking cups. Autographs authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $75.

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Winning Bid $75    


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