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35 Different Boxing Cards from 4 Early 1900s Sets.

Lot 251. 35 Different Boxing Cards from 4 Early 1900s Sets. The sets represented are the 1909-10 T218 Mecca “Champion Athletes and Prizefighters,” 1910 T219 Honest Long Cut “Champion Pugilists,” 1910 T220 Mecca “Champion Athletes and Prizefighters” and 1912 T227 Honest Long Cut “Series of Champions.” T218: Baldwin f-g, Brannigan g, Cross vg, Deshler vg, James J. Jeffries f, Jack Johnson (side view) f, Kline f, Langford (trimmed) p, Mellody f, Mike Sullivan vg+ and Welsh vg. T219: Kaufman g-vg, Harry Lewis p, McFarland vg-ex, McGovern g, Mellody g-vg, O’Keefe vg-ex, O’Toole vg-ex, West g and Wolgast vg-ex. T220: Beecher g-vg, Burke f-g, Coburn vg, Young Corbett f-g, Cross p-f, Donovan (champion) p, Driscoll and Glover f-g, Frayne (2) white border g and silver border f-g, Gans (silver border) g, Goodman g-vg, Mace g, Moore vg and Wagner p. T227: Klaus, g-vg.
Winning Bid $212.

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Winning Bid $212    


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