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10 Baseball Photographs, Including 8 Vintage.

Lot 596. 10 Baseball Photographs, Including 8 Vintage. An outstanding early 1900s photo from a Richmond studio shows a young baseball player in a Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks uniform. The 4” x 6” sepia photo is nm with outstanding clarity and contrast. It is on a 6” x 9” mount from the studio. Two snapshots, each about 2 ½” x 4 ½”, capture baseball scenes from the 1930s. One shows a single player in uniform, and the other, four men apparently playing catch. The 1950 Key West, Fla., Naval Station South School Squad is the subject of an 8” x 10” photo, f with a strong image. Two 1960s 8” x 10” photos show officials of the St. Louis Cardinals, including a model of Busch Memorial Stadium. A third photo may be associated with the Cardinals. A 6” x 10” wire photo shows a ball flying into the stands. Two photos are reproductions, one of an early 1900s team, and the other, of an early 1900s player.
Winning Bid $113.

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Winning Bid $113    


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