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Great Vintage Baseball Grab Bag - 1880s-1930s.

Lot 115. Great Vintage Baseball Grab Bag - 1880s-1930s. The items in this lot are: 1. 1882 H804-11 Cosack & Co. trade card, “Catcher” vg. It has Marshall & Ball advertising. 2. Receipt for a “PL glove exchange” at “A.G. Spalding & Bros., 6/28 1889, Manufacturers and Dealers in Athletic and Sporting Goods, 241 Broadway.” Nice vg-ex. 3. Pouch for R.G. Sullivan cigars with “Official National League Schedule, 1922” printed on the reverse. 4. The Reach Official American League Base Ball Guide 1927. The cover is chipped and creased; otherwise vg-ex. 5. How to Umpire by Billy Evans from Spalding’s Athletic Library, copyright 1920. The cover has separated and is taped; otherwise vg-ex. 6. The Base Ball Blue Book 1933. The cover is creased and stained; otherwise ex. 7. 1932 Sanella Margarine card of a Japanese catcher, ex+. 8. 1934 R310 Butterfinger Premium of Foxx affixed to cardboard backing: otherwise, vg, also, Cronin f and Bottomly f-g. 9. 1939 Wheaties Series 13, “Modern Bludgeon Enters Game – 1885,” vg. 10. 1880s partial “Official Score Card” with artwork of an outfielder making a bare-handed catch. The back lists players of the “Torontos.” P. 11. Goldsmith scorecard features a pitcher in “Gold Smith” baseball uniform on one panel of the cover and a “Gold Smith” Official League Ball on the other. Unscored, f-g. 12. Draper-Maynard scorecard, Plmouth, N.H., with the “Lucky Dog” trademark. Unscored, ex. 13. Scorecard from “Diamond Brand Baseball Goods” shows a game in progress. Unscored, p-f.
Winning Bid $163.

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Winning Bid $163    


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