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Baseball Photography   8 Lots      

Lot 58.  Outstanding Colorized 1884 Providence Grays Photo Print. The 1884 Providence team, with Charley “Old Hoss” Radbourn winning 59 games, captured the National League championship. Radbourn and other players are shown in an 11 ¾” x 17” photo that has been colorized and is part of an overall 16” x 20” display that includes identification of each player. Mounted on art board and nm-m.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 59.  1935 Bismarck, ND, Team Photos with Paige, Radcliffe: 18 Reprint Copies. Satchel Paige remembered this team as “the best I ever saw.” But he wondered “who ever heard of them.” Neil Churchill, a local car salesman, assembled the team. Besides Paige, the integrated squad included Barney Morris, Hilton Smith, Double Duty Radcliffe, Red Haley and Quincy Trouppe from the Negro Leagues. The team went undefeated for the entire 1935 season, winning the first Semi-Pro National Baseball Championship at Wichita, Kansas. A postcard-sized original image of this team can bring $1,000 or more. These high-quality nm-m reprints are 10 7/8” x 17 7/8” on photo paper. They have very good break-up potential!
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 60.  6 New York Giants 1948 AP Wire Photos – 3 Focusing on Leo Durocher. In July 1948, Durocher replaced Mel Ott as manager of the Giants. One wire photo shows him with Ott and the media, a second with some of his coaches (Travis Jackson, Hank Gowdy and Red Kress) and a third with players and coaches (Willard Marshall, Jack Lohrke, Sid Gordon, John McCarthy, Bill Rigney and Paul Erickson). Mort Cooper and his retirement are the focus of a March 2 photo (4” x 7” image). Giants pitchers Clint Hartung, Dave Koslo and Larry Jansen appear in a July 29 photo after pitching three successive shutouts against Cincinnati. In a Sept. 9 photo, Hartung examines an AP photo of his newborn son; Hartung had not yet seen the child, who was born eight days earlier. These photos are generally 6 ½” x 8 ½”, including caption, and printed on larger photo paper. These photos average ex. Some have creases outside the image area. The photo of Durocher with players and coaches has five small, light stains, and the one of Durocher and Ott with the media has some creases in the image area.
Minimum Bid $25.

Lot 61.  7 1940s, 2 1950s Phillies Wire Photos – Waitkus, Rowe - and Buffalo Bob Smith?! Actually, Buffalo Bob, of “Howdy Doody” fame, appears in a 1956 NBC publicity photo that shows him in a Phils uniform next to his friend, manager Mayo Smith. Buffalo Bob worked out with the Phils at Spring Training. Sharp photo with multiple wrinkles resulting from having the caption glued to the back. Three 1948 original facsimile AP wire photos on photo stock with captions show Harry Walker with Phils president Bob Carpenter, Jr., and manager Ben Chapman; Emil Verban and Eddie Miller at Spring Training, and Bert Haas snaring a foul fly. These photos, 6 ½” x 9” or smaller, are vg-ex. In two 1948 glossy 6 ½” x 8” photos from International News Photos, Eddie Waitkus recovers in a Chicago hospital after being shot by a fan (vg-ex), and Charley Repple, Andy Semenick and Schoolboy Rowe celebrate a five-game win streak (f, looks better, extensive “alligator” cracking). A similar photo from Acme shows Chapman with Phils general manager Herb Pennock, ex. The remaining photos are a 1948 AP glossy 8” x 10” showing Chapman with Dusty Cooke, who temporarily replaced Chapman as manager, vg-ex, and a 1951 Acme glossy 7” x 9” of Tom Casagrande, Phil bonus baby, vg, clean image area, creases around the edges. All of the photos have captions. The Buffalo Bob Smith photo is worth our
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 62.  9 Wire or Newspaper Photos of Red Sox – Williams, Duffy, Cronin, Yaz, Etc. The photo that is perhaps most interesting features the four-year-old son of shortstop Vern Stephens. The son claimed that rookie Jim Piersall spanked him. As a result, manager Lou Boudreau had Piersall pack his bags and return to the minors. The 1952 INP Soundphoto is 7” x 9” and ex. A 1961 UPI photo has images of Ted Williams and his new wife (7” x 9”, paper loss ¼” wide on Mrs. Williams hair, otherwise vg-ex). Other UPI photos show Hall of Fame outfielder High Duffy (5 ½” x 7 ½” image, vg), Tony Conigliaro chasing a fly ball (1966, 8” x 10”, vg-ex, from the files of the Cleveland Press) and Carl Yastrzemski belting out his 3,000th hit on Sept. 12, 1979 (8” x 9”, ex+). Duffy is also the subject of a 5 ½” x 7 ½” Acme photo (g-vg), and Herb Hash appears in an 8” x 10” 1940 newspaper photo that shows publication edits. Also, Dizzy Trout and Joe Cronin in a 6 ½” x 9 ½” INP Soundphoto (vg-ex) and Carlton Fisk and other players in an 8” x 10” AP facsimile wire photo from 1976, vg-ex.
Minimum Bid $50.

Lot 63.  9 Cincinnati Reds Wire Photos – Pete Rose, 1948 Stars, Etc. Rose is shown trying to catch a foul ball in a 1976 AP 8” x 10” facsimile wire photo, vg-ex, and his wife Carol and son Tyler are pictured in the stands at Wrigley Field in a 1985 UPI 8” x 10” glossy photo, nm with writing on the back. Four AP 8” x 10” photos from 1948 capture Augie Galan and Ray Lamanno at spring training; Johnny Wyrostek and Hank Sauer after leading the Reds to a victory; Sauer, Ewell Blackwell and Bobby Adams after winning the season opener against Pittsburgh, and Bucky Walters as the new Reds manager, shown with George Kelly and Phil Page. Two of these photos are ex-m+ and two are vg-ex. Other photos: Reds’ 1975 World Championship ring on the hand of Ted Kluszewski, AP, 8” x 10”, vg-ex. And 7” x 9” glossy photos of Bob Purkey, UPI, 1962, vg, and Ray Jablonski and Chuck Harmon, vg-ex.
Minimum Bid $40.

Lot 64.  Circa 1950 Photo of Lookout Field in Chattanooga. Home of the Chattanooga Lookouts. The photo is 3 ½” x 6, sharply focused with strong contrast and vg.
Winning Bid $12.

Lot 65.  14 Original Snapshot Photos from the 1957 Boston Red Sox’ Spring Training. Taken in Sarasota, the photos are about 3” x 5” and capture baseball and other scenes at the training facility. Thirteen of them are b&w, and one is color. Players identified include Bob Doerr, Billy Goodman, Jim Piersall, Faye Thronberry and Willard Nixon. Close-up, the photos show some “alligatoring” and a few creases. Nice and unique!
Winning Bid $20.
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