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Robin Roberts Huge Collection of Signed and Unsigned Memorabilia - 200 Items!

Lot 41. Robin Roberts Huge Collection of Signed and Unsigned Memorabilia - 200 Items! Autographed collectibles are: 1-6. Six 8” x 10” signed color photos (two different poses) with “HOF 76” additions. 7-13. Seven autographed Hall of Fame gold plaque postcards. 14-18. Five copies of "The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant," new mint hardbacks and dust jackets, autographed on the title page by Roberts and co-author C. Paul Roberts III. 19-22. Four reproduction (11” x 14”) copies of "Time" magazine’s May 28, 1956 cover signed by Roberts on his image. 23-27. Five limited edition signed copies (#83, 157, 159 and 166 of 336) of “We Won the Pennant October 1, 1950,” Bill Purdom 11” x 16” lithographs showing Roberts on the mound in the final inning of the final regular-season 1950 Phillies' game. Roberts and the Phillies won the game and the N.L. Pennant. Double-matted to 16” x 20” and signed by Purdom also. 28. A very limited edition autographed print – #20 of only 36 made! The Purdom artwork is similar to #23-27 above, but there are several differences, and Roberts signed his name and added “‘We Won the Pennant’ 10/1/50.” Purdom also signed the 11” 16” print, which has a 9” x 14” image area and is double-matted 16” x 20”. 29-30. Two 34” Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger bats, both autographed, one with “Hall of Fame 1976” added, and the other, “1950 Whiz Kids.” Roberts typically wrote “HOF 76”; consequently, the addition to the first bat is rare, a product of a very limited signing by Roberts. 31. Phillies 1948 replica cap, size 7 3/8, from the New Era OML Official On-Field Collection. Roberts signed the bill, with the addition “HOF 76.” 32. Roberts’ signature on the back of a Baseball Hall of Fame business card. 33. Signed 2003 first day cover marking the retirement of Roberts’ uniform number by the Vermont Mountaineers. 34-40. Seven signed OML Selig baseballs, all signed on the sweet spot. One ball has Roberts’ signature only, one has “286 Wins” added, one “Whiz Kids 1950” (smudged) and four “Hall of Fame 1976.” The last addition is very rare. Roberts almost always wrote only “HOF 76.” In a very limited signing shortly before his passing, he signed these baseballs, which have the Hall of Fame logo. Kevin Keating authenticated these autographs, and except for the bats and two baseballs, so did PSA/DNA. With the exception of the items noted and the cap, all come with a PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. The cap has a PSA sticker, but the CoA is absent. The following unsigned items are also included in this collection: 1-4. Four unsigned 34” Louisville Slugger bats engraved with “Robin Roberts, 1950 Whiz Kids.” 5-6. Two Phillies replica home jerseys, size 52, one for 1948 and one for 1950, produced by Mitchell & Ness of Philadelphia as part of the Major League Baseball Cooperstown Collection. 7. A Starting Lineup figure (out of the box). 8-160. One hundred fifty-two (152) “We Won the Pennant October 1, 1950” lithographs, all signed by artist Bill Purdom, but not by Roberts. Purdom’s artwork for these 11” x 16” numbered prints (production was limited to 336) is outstanding, and they are double-matted to 16” x 20”. Except as noted, these 200 collectibles(!) are mint. They have tremendous break-up potential.
Winning Bid $477.

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Winning Bid $477    


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