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Boxing Cards and Memorabilia   8 Lots      

Lot 246.  Very High-Grade 1938 Churchman Boxing Personalities Set of 50 – 4 SGC-Graded. SGC graded two cards 96 MINT 9: #12 Jack Dempsey and 26 Joe Louis; one 88 NM-MT 8, #34 Max Schmeling, and one 80 EX-NM, #20 Jack Johnson. The rest of the set is consistent with these grades: about one-half mint, one-fourth nm-m and one-fourth ex-m. Outstanding example of this set. The four graded cards have an SMR value of more than $1,000!
Winning Bid $1,242.

Lot 247.  1948 Leaf Boxing Partial Uncut Sheet of 15 Cards with Johnson, Louis, Robinson. The cards of #17 Jack Johnson, 48 Joe Louis and 64 Sugar Ray Robinson are three of the four most popular cards in this set, and all three are on the 10” x 12 ¾” partial sheet, which is printed front and back. The other complete cards on the sheet are #13 Jack, 15 Zale, 18 Fields, 20 Greb, 25 Attell, 36 Bettina, 38 Sharkey, 42 Cerdan, 44 Montgomery, 47 Conn, 65 Hostak and 77 Canzoneri. Parts of other cards also show. The sheet has a chip out of the Bettini card, a tear on the Johnson card and heavy creases on the three other cards. The next row has a heavy crease on Sharkey, relatively light creases on the other cards and a border tear. In the final row, there is a light to moderate stain on the Montgomery card, light creases on Attell, Canzoneri and Fields and a border tear. The Louis card has a crease that is evident only on the back. Overall, the sheet displays very nicely, especially the second and third rows and the Robinson and Cerdan cards. It will serve as an attractive addition to a boxing collection.
Winning Bid $180.

Lot 248.  1888 Allen & Ginter World’s Champion Boxing Cards – N28 McMahon, 2 N29s. John McMahon is the card from the first series, designated N28, f. Representatives of the N29 second series are Geo La Blanche p-f and Jack McGee f-g.
Winning Bid $92.

Lot 249.  7 Different Very Scarce 1901 Ogden’s Tab Cigarettes “Heroes of the Ring” Cards. These seven cards are from a set of 17: James J. Corbett, f-g. Frank Craig, ex+. Bob Fitzsimmons, p, border colored, f-g appearance. Peter Maher, g. Pedler Palmer, ex. John L. Sullivan, vg-ex. And Tommy Sullivan, f. Note: The standard size for these “tab” cards is 38mm x 61mm. These cards range from 37-38mm x 60-64mm. The Corbett card measues 38mm x 61mm, and the John L. Sullivan card, 38mm x 60.25mm. We see no evidence of trimming; the cards appear to be as produced 108 years ago.
Winning Bid $163.

Lot 250.  40 Boxing Cards from Sets Spanning 1901-38 – Dempsey, Johnson, Gans, More! Excellent collection of highly recognizable and obscure boxers. OGDEN’S CIGARETTES IS THE SOURCE OF SEVEN EARLY CARDS: 1901 Ogden’s “General Interest, A Series,” Frank “Coffee Cooler” Craig, vg. 1908 “Pugilits & Wrestlers,” Joe Gans, vg. 1915 “Boxers,” Charlie White, vg-ex. 1928 “Pugilists in Action,” Elky Clark vg, Johnny Hill ex-m and Ted Sandwina vg, and 1928 “Marvels of Motion,” Action and Reaction, vg-ex. Others are: 1922 Boy’s Friend “Rising Boxing Stars,” George Cook vg, Tommy Harrison ex-m. 1922-23 The Champion “Sporting Personalities,” Mike Honeyman ex-m, Pete Herman ex+, Billy Matthews g-vg. 1927 Wills “Homeland Events,” Boxing at the Albert Hall, vg. 1928 Lambert & Butler “The World of Sport,” Teddy Baldock ex-m, Tommy Milligan ex+. 1929 Phillips “Sporting Champions,” Jack Delaney vg-ex, Paul Berlenbach ex+. 1930 Millhoff “In the Public Eye,” Phil Scott ex-m+. 1930 Major Drapkin “Sporting Celebrities in Action,” T. Heeney ex-m. 1934 Hill “Sports,” Joe Beckett vs. Georges Carpentier, vg. There are six cards from Gallaher sets: 1934 Gallaher “Champions” (no captions on front), Primo Carnera nm+, Jack Petersen ex-m+. 1935 “Champions,” Second Series, Larry Gains nm-m, Harry Mizler nm+, Len Harvey ex-m+. And 1936 “Sporting Personalities,” Len Harvey ex-m. Other issues: 1935 Phillips “In the Public Eye,” Jim Braddock, ex+. Also, a Phillips card of Len Harvey (#5) from a set we can’t identify, ex+. 1935 Pattreiouex “Sporting Celebrities,” Kid Berg vg-ex and Johnny King vg-ex, and “Sporting Events and Stars,” Benny Lynch vg-ex and Johnny King vg. 1936 United Tobacco “Sports & Pastimes in South Africa,” Boxing (Professional), ex. 1937 Wills “British Sporting Personalities,” Len Harvey, vg. 1937-38 Ardath “Photocards,” Jim Warnock ex-m+, and 1938 Ardath “Life in the Services,” Army Boxing Class, vg-ex. 1938 Churchman “Boxing Personalities,” Jack Johnson vg, Max Schmeling, ex. 1938 Cartledge “Famous Prize Fighters,” Jack Dempsey ex-m+, Jack Doyle, vg-ex. In addition to these 40 cards, there are five more from more recent issues: 1958 Sweetule “Sports Quiz,” Boxing, mint. 1960 Star Junior Club “Sports & Games” (numbered), Boxing, ex-m. 1964 F. Lambert “Sports and Games,” Boxing, nm+. 1979 Brooke Bond “Olympic Greats,” Muhammad Ali, ex. And 1979 Golden Wonder “TV All Stars,” John Conteh, ex-m.
Winning Bid $113.

Lot 251.  35 Different Boxing Cards from 4 Early 1900s Sets. The sets represented are the 1909-10 T218 Mecca “Champion Athletes and Prizefighters,” 1910 T219 Honest Long Cut “Champion Pugilists,” 1910 T220 Mecca “Champion Athletes and Prizefighters” and 1912 T227 Honest Long Cut “Series of Champions.” T218: Baldwin f-g, Brannigan g, Cross vg, Deshler vg, James J. Jeffries f, Jack Johnson (side view) f, Kline f, Langford (trimmed) p, Mellody f, Mike Sullivan vg+ and Welsh vg. T219: Kaufman g-vg, Harry Lewis p, McFarland vg-ex, McGovern g, Mellody g-vg, O’Keefe vg-ex, O’Toole vg-ex, West g and Wolgast vg-ex. T220: Beecher g-vg, Burke f-g, Coburn vg, Young Corbett f-g, Cross p-f, Donovan (champion) p, Driscoll and Glover f-g, Frayne (2) white border g and silver border f-g, Gans (silver border) g, Goodman g-vg, Mace g, Moore vg and Wagner p. T227: Klaus, g-vg.
Winning Bid $212.

Lot 252.  27 Autographs of Boxers, Wrestlers and Related Personalities Including Schmeling. Max Schmeling signed an 8” x 10” b&w photo, as did Carmen Basilio (personalized), Joey Giardello (pers.), Peter McNelly, Armando Muniz (2), “Dangerous” Dana Rosenblatt (color) and Chuck Wepner. Eight more boxer autographs are on 3 ½” x 5” and 4” x 6” b&w photos: Basilio (4, all back signed), Emile Griffith, Thomas Hitman Hearns, Ernie Terrill (signed on the back of a photo that shows him covering up against Ali) and Wepner. Two more are on index cards, Sugar Ray Leonard and Gene Fullmer. These autographs are 9s and 10s. The other boxing-related autographs are by Ferdie Pacheco, known as the “Fight Doctor” (printed his name and traced over “Ferdie’). Ryan O’Neal posed as a boxer, and promoter Bob Arum (one pers., one not). In the personalized photo, Arum is with Ali. The Pecheco and O’Neal photos are 8” x 10”, and the others 4” x 6”. The O’Neal and Arum signatures grade 9s and 10s. The wrestling signatures on 8” x 10” color photos: Killer Kowalski, Ivan Koloff (pers. and traced over), Terri Runnels (2) and Lou Theoz. The Kowalski and Runnels signatures are 10s, and the Theoz signature in nm 7 to nm-m 8. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $60.

Lot 253.  Uncommon Photo of Billy Conn Attributed to Courier Photographer Teenie Harris. From 1936-75, Harris was a photographer for the Pittsburgh Courier, one of the largest African-American newspapers in the county. His 80,000+ photos included many Pittsburgh sports figures. Conn won the light heavyweight boxing title in 1939 and twice challenged Joe Louis for the heavyweight title. This photo is a more recent print showing Conn with Bill Joos, Conn’s trainer early in his career. Local sports figure Bob Mates is in the background. When shown the photo, Conn’s son said it was one he had never seen before. Nm-m.
Winning Bid $35.
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