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Boxing Cards, Autographs and Memorabilia

  11 Lots      

Lot 11.  Photo Signed by James J. Braddock, the “Cinderella Man,” with Dual Authentication. Both JSA Authentication and Kevin Keating authenticated the “Jim Braddock” autograph, which is on a vintage 7.5” x 9.5” b&w photo that shows him in the ring. The photo, which has a tack hole in the upper right corner and a chip in the lower right, likely is a wire photo, but no identification or caption is present. Braddock’s signature at the bottom right of the photo is nm7 to nm-m 8, personalized to “Sam Rose – Always in my corner. Keep punching.” Sam Rose may be the New Jersey Boxing Hall of Fame member who was a Braddock contemporary and had a lengthy career as a boxing “second” and manager. Braddock grew up in northern New Jersey. His fairytale-like rags to riches story led journalist Damon Runyon to nickname him the “Cinderella Man.” From a poor local fighter in the mid-1920s, Braddock battled his way to the world heavyweight championship in 1935. In the mid to late-1920s, he successfully fought some substantial opponents. Beginning in 1929, injuries limited his effectiveness. After the stock market crashed, he struggled to feed his family as the Depression wore on. Life improved for him in 1934-35, however, when he scored upset victories over Corn Griffin, John Henry Lewis and Art Lasky. These three victories earned him a title bout with Max Baer on June 13, 1935, in Long Island. A 10 to 1 underdog, Braddock scored a convincing 15-round win. He held the title for two years and then lost it to Joe Louis. He fought one more time, defeating Tommy Farr in 1938, before retiring. Braddock is a member of the Ring and International Boxing Halls of Fame. He died in 1974. His signature comes with a full Letter of Authenticity from JSA Authentication and has been authenticated by Kevin Keating as well.
Winning Bid $163     

Lot 12.  Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier Signed “Sports Illustrated” Before the “Thrilla in Manila.” Ali and Frazier are pictured on the cover of the Sept. 15, 1975 issue with promoter Don King. When two of boxing’s best heavyweights met two weeks later in the Philippines, Ali scored a TKO and retained his world heavyweight title. Both Ali and Frazier placed large, bold signatures on the cover, which is adhered to foam board and shows scuffs along the lower left side and some creases and wrinkles. Cover only. Ali’s autograph is mint 9, and Frazier’s, in gold, is nm-m 8. The autographs come with a full Letter of Authenticity from JSA Authentication and have been authenticated as well by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $218     

Lot 13.  EXTREMELY RARE First Edition Illustrated 3-Volume 1880 Set of Books on British Boxing. Titled “PUGILISTICA: THE HISTORY OF BRITISH BOXING” and written by Henry Downes Miles, these hardback volumes were published in 1880 by Weldon & Co. of London. They are far less common than the 1906 version published by John Grant of Edinburgh. Miles, the author, was an early sportswriter and editor of “The Sportsman’s Magazine.” In the three volumes, he provides, according to the title page of each, information on the “the lives of the most celebrated pugilists, and full reports of their battles,” as well as ”biographical details” and “personal anecdotes.” His history covers 1719-1863, including the last championship fight between King and Heenan. African-American boxers Thomas Molineaux and Bill Richmond are among the boxers discussed. They also are among more than 100 illustrations of boxers in the three volumes, each bound in brown cloth with gilt vignettes on the spines and front covers. The volumes each have a bookplate inside the front cover and are vg+ to vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $220     

Lot 166.  1920 Ogden’s Pugilists in Action Set of 50 with Dempsey, Berg, Tunney, Etc. These cards have posed photos on the front and descriptive backs. Key cards are #5 Berg ex-m, 15 Dempsey ex-m+, 23 La Barba ex-m, 47 Tunney ex and 48 Mickey Walker ex-m+. Many British boxers are in this set, which averages ex-m.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 167.  Circa 1923 W515 Underwood & Underwood Set of 10 Boxing Cards. Eight of these boxers are Hall of Fame members. Each of the 10 strip cards was relatively carefully separated from its neighbors. The set comprises: #1 Dempsey vg-ex; 2 Siki (Fall) vg-ex; 3 Wills vg-ex; 4 Carpentier ex+; 5 Floyd Johnson ex-m; 6 Tendler ex; 7 Firpo ex-m; 8 Leonard ex; 9 Gibbons vg+ to ex, and 10 Greb vg-ex.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 168.  Very High-Grade 1938 Cartledge Razor Blades “Famous Prize Fighters” Near Set of 49. Only card #23 of Charlie Mitchell is missing. Key cards are #18 Sullivan nm+, 22 Corbett nm+, 25 Carpentier ex-m, 26 Dempsey nm+, 28 Armstrong ex+, 29 Schmeling ex-m, 30 Louis nm-m and 46 Baer nm-m. The breakdown of the rest of the set is: about 20% mint, 25% nm-m 20% nm+, 10% nm, 15% ex-m or ex-m+ and 10% ex to ex+. Awesome near set missing only one card.
Winning Bid $100     

Lot 169.  Muhammad Ali Single-Signed OAL Bobby Brown Baseball. Nm-m 8 sweet spot signature. The ball shows scattered discoloration, which is light in the area the boxing great signed. KEVIN KEATING AND JSA AUTHENTICATION AUTHENTICATED THE AUTOGRAPH. THE JSA AUCTION LETTER OF AUTHENTICITY MAY BE EXCHANGED AT A DISCOUNT FOR A FULL LOA.
Winning Bid $168     

Lot 170.  Very Rare “Wehman’s Book on the Art and Science of Boxing and Self Defence.” Published in New York by Henry J. Wehman, this 1892 softcover is subtitled “Together with a Concise History of the Noted Pugilists and Boxers of America and Europe.” It contains 87 pages of text and another 31 pages advertising other books published by Wehman, who was one of the leading publishers of the era. No author is identified, and the book is attributed to Wehman. Various boxing tactics are described and illustrated with drawings. Then the author provides written biographical sketches of numerous boxers, such as John C. Heenan, John L. Sullivan, Jake Kilrain and Jack Dempsey (the Nonpareil). The book is complete with somewhat brittle pages and edge chips on the front cover and first 10 pages. The population of original copies of this book on the Internet is between tiny and extinct.
Minimum Bid $50     

Lot 171.  Rare Limited Edition Softcover Book on the Sullivan-Corbett Championship Fight. Prepared by boxing historians George E. Luckman and John A. Peterson and titled “John L. Sullivan, Heavyweight Champion of the World - James J. Corbett, Challenger of the Title-Holder, and Their Great Fight, New Orleans 1892”, this 33-page 6” x 9.25” book reproduces a contemporary account of the legendary fight. Published circa 1985, the reproduction is numbered 290 of 500 and signed by the authors. The original (1890s) author is not identified. Apparently no more than 10 of his books were published, and only one, used by Luckman and Peterson, is known to have survived. This copy has a bend in the center and in the lower left corner. Also included is the hardback book “John the Great: The Times and Life of a Remarkable American John L. Sullivan,” by Donald Barr Chidsey, 1942, ex, no dust jacket.
Minimum Bid $75     

Lot 172.  Very Rare Feb. 27, 1929 Program for Young Stribling vs. Jack Sharkey. The two future Hall of Fame members met in a non-title heavyweight elimination bout in Miami Beach. Tex Rickard arranged the fight, and Jack Dempsey was the promoter. In one round, Stribling staggered Sharkey with a blow to the heart, but he failed to continue to pursue his opponent. Sharkey recovered and won a 10-round decision, scored 6-3-1 by the lone judge, referee Lou Magnolia. Sharkey finally claimed the heavyweight title on June 21, 1932, by defeating Max Schmeling and lost it on June 29, 1933 when Primo Carnera knocked him out. Sharkey was only boxer to face both Dempsey and Joe Louis. The bouts were 10 years apart, but the results were the same; both champions put him on the canvas for a 10 count. Stribling won 221 of his 185 fights, 125 by knockout, and lost only 12. Only Archie Moore knocked out more oppoenents. The 16 page program by Sport-O-Grafs is labeled “Official Program” on the cover and then listed inside as a “Stribling-Sharkey Fight Supplement.” Folded vertically, it technically is vg+ with an ex appearance. Some pencil notations have been made on the list of preliminary fights.
Minimum Bid $60     

Lot 173.  1937 Official Boxing Program with Photos of Max Baer, Joe Louis, Tommy Farr, Etc. The program is for a May 6, 1937 event at Harringay Arena in North London pitting Petey Sarron against Dave Crowley and Buddy Baer against Jim Wilde. Each boxer receives a full-page photo. In a non-title fight, Sarron, the world featherweight champion, was disqualified for repeatedly hitting Crowley with an open glove despite repeated warnings. Another American, heavyweight Buddy Baer, scored a fourth-round TKO against Wilde, the former heavyweight champion of Wales. Sarron was the featherweight champion from May 11, 1936, when he defeated Freddie Miller, until Oct. 29, 1937, when Henry Armstrong knocked him out in the sixth round. The other boxers are pictured in connection with upcoming bouts. The 28-page 7.25” x 9.75” program is vg+ to ex with light toning along the edges of the covers and rust showing at the staples. The pages are nm with rust from the staples evident on some.
Winning Bid $30     

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