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36 Different Robin Roberts Signed Collectibles, Each Authenticated by PSA/DNA.

Lot 38. 36 Different Robin Roberts Signed Collectibles, Each Authenticated by PSA/DNA. Incredible collection consisting of signed baseballs, photographs, Philadelphia Phillies caps, a Hall of Fame gold plaque postcard, a book and artwork by Bill Purdom. Except for the caps, each item comes with a PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. The caps have PSA/DNA stickers, but the certificates are absent. Kevin Keating also authenticated these collectibles. Twenty-three signatures are on 8” x 10” photos capturing Roberts in five different pitching poses - one with the Phils’ 1949 home uniform, three with a 1950s away uniform and one with a 1950 home uniform. In addition, a very young Roberts is shown in a Twin City uniform in a b&w photo, and an older Roberts is pictured wearing a Baseball Hall of Fame jacket. In some cases, Roberts signed only his name. In others, he added “HOF 76,” “7X All Star,” “286 Wins” or “1950 Whiz Kids.” There are no duplicates when the signature and additions are considered. Roberts signed five OML Selig baseballs in a similar manner, except that he wrote out “Hall of Fame 1976.” Except for a very limited signing shortly before his passing in May, he used the abbreviation “HOF.” Consequently, this ball is a very limited, desirable Roberts collectible. The baseballs are mint. Two hats with a white “P” on a red field are signed on the bill “Robin Roberts” and “Robin Roberts, 1950 Whiz Kids.” To a 1949-style cap, Roberts added “HOF 76” below his name. There are two limited edition copies of the Purdom artwork, #17 of 36 signed “Robin Roberts ‘We Won the Pennant’ 10/1/50,” and #161 of 336 with Roberts’ signature alone. Each print is double-matted to 16” x 20” and is ready for framing. Roberts also signed his HoF gold plaque postcard, an 11” x 14” reproduction of the May 28, 1956 Time cover depicting the future Hall of Fame pitcher and an apparent first edition copy of The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant, which Roberts wrote with C. Paul Rogers III. Rogers joined Roberts in signing the title page of the nm-m book. Roberts’ autographs on these 36 items are overwhelmingly gem mint 10s, and nothing is less than a mint 9.
Winning Bid $264.

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Winning Bid $264    


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