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Pittsburgh Baseball Heroes   19 Lots       »   

Lot 13.  1902 W600 Sporting Life Cabinet Card of Honus Wagner in Street Clothes. The card identifies Wagner as John (“Hans”) Wagner. Ex-m outstanding example with a minor, barely noticeable stain along the right border.
Winning Bid $19,263.

Lot 14.  Rare 4” x 6” Sepia 1916 Wedding Picture of Honus Wagner and Bessie Smith. Even Wagner’s granddaughter didn’t have a copy of this photo. An earlier owner made a copy of it for her. This is the original from the wedding on Dec. 30, 1916. Wagner was 42, and Smith, 27. He had met her at least eight years earlier. Although rumors of their impending marriage were rampant, they managed to avoid reporters. They were married in a simple, private evening ceremony in Carnegie, Pa. The photo has an inoffensive crease away from the Wagners in the lower right corner and stains from production of the photo on the blank back. Were it not for the corner crease, it would be nm. The images could not be clearer or sharper.
Winning Bid $990.

Lot 15.  Handwritten Letter by Honus Wagner Describing the Hardest Play He Ever Made. The letter is written in Wagner’s hand on a half sheet of paper attached to a scrapbook page. It appears that Wagner received a request, turned the paper over and wrote his response: “One of the hardest plays I ever made was with the Bases full and the other Club needing one run to tie and 2 to win. Infield playing in to stop a Run at the plate. Batter hits a Low Line Hit to my right. I dove for the Ball and caught it with my bare hand about 3 inches from the ground. My Jump took me head first into the ground and I came up with the ball and made a Double Play.” He signed “Honus Wagner.” He wrote the letter in fountain pen. The letter, the only Wagner handwritten letter we’ve seen, is a 10. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $1,774.

Lot 16.  1960 Pittsburgh Pirates World Series Team Set of 32 Autographs. During their march to the 1960 World Championship, the Pirates fielded 25 players, manager Danny Murtaugh and six coaches. Offered here are autographs of every member of the team, including Roberto Clemente. The Hall of Fame outfielder’s signature is on an index card with one vertical and one red line. He signed “With Best Wishes to John, Roberto Clemente.” The ballpoint signature is a 10. Other team members and the medium they signed are: Gene Baker, 1960 Topps card (TC). Smoky Burgess, 1959 TC. Bill Burwell (coach), unlined index card. Tom Cheney, unlined index. Joe Christopher, 1961 TC. Gino Cimoli, 1961 Post Cereal Card (PCC). Elroy Face, 1960 TC. Bob Friend, 1961 PCC. Joe Gibbon, 1977 TCMA Pirates card. Fred Green, 1961 TC. Dick Groat, 1962 PCC. Harvey Haddix, 1960 TC. Don Hoak, 1963 TC. Clem Labine, unlined index card. Vern Law, 1961 Nu Card. Lenny Levy, cut on an index. Bill Mazer-oski, 1960 TC. Wilmer Mizell, Danny Murtaugh, Sam Narron, unlined index cards. Rocky Nelson, 1961 PCC. Frank Oceak, unlined index. Bob Oldis, 1960 TC. Dick Schofield, 1977 TCMA. Bob Skinner, 1962 PCC. Hal Smith, Dick Stuart, Virgil Trucks, Mickey Vernon, all 1960 TC. Bill Virdon, 1961 TC. George Witt, 1960 TC. The Burgess signature is an 8. The others are overwhelmingly 10s with a few 9. For display purposes, the cards come with reproductions of the covers of the 1960 Pirates yearbook and World Series program. This is a first time we have seen a complete set of autographs of the Pirates’ World Series roster. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Minimum Bid $1,500.

Lot 17.  1960 Columbus Team Ball Signed by 3 Deceased Members of the 1960 Pittsburgh Pirates. Official International League baseball autographed by Jim Umbricht (died 1964), Diomedes Olivio (d. 1977) and Tom Cheney (d. 2001). The Columbus Jets were the Pirates’ AAA farm team. Among members of the Pirates’ championship team, the signatures of Umbricht and Olivio are perhaps the two most difficult to obtain. The ball is signed also by Larry Shepard, the Jets’ manager, Roman Mejias, Bobby Veale (unusual form), Charlie Leonard, Jack Lamabe, Al McBean, Donn Clendennon, John Schaive, Ed Spezio, Don Rowe, Tom Parsons, Don Leppert, Larry Elliott, Al Jackson, Dick Gray and John Powers. Excep-tionally clean ball with very readable stampings showing moderate wear. The autographs in green ballpoint are generally 8s with some less. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $200.

Lot 18.  1951 Letter Signed by Pirates Broadcaster Rosey Roswell. Describing Pittsburgh games from 1936-54, Roswell became one of the city’s most beloved broadcasters. Always colorful, he invented phrases, such as the “dipsy-doodle” pitch. His signature home run call was “Raise the window, Aunt Minnie, here she comes.” He died in the 1950s. In fountain pen, Roswell signed a typed letter on his stationery, which has his name at the top. Next to it is a baseball with a microphone rising out of it; in a circle around the ball, Roswell identifies himself as “Aunt Minnie’s Nephew.” The letter transmits a signed baseball, apparently to be used for a fundraiser. Roswell signed the letter “‘Rosey.’” 10 signature. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $125.

Lot 19.  ONL Feeney Baseball Signed by 23 1972 Pittsburgh Pirates - Maz, Stargell, Etc/ Joe Morgan, the coach, dates this ball as a product of the 1972 season. As he often did, Willie Stargell signed only his last name. Bill Mazeroski, Manny Sanguillen (last name only), Dock Ellis and Bob Moose (died 1976) are other key names. The complete list of signers: Alley, Bartirome, Blass, Briles, Clines, Ellis, Giusti, Hebner, Jackie Hernandez, Ramon Hernandez, Johnson, Kison, Leppert, Mazeroski, Moose, Morgan, Oceak, Oliver, Robertson, Sanguillen, Stargell, Walker and Zisk. The ball, possibly game-used, is nm. The signatures are bold 10s in green ink. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. Extremely nice team baseball.
Winning Bid $148.

Lot 20.  Arched Window from the Entrance Area of Forbes Field. Completed in 1909, Forbes Field was demolished in 1971. Throughout the history of the ballpark, this 5’ x 10’ arched window graced the entrance faade. Forbes Field was home to both the Pittsburgh Pirates and Pittsburgh Steelers. After the Pirates razed Forbes Field, they used a number of these arched windows as a backdrop for the bar at the Allegheny Club in their new home, Three Rivers Stadium. Apparently as a result, mirrored surfaces were substituted for the glass panels. It is difficult to imagine a better backdrop, or a better conversation piece, than this window housed in the right home or sports bar. It would go nicely with the seats offered below.
Winning Bid $1,064.

Lot 21.  Original Reserved Seat from Forbes Field (1909-1971) Signed by Bill Mazeroski. This original seat, painted gray, features Mazeroski’s signature in gold sharpie on the upper back slat of the seat. Maz added “1960,” the year of his fabled home run that captured the World Series for the Pittsburgh Pirates. His signature is a 10 on an excellent seat. We saw our consignor obtain this autograph in person at a show in Pittsburgh. Comes with the show ticket and an LoA from Collectible Classics.
Winning Bid $587.

Lot 22.  Original Box Seat from Pittsburgh’s Forbes Field, which opened June 30, 1909, and was demolished on July 28, 1971. The Pittsburgh Pirates were the ball park’s primary tenants, but the Steelers also played there. In keeping with its original color, this seat has been painted navy blue. It’s a wonderful piece of memorabilia from the spacious, legendary ball park. Scarce.
Winning Bid $888.

Lot 23.  Original Seat from Pittsburgh’s Three Rivers Stadium. Three Rivers housed both the Pirates and Steelers, and both teams enjoyed substantial success there. The Pirates won two World Series, and the Steelers captured four Super Bowls. The stadium opened July 16, 1970 and yielded to the wrecking ball on Feb. 11, 2001. The red seat, which exhibits some wear and color fading, will make a great addition to a game or tv room.
Winning Bid $332.

Lot 24.  18 Wire or Newspaper Photos Featuring Paul Waner, Lloyd Waner or Both. The Waners were the second brothers inducted into the Hall of Fame. George and Harry Wright were the first. Together, the Waners accounted for 5,611 major league hits. Six photos are about 8” x 10”, six 7” x 9”, four 6 ½” x 8 ½” and two smaller. Paul is pictured in 15 photos, Lloyd in one and both brothers in two. Highlights include Paul at the 1943 All-Star Game, as an aviator, as a hospital patient, as a beachcomber as he holding out in 1939 and as a champion amateur golfer. In one photo, he files his spikes. One photo shows Lloyd. These photos are predominantly from the 1930s, with some from the 1920s and 1940s. They average vg.
Winning Bid $175.

Lot 25.  1939 Philadelphia Record Photos of Paul and Lloyd Waner. The Waners, both in the Hall of Fame, were baseball’s best brother act when it came to batting. Together, they rapped major league pitching for 5,611 hits and a combined batting average of .325. The two photos, each 6 ½” x 8 ½”, were published in the Philadelphia newspaper Sept. 1. One shows the brothers talking prior to a game with the Phillies. In the other, Lloyd makes a behind-the-back reception of a $10 bill from Paul. Both photos exhibit minor retouching and cropping marks and have a newspaper filing label on the right. Otherwise, they are vg to vg-ex.
Minimum Bid $50.

Lot 26.  4 Newspaper Photos of Paul Waner & Family - and the Vaudeville Connection. A 1942 AP Wirephoto used in the Philadelphia Record shows Waner with his son, Paul Jr., prior to a game as he approached his 3,000th hit. Retouched 8” x 10”, vg+ with cropping marks. The three other photos are 6 ½” x 8 ½”. Earlier in his career, after the 1927 World Series, Paul, along with brother Lloyd, earned $2,000 a week on a national vaudeville tour. They told baseball jokes. Paul played the saxophone, and Lloyd pretended to play the violin. Two 1928 photos from P & A Photos show them on the tour in San Francisco. Both had played for the Seals. One shows Paul in a suit pretending to play catcher as his wife bats. Ex, caption attached. In the other, the brothers are at a microphone of KPO radio. Vg, tiny edge tear, lower left corner torn in border, caption attached. An Acme Newspictures photo shows the brothers in uniform. Ex-m.
Minimum Bid $75.

Lot 27.  Pirates’ Lloyd Waner in a Pensive Mood, and Ready to Hit. A 1939 Philadelphia Record photo captures “Little Poison” apparently deep in thought during a game with the Phillies. The 6 ½” x 8 ½” photo has been retouched, shows cropping marks and has a filing label attached at the left. Strong image. A 1937 AP photo shows Waner at bat in spring training. The photo is 7” x 9” and vg with staple holes in the top and bottom borders.
Minimum Bid $50.
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