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New York Yankees

  11 Lots      

Lot 190.  Yankee Stadium Original, Authentic Brick and Other Memorabilia. This Hutton brick is 2.25” x 3.5” x 8”. A brass plate added to one side says: “Yankee Stadium, ‘The House That Ruth Built,’ – 50th – Anniversary 1923-1973, Bronx, N.Y.” The brick was removed from an interior wall at the players’ entrance when the stadium was remodeled in 1973. It comes with a copy of a “Certificate of Affirmation” attributed to Mark Levine and dated 2009. A photo shows where the entrance was located. Opened in 1923, the stadium hosted its final game on Sept. 21, 2008. Demolition was completed in 2010. While tenants of the stadium, the Yankees captured 25 world championships. The collection also includes a Yankee Stadium 50th Anniversary patch and a 75th Anniversary patch, both nm. Also, a group of 25 cards from the 1991 Conlon Collection, numbered 100-124, features members of the 1927 Yankees, including Ruth and Gehrig. Nm.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 191.  Joe DiMaggio Game-Worn Circa 1950 Undershirt. From DiMaggio’s personal collection, this hidden element of his on-field attire comes with a Letter or Provenance signed by two of his granddaughters. According to the letter, this Healthknit size 46-48 undershirt was game-worn by DiMaggio, apparently in the early 1950s. With his uniform number, “5,” in black on the back of the neck, it is heavily stained on the front, and lightly on the back. Several years ago, a game-worn DiMaggio jersey sold for more than $250,000. Granted this undershirt lacks some of the finer features of the jersey. But if you have $250,000 lying around, you can buy the undershirt and still have plenty of cash left to buy a house in which to display it! It’s an excellent piece of equipment worn on the field by one of the 20 greatest baseball players ever.
Winning Bid $300     

Lot 192.  Joe DiMaggio Mitchell & Ness Replica of a 1939 Yankees Jersey from His Personal Collection. The fact that this jersey came from DiMaggio is attested to by a Letter of Provenance signed by two of his granddaughters. His uniform number is on the back, and left sleeve displays the 1939 Baseball Centennial patch. The size Large jersey is from the Cooperstown Collection. The Letter of Provenance describes it as ex, but why is a mystery. It appears to be unused, and except for wrinkles, it is nm-m to mint. The wrinkles could easily be ironed away. This replica jersey will make a fine addition to a New York Yankees collection, and it’s an excellent companion piece to Lot 191.
Winning Bid $125     

Lot 193.  “The New York Yankees” Book Vintage-Signed by 18 – Berra, Rizzuto, Houk, Martin, Etc. The pencil autographs average nm-m 8 inside the front and back covers of this 1948 hardback book by Frank Graham. The book is vg without the dust jacket. Yogi Berra and Ralph Houk autographed the flyleaf. Inside the front cover are the signatures of Jack(ie) Jensen, Frank Shea, Jim Delsing, Billy Martin and Fenton Mole. Also, Ernest Groth, a minor leaguer in the Yankees’ organization. The end page at the back of the book presents the autographs of Ed Lopat, Don Johnson, Vic Raschi, John Lindell, Bucky Harris, Phil Rizzuto, Bill Johnson, Jerry Coleman, Hank Bauer, Gene Woodling and Clarence Marshall. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. Among these signatures are three Hall of Fame members and other Yankee favorites and stars.
Winning Bid $68     

Lot 194.  20 Photos Autographed by Yankees – Crosetti, Ditmar, Henrich, Houk, McDougald, Etc. Many Yankee favorites are among the players who signed these 8” x 10” photos, black & white unless otherwise noted. Kevin Keating authenticated the signatures, which are nm-m 8 or better and average mint 9: Johnny Blanchard (died 2009), Bob Cerv, Jim Coates (color photo), Frank Crosetti (d. 2002, sepia photo), Art Ditmar, Ryne Duren (d. 2011), Fred Fitzsimmons (d. 1979), Bob Friend, Eli Grba, Buddy Hassett (d. 1997), Ralph Houk (d. 2010), Tom Henrich (d. 2009, color photo), Don Larsen (color), Hector Lopez , Gil McDougald (d. 2010), Bobby Richardson, Bobby Shantz, Moose Skowron (d. 2012, color), Ralph Terry (color) and Virgil Trucks (d. 2013). The photos of Ditmar, Fitzsimmons, Houk, Henrich and Trucks show light to light-to-moderate creases.
Winning Bid $99     

Lot 195.  Autographs of 10 New York Yankees –Reynolds, Lopat, Raschi, Rosar, Etc. Unless otherwise noted, the autographs are nm-m 8 and better on unlined 3 x 5s or government postcards, some trimmed. Kevin Keating authenticated them. Here is the complete list: Tommy Byrne, Bill Johnson (3” x 5” section of paper with his 1950 Bowman card glued on), Bob Kuzava, (3” x 5” paper), Ed Lopat, Cliff Mapes (nm 7 autograph), Vic Raschi (personalized), Allie Reynolds (large, bold signature), Aaron Robinson (stain in upper right where a card was glued on), Buddy Rosar (wrote “Baseballically Yours” above his signature) and Gene Woodling. Two GPCs are dated 1950. +Two cards have glue residue on the back. Kuzava is the only living members of this group. The Reynolds autograph is an outstanding example.
Minimum Bid $25     

Lot 196.  Autographs of 9 Yankees Officials and Broadcasters – Topping, Webb, Weiss, Allen, Etc. Kevin Keating authenticated the signatures, which are on unlined index cards. All but one have stains from tape that once covered them and has been successfully removed. The autographs are strong, generally with an nm-m 8 appearance, excluding the stains. They are by: Dan Topping (died 1974) and Del Webb (d. 1974). In 1945, Topping, Webb and Larry MacPhail purchased the Yankees from the estate of Jacob Ruppert for $2.8 million. He and Webb remained owners until 1964, when they sold the team to CBS. Topping was president from 1945-66. Topping and Webb signed separate cards. George Weiss (d. 1972), who was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1971. He was one of baseball’s most successful executives. With him as director of their farm system from 1932-47, the Yankees won nine A.L. pennants and eight world championships. With him as general manager from 1947-60, the team won 10 more A.L. titles and seven World Series. Gabe Paul (d. 1998), GM from 1973-77. Arnold Johnson (d. 1960), who purchased Yankee Stadium in 1953, then sold it in 1954 when he purchased the Philadelphia Athletics. Ray Garland, a Yankees scout. His signature does not have a tape stain. The broadcasters who signed, on separate cards, are Mel Allen (d. 1996), Red Barber (d. 1992) and Jim Woods (d. 1998). In 1978, Allen and Barber were the first recipients of the Baseball Hall of Fame’s Ford C. Frick Award presented for “major contributions to baseball.”
Minimum Bid $70     

Lot 197.  Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Mickey Mantle Memorabilia Collection. This collection comprises seven newer items representing the three Yankees greats. 1. Reproduction photo (1988) of Ruth and Gehrig posed prior to a 1927 exhibition game in Sioux City, IA. Ruth’s “Bustin’ Babes” would face Gehrig’s “Larrupin Lous.” The Yankees’ stars are shown with three children in cowboy outfits and a pony. Ex-m. 2. A diecast metal bank, in the form of a vintage Chrysler truck, commemorating the 100th anniversary of Ruth’s birth in 1895. White Rose Collectibles of York, PA, and Spec Cast of Dyersville, IA, produced the truck, which is mint in the original box. On one side, the truck says “Babe Ruth” and “60 Home Runs in 1927!” It appears that the truck has not been out of the box. 3. 1992 Megacards Conlon Collection card of Ruth, #426, nm. 4. Reproduction Ken-Wel model 632 Lou Gehrig first baseman’s mitt. Produced by Akadema, the leather glove is fits a youth or small adult right hand. Nm-m, it has a Gehrig facsimile signature. 5. Mickey Mantle 1989 card by Franklin Caramel, Series 2, #3 of 12, nm-m. 6-7. Two Mickey Mantle issues from Magnum Comics, No. 1 from Dec. 1991, nm-m, and No. 2 from Nov. 1992, nm to nm+.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 198.  24 Yankees Publications – Yearbooks, Media Guides, Programs, Commemoratives, Etc. Eleven yearbooks, the earliest from 1957, dominate this collection. The team-issued 1957 edition celebrates the Yankees’ 1956 world championship, Don Larsen’s perfect World Series game and Mickey Mantle’s Triple Crown and numerous awards. The covers are separated from the pages and held together by tape. P-f cover, vg+ pages. Here is a list of the other yearbooks: 1966 Revised edition with Johnny Keane replaced by Ralph Houk, staple hole and name on the cover, vg-ex; 1970, Thurman Munson (without a moustache) in his rookie season, center fold-out loose, vg+ to ex; 1971 f+ to g; 1972, center fold-out loose, vg+ to ex; 1973, small stain in lower left corner, otherwise nm; 1978, recognizes the 1977 championship, ex; 1980 ex; 1982, second edition, ex-m+; 1983, Billy Martin cover, three postcards inside, ex-m; and 1984, Yogi Berra and baseball cards on the cover, ex-m+. The MEDIA Guides are for 1980, ex+, and for the 1981 post-season, ex+. The post-season guide is spiral bound in an 8.5” x 11” format. The 1981 Yankees were champions of the American League. Two SPECIAL PUBLICATIONS commemorate two New York seasons: “New York Yankees: Diary of a Winner 1976,” nm-m, and “The Bronx Bombers: A Celebration of the 1985 New York Yankees,” ex-m. RA Productions created the earlier publication, and UPI, the 1985 softcover. PROGRAMS are for a 1950 spring training game with the Reds in St. Petersburg, vg; 1969 vs. the Angels, scored, ex; 1970 vs. Detroit, short feature on Munson, scored, vg+ to ex; 1970 vs. Boston, lineups entered, ex-m; and 1971, Houk and others on the cover, Munson pictured inside as A.L. Rookie of the Year, Mel Stottlemyre and six-year-old Todd also shown, partially scored, ex. OLD TIMERS’ DAY PROGRAMS: For 1967 and 1968, nm. And two issues of “Yankees Magazine,” Aug. 9, 1984 and March 1997, both ex. The 1984 issue has Elston Howard and Roger Maris on the cover, and each is the subject of a feature inside. Don Mattingly is on the 1997 cover.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 199.  14 Yankees Photos – Ruth, Gehrig, Mantle, DiMaggio, Berra, Ford, 3 Teams, Etc. Nine Hall of Fame members are depicted on 11 photos. Each photo is a b&w 16” x 20” silver gelatin print prepared in the recent past, many from an original negative. The photos average nm to nm-m. Mickey Mantle and Joe DiMaggio share one photo. Individual photos are of Yogi Berra, DiMaggio, Whitey Ford, Lou Gehrig, Don Larsen, Mantle, Billy Martin, Allie Reynolds, Babe Ruth and Casey Stengel. The Ruth print, which presents an interesting and unusual image, was made from a damaged original. Three World Champion teams are also represented – 1939, 1941 and 1951. This collection will provide the basis for an outstanding New York Yankees display.
Winning Bid $100     

Lot 200.  Highland Mint Mickey Mantle Bronze Patina Monument from a Caesar Rufo Sculpture. This high-relief portrait, 12.75” in diameter, commemorates Mantle’s 250th home run, a bases-empty, left-handed missile to center field struck on April 21, 1959 off the Washington Senators’ Pedro Ramos at Griffith Stadium. Numbered 250 of 536, Mantle’s career home run total, it is mounted on a 15” x 18” simulated woodgrain plaque. It has a very small chip on Mantle’s right shoulder. Rufo headed Highland Mint’s art department and is widely known for his metal sculptures. The portrait comes with a Highland Mint Letter of Authenticity.
Winning Bid $35     

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