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New York Yankees

  19 Lots       »   

Lot 123.  8 Issues of “Sport” Magazine – 2 from 1946 and 6 from 1947. Joe and Dom DiMaggio are on the cover of the Sept. 1947 issue, and Tom Meany provides a 10-page article on the DiMaggio brothers and their parents inside. Another highlight is a Grantland Rice article, “I Remember (Knute) Rockne.” The cover is vg+ and the pages, ex. The lower right corner of the cover is reinforced with a small section of tape on the inside. The 1946 issues are from October, Glenn Davis and Doc Blanchard cover, vg+ appearance, no paper on the spine, and November, Frank Leahy and Johnn Lujack cover, vg-ex. The 1947 issues and cover subjects are: Jan., Andy Phillip, vg+ to ex; Feb., the Bentley Brothers of the Black Hawks, vg-ex; March, Alex Groza, vg+ to ex; May, horse racing artwork, vg+ to ex, and July, Eddie Dyer and Joe Cronin, vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $45     

Lot 218.  10 New York Yankees Autographs on 8” x 10” Photos – Bauer, Baylor, Bouton, Etc. These signatures are generally nm-m 8 to mint 9 or better, with half at least mint 9. Most signed color photos: Stan Bahnsen (added ”1968 A.L. Rookie of the Year”), Hank Bauer, Don Baylor, Jim Bouton, Bob Cerv, Chris Chambliss, Lou Clinton, Jim Coates (slightly smudged), Joe Collins (at an old-timer’s game) and Joe DeMaestri (b&w photo). Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 222.  8 1948 Issues of “Sport” Magazine with Covers Featuring Ruth, Joe Louis and Gehrig. These magazines generally have excellent cover photos or artwork. A painting of Babe Ruth by Griffith Foxley is on the cover of the May 1948 “Sport” issue with candidates to break Ruth’s home run record – Johnny Mize, Ralph Kiner and Ted Williams. Vg+ to ex. Louis has the cover of the June issues to himself, ex, and Lou Gehrig is the focus of the Oct. cover, which has smaller images of three football players, including Charlie Trippi and Jackie Jensen, ex. The other issues are for Jan., basketball cover, vg; Feb., Frank Brimsek, vg; March, George Kaftan, Holy Cross basketball player, vg+ to ex; July, Ewell Blackwell, vg-ex, and Johnny Lujack, vg+.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 295.  New York Yankees Collection with an Emphasis on Roger Maris – and a Gnome. This collection includes a scrapbook with many news clippings of Maris and publications with him on the cover. A more recent moment in sports(?) history is suggested by an 11” Yankees ceramic gnome from Forever Collectibles. This gnome, mint in the original box, wears pinstripes and wields a bat that is engraved with “Bronx Bombers” and very recently appears to have been a significant part of a tree. Here is a complete list of the other, more vintage items: 1. 1960 White Sox at Yankees program with “Yankees in the Hall of Fame” on the cover, vg. Inside is a photo of Maris, Berra, Mantle and Skowron. 2. 1961 Yankees yearbook, back cover missing, front cover taped on, writing on three pages. 3. Scrapbook with a color photo of the 1960 Yankees team as A.L. champions, 40 pages of news clippings primarily from 1961 and 1962 and focused on Maris, and 10 pages of Don Mattingly clippings. The Maris clippings have tape or glue stains. 4-6. Maris on the cover of three periodicals, Nov. 1960 “Sport,” p-f; May 20, 1962 “This Week,” vg-ex, and June 3, 1962 “Family Weekly,” g. 7. A full-page tabloid photo of the 1964 Yankees team, g. 8. Several miscellaneous magazine photos. 9-13. A 1962 A.L. pocket schedule g, a 1962 Yankees schedule g and three 1965 12-page schedules, g to ex. 14-16. 1964, 1966 and 1967 schedules, p-f. 17. “1965 Baseball Handbook and Schedules” from the “Schenectady Gazette,” 48 pages including the strengths and weaknesses of each team, g+ to vg. 18. And an 8” x 10” display with a photo of Whitey Ford and another of Ford and Yogi Berra.
Winning Bid $40     

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