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Baseball Memorabilia   8 Lots      

Lot 114.  Outstanding 18” Diameter Bas-Relief of Lou Gehrig by Armand LaMontagne. LaMontagne ranks as one of America’s pre-eminent sculptors of celebrated personalities. His significant sculptures of important personalities are displayed at the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, the New England Sports Museum in Boston, the Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor in Fort Knox, Kentucky and the Basketball Hall of Fame, Springfield, Mass. His notable works include sculptures of Larry Bird, Ted Williams and Bobby Orr. This magnificent piece of art is signed on the front and the back. The front, signed in gold, is a 10. The back, signed in blue sharpie “Lou Gehrig by Armand LaMontagne,” also is a 10. The likeness to New York Yankee Hall of Fame star Gehrig is absolutely remarkable. With Gehrig’s penetrating eyes and warm smile, his image jumps off the black wooden background. The artwork deserves a 10 too. This scarce item is for the true Gehrig collector.
Winning Bid $1,150.

Lot 115.  Great Vintage Baseball Grab Bag - 1880s-1930s. The items in this lot are: 1. 1882 H804-11 Cosack & Co. trade card, “Catcher” vg. It has Marshall & Ball advertising. 2. Receipt for a “PL glove exchange” at “A.G. Spalding & Bros., 6/28 1889, Manufacturers and Dealers in Athletic and Sporting Goods, 241 Broadway.” Nice vg-ex. 3. Pouch for R.G. Sullivan cigars with “Official National League Schedule, 1922” printed on the reverse. 4. The Reach Official American League Base Ball Guide 1927. The cover is chipped and creased; otherwise vg-ex. 5. How to Umpire by Billy Evans from Spalding’s Athletic Library, copyright 1920. The cover has separated and is taped; otherwise vg-ex. 6. The Base Ball Blue Book 1933. The cover is creased and stained; otherwise ex. 7. 1932 Sanella Margarine card of a Japanese catcher, ex+. 8. 1934 R310 Butterfinger Premium of Foxx affixed to cardboard backing: otherwise, vg, also, Cronin f and Bottomly f-g. 9. 1939 Wheaties Series 13, “Modern Bludgeon Enters Game – 1885,” vg. 10. 1880s partial “Official Score Card” with artwork of an outfielder making a bare-handed catch. The back lists players of the “Torontos.” P. 11. Goldsmith scorecard features a pitcher in “Gold Smith” baseball uniform on one panel of the cover and a “Gold Smith” Official League Ball on the other. Unscored, f-g. 12. Draper-Maynard scorecard, Plmouth, N.H., with the “Lucky Dog” trademark. Unscored, ex. 13. Scorecard from “Diamond Brand Baseball Goods” shows a game in progress. Unscored, p-f.
Winning Bid $163.

Lot 116.  Boston Garter Original Box and Accompanying Label. The company responsible for some of the most beautiful baseball cards ever produced turned out a pretty mean box too for its product line. Wonderful period graphics grace the box, which is 4 ¼” x 4 ¼” x 5/8”. The box carries 1913 patent dates. The Boston Garter cards were produced in 1912 and 1914. Inside the two-piece box is a label, similar to a cigar band, for a pad that was worn under the garter. Similar to a cigar label, it measures 1 ¼” x 4 ½” and reads “Velvet Grip Boston Garter Pad.” The band is vg-ex as separated. The box is ex with a small, light stain and light foxing.
Winning Bid $520.

Lot 117.  11 1920s-30s Mid Week Pictorial Pages featuring Ruth, Gehrig, Shoeless Joe. Each page, which measures 11” x 16”, has the potential of becoming an exceptional display piece. Generally, each page has some edge chips, minor creases, or both: 1. March 24, 1921. Ruth is shown swinging a bat, playing billiards and with the Yankee squad in training. 2. Jan. 5, 1929. Ruth and Gehrig are in a Yankee team picture. Ruth is shown with Jim Bottomley. 3. Aug. 8, 1931. Ruth and Gehrig are shown individually in batting poses. 4. Oct. 1, 1932. Ruth and Gehrig appear separately. Also, individual photos of Dickey, Gomez, Lazzeri, Joe McCarthy and others. 5. Oct. 13, 1927. Ruth scores a run during the World Series. Separately, Judge Kenesaw M. Landis is pictured. 6. May 26, 1927. Ruth is featured in scenes from “Babe Comes Home.” 7. Undated. Joe Jackson is pictured “confessing his guilt to State’s Attorney Replogle.” McMullen, Weaver, Risberg, Felsch, Cicotte, Williams, Gandil, Comiskey and Herrmann are pictured individually. 8. Undated. Jackson is pictured individually, as are Tris Speaker and George Sisler. 9. May 6, 1921. Ruth batting. 10. Undated. Ruth hits a home run at the Polo Grounds. 11. Undated. Ruth heads toward first after hitting a home run against the Red Sox.
Winning Bid $180.

Lot 118.  1929 New York Evening Graphic’s Fourth Annual All Sports Dinner Program. A tabloid, the Evening Graphic held an annual banquet to honor the person “who, during the past year, has contributed most to the cause of clean sport.” Gene Tunney won the award in 1928. The program for the May 21, 1929 event at the Hotel Astor has a cover with black and white photos of athletes superimposed on gold stars. Among them are: Babe Ruth, John McGraw, Jack Dempsey, Max Schmeling, Miller Huggins and Wilbert Robinson. Others listed as scheduled to attend are Lou Gehrig, Walter Johnson, Mel Ott, Edd Roush, Clark Griffith, Jacob Ruppert, Tony Lazzerri, Bill Terry, Travis Jackson, Babe Herman, Dazzy Vance and Waite Hoyt. Interestingly, the name Ed Sullivan appears in the program. Sullivan, who later became know as the host of a television variety show, was a sportswriter for the newspaper 1927-29. What a night it must have been! G-vg program with cover and four inside pages presents very nicely.
Minimum Bid $200.

Lot 119.  Ticket Stub, W. F. Schildman Sepia Photo from the Final Baseball Game at Crosley Field. In 1970, Cincinnati joined the national rush to move baseball from intimate ballparks to huge stadiums good mostly for watching football games. The move brought an end to major league baseball at venerable Crosley Field on June 24, 1970. The Reds defeated the Giants, 5-4. The 12” x 16” photo captures the final major league play there, with Wayne Granger on the mound and Bobby Bonds at bat. The accompanying ticket stub was separated slightly unevenly at the left. Otherwise, it is nm-m. Together, the stub and photo are professionally matted and framed to 21 ½” x 23 ¼”. A folder with the starting lineups and an inning-by-inning summary of the game is attached to the back of the frame. Wonderful Reds memento.
Winning Bid $134.

Lot 120.  Ticket Stubs from Roberto Clemente’s Last 3 Games + a Related NLCS Program. Clemente’s Hall of Fame career came to a close in the 1972 N.L. Championship Series between the Pirates and Cincinnati. In five games, the Reds earned the right to play for the World Championship. Less than three months later, on Dec. 31, 1972, “the Great One” died in a plane crash en route to Nicaragua to deliver aid to earthquake victims. Clemente played his final three games at Riverfront Stadium in Cincinnati. Offered here is a tick stub from each game. Clemente had a double in Game 3. In Game 4, he ruined Ross Grimsley’s chance for a perfect game by collecting the Pirates’ only two hits, including his final home run. A single in Game 5 was his final hit. The stubs grade ex-m for Game 3, ex for Game 4 and vg for Game 5. The accompanying unscored NLCS Cincinnati program is ex-m.
Winning Bid $148.

Lot 121.  4 Vintage Baseball Gloves - Joe DiMaggio, Al Kaline, Hank Aaron, Gil Hodges. Except for the Aaron model, these gloves are for righ-handers. 1. Diamond Aniversary DiMaggio Model 133 by Spalding. Since Spalding was founded in 1876, the production date of this glove can accurately be determined as 1951. The “Joe DiMaggio” facsimile autograph remains strong. The glove was made without leather strings between the fingers, has a nice patina and grades vg+ to ex. 2. Wilson A2180 Al Kaline autograph model with a strong facsimile autograph. Vg-ex. 3. MacGregor Hank Aaron Flex-Pad model. The facsimile autograph is strong. Vg-ex. 4. Wilson A2685 Gil Hodges autograph model first baseman’s glove. Strong facsimile autograph. Vg+ with minor writing on the back and wear on the cloth patch. The front side has a stronger appearance, including a bold facsimile autograph.
Winning Bid $138.
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