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1972 Sunoco “NFL Action” Albums, Stamps and Trader Wallet.

Lot 371. 1972 Sunoco “NFL Action” Albums, Stamps and Trader Wallet. Sunoco issued two different albums, a 128-page “Deluxe Album” and a 56-page “Saver Album” to hold a set of 624 individual stamps. Each album came with 144 of the stamps. The other 480 were available in sheets of nine from Sunoco and DX dealer. This collection includes one “saver” and two deluxe albums; each is ex with mint stamps in six sheets of 24 stamps inside. In addition, there are 250 sheets of stamps, for a total of 2,250 stamps (plus the 432 in the albums). The nm sheets have been opened, but we have not searched them for duplicates. They may or may not make a set. Sunoco also issued 82 “New Player” stamps. This collection includes 29 different, which average nm. Among them are Raiders Cliff Branch, Gus Otto, Otis Sistrunk and Charlie Moore, which book collectively at more than $40. The stamp is, effectively, Branch’s “rookie” issue. Accompanying all this is a blue and white “Trader Wallet” intended to hold stamps for trading. Previously, we have not seen the wallet, which is nm. It has four pockets inside to hold stamps. This group represents an interesting challenge for set builders.
Winning Bid $61.

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Winning Bid $61    


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