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Baseball Memorabilia

  7 Lots      

Lot 283.  1950s Baseball Card Vending Machine by Calex Manufacturing. This scarce Criss Cross Card Machine by Calex Manufacturing of Amityville, NY, measures 23” x 11 ¼” x 6” and is in exceptionally strong condition. Wearing a blue-gray color, it is original and in good working order. A key provides access to the machine’s interior, which is bright and clean. The front of the machine is striking. Five 1958 Topps baseball cards, which are included, grace the colorful front panel display. Text on the panel reads “Buy the Entire Series, 6 for 5 cents, Use Nickel Only, Educational – Entertaining.” Nm-m. And awesome!
Current Bid $200     

Lot 284.  Baltimore Orioles’ International League Late 1930s to Early 1940s Jersey. This size 46 jersey by Wilson, from a collector with a long association with the International League, almost certainly was game-worn. It shows extensive use, including multiple repairs and a tear on the left shoulder. The gray jersey has a “B” inside a black diamond on the left sleeve and No. 27 on the back.
Current Bid $55     

Lot 285.  Brick from Cleveland’s League Park, Home to Multiple Pro Baseball and Football Teams. The park opened in 1891, underwent renovations in 1910, closed in 1946 and was razed in1951. Its tenants included Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Spiders (1891-99) and Cleveland Indians (1901-46). Three Cleveland NFL teams played there: The Indians-Bulldogs (1924-27), Indians (1931) and Rams (1937, 1942 and 1944-45). The park also hosted the Cleveland Lark Shores of the Western League (1900); the Cleveland Buckeyes of the Negro American League (1943-48 and 1950); and the football Cleveland Tigers-Indians of the Ohio League (1916-19) and American Professional Football Association (1920-22). The brick is 2 ¼” x 3 7/8” x 8 ½” and has a brass plate identifying it as a “Genuine Artifact” from League Park. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Ron Ward signed in 2002.
Current Bid $30     

Lot 286.  Circa 1948 Jackie Robinson Official Baseball Game Made by Gotham Pressed Steel. Given Robinson’s baseball accomplishments in 1947 and 1948, a children’s baseball game with his endorsement was a natural. In the process of ending Major League Baseball’s exclusion of black players, he earned Rookie of the Year honors in 1947 and was fifth and 15th, respectively, in 1947 and 1948 N.L. MVP voting. He received the award in 1949. The pressed-steel playing surface measures 14.25” x 14.25” x 2” and is ex. The underside of the game shows crazing in the paint and loss of it. The mechanism works. Two metal balls are present, along with the four pages of rules (g-vg), a used “Score Card” sheet and a 3.5” x 5.5” b&w photo of Robinson (g). The lid is faded and split at the seams, and one side panel is loose by present in two sections. It displays decently with an image of Robinson swinging a bat as children wearing Dodgers caps play the game. The game is historically interesting because it apparently is, at least, one of the first sports games with a black figure on the lid that is not a caricature.
Current Bid $75     

Lot 287.  Cleveland Indians’ 1949 and 1950 Rosters, 1954 Media Guide and a Newsletter. The two rosters are 8.5” x 12.75” single pages creatively designed and folded. Each contains the roster, the pre-season schedule and other team information. Ex to ex-m. Al Rosen is on the cover of the 1954 media guide. It contains 42 pages of statistics and other information in a 4” x 8.75” format. Rookie Don Mossi is the subject of a brief written profile. Ex-m. Also included is a March 1953 newsletter “Indian News,” vg.
Minimum Bid $25     

Lot 288.  Unused Vintage Official National League Ford Frick Baseball. Frick was N.L. President from 1934-51. Nm-m to mint ball that is slightly off-white, has two tiny scuffs on the sweet spot and shows a small spot of discoloration on one panel. The stampings are dark and crisp, and the ball is in an original partial box.
Current Bid $50     

Lot 289.  1950s “Bum” Hand-Painted 10” Porcelain Figurine in the Style of the Dodgers’ Mascot. This bum resembles the famous Brooklyn Dodgers’ “Bum” mascot. He has two pockets of different sizes in his pants and a storage basket that he carries on his back. Nm with some tiny spots on the back of his coat under the basket. The figurine is 10” tall, 4.25” across and up to 4” deep. This example is very nicely painted.
Minimum Bid $50     

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