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1951 Letter Signed by Pirates Broadcaster Rosey Roswell.

Lot 18. 1951 Letter Signed by Pirates Broadcaster Rosey Roswell. Describing Pittsburgh games from 1936-54, Roswell became one of the city’s most beloved broadcasters. Always colorful, he invented phrases, such as the “dipsy-doodle” pitch. His signature home run call was “Raise the window, Aunt Minnie, here she comes.” He died in the 1950s. In fountain pen, Roswell signed a typed letter on his stationery, which has his name at the top. Next to it is a baseball with a microphone rising out of it; in a circle around the ball, Roswell identifies himself as “Aunt Minnie’s Nephew.” The letter transmits a signed baseball, apparently to be used for a fundraiser. Roswell signed the letter “‘Rosey.’” 10 signature. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $125.

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Winning Bid $125    


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