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14 1920s-30s Golf Cards – Schute, Wethered, Barton, Little, “The Nose Game,” Etc.

Lot 116. 14 1920s-30s Golf Cards – Schute, Wethered, Barton, Little, “The Nose Game,” Etc. Densmore (Denny) Schute won the British Open in 1933, the second U.S. golfer to do so, and captured consecutive PGA titles in 1936-37, the last do to so until Tiger Woods matched the feat in 1999-2000. He is in the PGA and World Golf Halls of Fame. Joyce Wethered is generally regarded as the greatest British woman golfer. Pamela Barton won British (twice), International and U.S. Women’s championships by the age of 22. She was only 26 when she was killed in an air crash in 1943 while serving in the British Women’s Auxiliary Air Force. Successful on the amateur circuit, Little won the U.S. Open in 1940. These cards are from eight different sets: 1925 Boguslavsky “Sports Records, 2nd Series,” #36 (shows Doris Chambers) ex+. 1927 Carreras “The Nose Game,” large-size edition, #A8 vg and D10 nm. Nose Game cards are especially scarce. 1928 Lambert & Butler “The World of Sport” (real photos) #5 Abe Mitchell ex, 39 Roger Wethered ex. 1934 Gallaher “Champions” (no caption on front), #1 Michael Scott ex-m, 30 Schute ex+. 1935 Gallaher “Champions” (2nd series), #47 Tolley ex+. 1935Ardath “Cricket, Tennis & Golf Celebrities” (Grey), #13 Barton vg, 48 Wethered g-vg. 1935 Phillips “In the Public Eye” #3 Henry Cotton vg. 1935 Pattreiouex “Sporting Events and Stars” #21 Lawson Little (2, real photos) both vg-ex. 1939 Hill “Celebrities of Sports,” H. Cotton nm.
Winning Bid $30.

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Winning Bid $30    


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