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1933 Hardbound "Who’s Who in Major League Baseball."

Lot 44. 1933 Hardbound "Who’s Who in Major League Baseball." Published by Grover C. Buxton of Chicago and compiled by sportswriter Harold (Speed) Johnson, this scarce reference is what every annual should be. Consisting of 544-pages, it devotes a full page to each of several hundred baseball players. Each player is represented by a large photo. In addition, the publication provides the player’s full record and a biographical sketch with career highlights. The “Who’s Who” starts with Earl “Sparky” Adams and ends with Tom Zachary. Judge Landis, managers, owners and other personalities also are profiled. Luke Sewell autographed his photo; authenticated by Kevin Keating. Red covers with gilt impressions are vg-ex with several small stains. The contents are ex. No dust jacket. Scarce and desirable.
Winning Bid $264.

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Winning Bid $264    


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