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Golf Cards and Memorabilia   3 Lots      

Lot 13.  139 Different 1910 S22 Murad “Athlete and College Seal” Silks. This collection of colorful 3 ½” x 5 ½’ silks constitutes more that one-half of the 250-silk set. It is one of the largest groups to be offered. For each team, we have listed the number of silks and indicated the design present with “bb” for baseball, “f” for football, “g” for golf, “h” for hockey, “r” for rowing and “t” for track and field. There are two different designs for baseball and four different for track. The collection includes 24 baseball silks, 13 football, six golf and 14 hockey: Annapolis (Navy, 8, 2bb, h, r, 4t), Brown (5, f, r, 3t), California (6, baseball batter, h, 4t), Chicago (10, 2bb, f, g, h, r, 4t), Colorado (10, 2bb, f, g, h, r, 4t), Columbia (2, batter, hammer throw), Cornell (6, g, h, 4t), Dartmouth (7, 2bb, h, 4t), Georgetown (4, h, 3t – hurdles, runner, shot-put), Harvard (6, f, r, 4t), Illinois (8, batter, f, h, r, 4t), Michigan (7, baseball pitcher, f, g, 4t), Missouri (10, 2bb, f, g, h, r, 4t), Ohio State (9, 2bb, f, h, r, 4t), Pennsylvania (7, f, h, r, 4t), Princeton (2, bb, f), Purdue (5, h, r, 3t – hammer, hurdles, shot-put), Stanford (9, 2bb, f, h, r, 4t), Syracuse (8, 2 bb, f, h, r, 3t – hammer, hurdles, shot-put), Texas (football), Virginia (2, pitcher, golf), West Point (Army, 2, bb, runner) and Yale (5, batter, r, 3t – hammer, runner, shot-put). These silks are routinely offered on the Internet for $20 and more. They generally are free of stains and average vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $1,667.

Lot 235.  Bobby Jones PSA NM-MT 8 Card - 1935 J. A. Pattreiouex Sporting Events & Stars #19. Real-photo b&w card of the Hall of Fame golfing great. Strong, well centered card.
Winning Bid $354.

Lot 236.  4 Golf Statues, 2 by Alice Heath. A third may be by Alexsander Danel. Three of these sculptures, including two by Heath, were produced for Austin Sculpture. All three have a multi-bronze finish. Heath’s male golfer, who appears to be awaiting his turn to tee off, stands 16 ¼” tall. The figure has two small chips on his cap, one at the head of his club and one on the shaft. Otherwise, it appears as new. Titled “Golf Outing,” the woman golfer, cast in durastone, is 15” tall and mint. Both figures apparently are from the 1990s. The third Austin sculpture, a boy with a bag of golf clubs, may a work by Danel. The 11” sculpture is mint and dated 1999. There are no identifiers on the fourth sculpture, an older man wearing a sweater, jacket, bow tie and a flat cap. The figure is 17” tall including a wood base, has a chip on an edge of his jacket and otherwise is nm. All of the figures show substantial detail. This golf “family” could be yours for as little as our
Winning Bid $138.
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