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1970 Cotton Bowl Commemorative Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch.

Lot 15. 1970 Cotton Bowl Commemorative Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust Watch. Texas was fresh from its come-from-behind 15-14 win over #2 ranked Arkansas, in a game known now as “The Big Shoot-out,” when they came to play in the Cotton Bowl on Jan. 1, 1971. The victory enabled the Longhorns to remain the top-ranked team in the country. Their #1 ranking alone would have generated plenty of press attention. But there was a larger reason for the intense media coverage. For the first time since 1925, when the Four Horsement defeated Stanford in the Rose Bowl, Notre Dame was making a bowl appearance. Coverage heightened when President Nixon decided to attend. Try as they might, the three surviving Horsemen at the game and a huge crowd of Fighting Irish fans couldn’t bring their team a victory. Although Notre Dame led through much of the game, Texas scored with 1:08 left for a 21-17 victory and a national championship. By many, it is considered one of the best games ever played. In commemoration of his service as Honorary Chairman of this game, the original owner, Walter A. Moore, was given this Rolex Oyster Perpetual Datejust watch. This 26-jewel automatic stainless steel watch has a remarkably clean, simply-styled dial with marks rather than numerals, and the date under magnification. In addition to the Rolex name and crown, the Cotton Bowl logo appears at the junction of the hands, and the words “1970 Cotton Bowl Classic” follow the bottom curve of the dial. The back plate is engraved with Moore’s name and is signed “Rolex, Stainless Steel, USA” as well as stamped with the Rolex crown on the clasp. Very attractive and in running condition, the watch shows some evidence of regular wear, and one minor dent and scratch on the clasp. One reporter wrote of this intensely played Cotton Bowl game: “The initial temptation would be to rank the Texas-Arkansas game as tops for the first 100 years of college football, and then start the second centennial running with this one.” Here’s an opportunity to own a piece of this tremendous college football game - and the quality and the collectibility a Rolex all in one fell-swoop!
Winning Bid $1,854.

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Winning Bid $1,854    


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