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11 1920s-30s Mid Week Pictorial Pages featuring Ruth, Gehrig, Shoeless Joe.

Lot 117. 11 1920s-30s Mid Week Pictorial Pages featuring Ruth, Gehrig, Shoeless Joe. Each page, which measures 11” x 16”, has the potential of becoming an exceptional display piece. Generally, each page has some edge chips, minor creases, or both: 1. March 24, 1921. Ruth is shown swinging a bat, playing billiards and with the Yankee squad in training. 2. Jan. 5, 1929. Ruth and Gehrig are in a Yankee team picture. Ruth is shown with Jim Bottomley. 3. Aug. 8, 1931. Ruth and Gehrig are shown individually in batting poses. 4. Oct. 1, 1932. Ruth and Gehrig appear separately. Also, individual photos of Dickey, Gomez, Lazzeri, Joe McCarthy and others. 5. Oct. 13, 1927. Ruth scores a run during the World Series. Separately, Judge Kenesaw M. Landis is pictured. 6. May 26, 1927. Ruth is featured in scenes from “Babe Comes Home.” 7. Undated. Joe Jackson is pictured “confessing his guilt to State’s Attorney Replogle.” McMullen, Weaver, Risberg, Felsch, Cicotte, Williams, Gandil, Comiskey and Herrmann are pictured individually. 8. Undated. Jackson is pictured individually, as are Tris Speaker and George Sisler. 9. May 6, 1921. Ruth batting. 10. Undated. Ruth hits a home run at the Polo Grounds. 11. Undated. Ruth heads toward first after hitting a home run against the Red Sox.
Winning Bid $180.

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Winning Bid $180    


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