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40 Boxing Cards from Sets Spanning 1901-38 – Dempsey, Johnson, Gans, More!

Lot 250. 40 Boxing Cards from Sets Spanning 1901-38 – Dempsey, Johnson, Gans, More! Excellent collection of highly recognizable and obscure boxers. OGDEN’S CIGARETTES IS THE SOURCE OF SEVEN EARLY CARDS: 1901 Ogden’s “General Interest, A Series,” Frank “Coffee Cooler” Craig, vg. 1908 “Pugilits & Wrestlers,” Joe Gans, vg. 1915 “Boxers,” Charlie White, vg-ex. 1928 “Pugilists in Action,” Elky Clark vg, Johnny Hill ex-m and Ted Sandwina vg, and 1928 “Marvels of Motion,” Action and Reaction, vg-ex. Others are: 1922 Boy’s Friend “Rising Boxing Stars,” George Cook vg, Tommy Harrison ex-m. 1922-23 The Champion “Sporting Personalities,” Mike Honeyman ex-m, Pete Herman ex+, Billy Matthews g-vg. 1927 Wills “Homeland Events,” Boxing at the Albert Hall, vg. 1928 Lambert & Butler “The World of Sport,” Teddy Baldock ex-m, Tommy Milligan ex+. 1929 Phillips “Sporting Champions,” Jack Delaney vg-ex, Paul Berlenbach ex+. 1930 Millhoff “In the Public Eye,” Phil Scott ex-m+. 1930 Major Drapkin “Sporting Celebrities in Action,” T. Heeney ex-m. 1934 Hill “Sports,” Joe Beckett vs. Georges Carpentier, vg. There are six cards from Gallaher sets: 1934 Gallaher “Champions” (no captions on front), Primo Carnera nm+, Jack Petersen ex-m+. 1935 “Champions,” Second Series, Larry Gains nm-m, Harry Mizler nm+, Len Harvey ex-m+. And 1936 “Sporting Personalities,” Len Harvey ex-m. Other issues: 1935 Phillips “In the Public Eye,” Jim Braddock, ex+. Also, a Phillips card of Len Harvey (#5) from a set we can’t identify, ex+. 1935 Pattreiouex “Sporting Celebrities,” Kid Berg vg-ex and Johnny King vg-ex, and “Sporting Events and Stars,” Benny Lynch vg-ex and Johnny King vg. 1936 United Tobacco “Sports & Pastimes in South Africa,” Boxing (Professional), ex. 1937 Wills “British Sporting Personalities,” Len Harvey, vg. 1937-38 Ardath “Photocards,” Jim Warnock ex-m+, and 1938 Ardath “Life in the Services,” Army Boxing Class, vg-ex. 1938 Churchman “Boxing Personalities,” Jack Johnson vg, Max Schmeling, ex. 1938 Cartledge “Famous Prize Fighters,” Jack Dempsey ex-m+, Jack Doyle, vg-ex. In addition to these 40 cards, there are five more from more recent issues: 1958 Sweetule “Sports Quiz,” Boxing, mint. 1960 Star Junior Club “Sports & Games” (numbered), Boxing, ex-m. 1964 F. Lambert “Sports and Games,” Boxing, nm+. 1979 Brooke Bond “Olympic Greats,” Muhammad Ali, ex. And 1979 Golden Wonder “TV All Stars,” John Conteh, ex-m.
Winning Bid $113.

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Winning Bid $113    


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