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Baseball Memorabilia

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Lot 283.  1950s Baseball Card Vending Machine by Calex Manufacturing. This scarce Criss Cross Card Machine by Calex Manufacturing of Amityville, NY, measures 23” x 11 ¼” x 6” and is in exceptionally strong condition. Wearing a blue-gray color, it is original and in good working order. A key provides access to the machine’s interior, which is bright and clean. The front of the machine is striking. Five 1958 Topps baseball cards, which are included, grace the colorful front panel display. Text on the panel reads “Buy the Entire Series, 6 for 5 cents, Use Nickel Only, Educational – Entertaining.” Nm-m. And awesome!
Winning Bid $477     

Lot 284.  Baltimore Orioles’ International League Late 1930s to Early 1940s Jersey. This size 46 jersey by Wilson, from a collector with a long association with the International League, almost certainly was game-worn. It shows extensive use, including multiple repairs and a tear on the left shoulder. The gray jersey has a “B” inside a black diamond on the left sleeve and No. 27 on the back.
Winning Bid $538     

Lot 285.  Brick from Cleveland’s League Park, Home to Multiple Pro Baseball and Football Teams. The park opened in 1891, underwent renovations in 1910, closed in 1946 and was razed in1951. Its tenants included Major League Baseball’s Cleveland Spiders (1891-99) and Cleveland Indians (1901-46). Three Cleveland NFL teams played there: The Indians-Bulldogs (1924-27), Indians (1931) and Rams (1937, 1942 and 1944-45). The park also hosted the Cleveland Lark Shores of the Western League (1900); the Cleveland Buckeyes of the Negro American League (1943-48 and 1950); and the football Cleveland Tigers-Indians of the Ohio League (1916-19) and American Professional Football Association (1920-22). The brick is 2 ¼” x 3 7/8” x 8 ½” and has a brass plate identifying it as a “Genuine Artifact” from League Park. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity from Ron Ward signed in 2002.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 286.  Circa 1948 Jackie Robinson Official Baseball Game Made by Gotham Pressed Steel. Given Robinson’s baseball accomplishments in 1947 and 1948, a children’s baseball game with his endorsement was a natural. In the process of ending Major League Baseball’s exclusion of black players, he earned Rookie of the Year honors in 1947 and was fifth and 15th, respectively, in 1947 and 1948 N.L. MVP voting. He received the award in 1949. The pressed-steel playing surface measures 14.25” x 14.25” x 2” and is ex. The underside of the game shows crazing in the paint and loss of it. The mechanism works. Two metal balls are present, along with the four pages of rules (g-vg), a used “Score Card” sheet and a 3.5” x 5.5” b&w photo of Robinson (g). The lid is faded and split at the seams, and one side panel is loose by present in two sections. It displays decently with an image of Robinson swinging a bat as children wearing Dodgers caps play the game. The game is historically interesting because it apparently is, at least, one of the first sports games with a black figure on the lid that is not a caricature.
Winning Bid $168     

Lot 287.  Cleveland Indians’ 1949 and 1950 Rosters, 1954 Media Guide and a Newsletter. The two rosters are 8.5” x 12.75” single pages creatively designed and folded. Each contains the roster, the pre-season schedule and other team information. Ex to ex-m. Al Rosen is on the cover of the 1954 media guide. It contains 42 pages of statistics and other information in a 4” x 8.75” format. Rookie Don Mossi is the subject of a brief written profile. Ex-m. Also included is a March 1953 newsletter “Indian News,” vg.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 288.  Unused Vintage Official National League Ford Frick Baseball. Frick was N.L. President from 1934-51. Nm-m to mint ball that is slightly off-white, has two tiny scuffs on the sweet spot and shows a small spot of discoloration on one panel. The stampings are dark and crisp, and the ball is in an original partial box.
Winning Bid $152     

Lot 289.  1950s “Bum” Hand-Painted 10” Porcelain Figurine in the Style of the Dodgers’ Mascot. This bum resembles the famous Brooklyn Dodgers’ “Bum” mascot. He has two pockets of different sizes in his pants and a storage basket that he carries on his back. Nm with some tiny spots on the back of his coat under the basket. The figurine is 10” tall, 4.25” across and up to 4” deep. This example is very nicely painted.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 290.  Lou Gehrig 1963 Sports “Hall of Fame” Cast Iron Bust. In 1963, the Baseball Hall of Fame licensed a set of 20 plastic player busts issued by “Sports ‘Hall of Fame’ Inc.” of New York. Each statue is approximately 6” tall, including a pedestal that had a wood appearance. Offered here is a cast iron version of the bust of Gehrig, without the pedestal. It apparently was used in some part of the manufacturing process. This cast iron bust is approximately 3.75” tall, weighs slightly less than three pounds and shows wear on the high spots. Gehrig’s name is engraved on his back, which is not the case with all the cast iron figures. Apparently unique!
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 291.  Unique Mickey Cochrane 1963 Sports “Hall of Fame” Cast Iron Bust. Standing 3.75” tall, this cast iron bust apparently was used in manufacturing the 1963 “Sports ‘Hall of Fame’ Inc.” plastic busts. The company issued a set of 20 player busts under a license from the Baseball Hall of Fame. The plastic retail busts are 6” tall, including a plastic simulated-wood pedestal. This cast iron statue is of Cochrane alone, without the pedestal. Weighing slightly less than three pounds, it shows wear on the high spots. It also is apparently one-of-a-kind!
Minimum Bid $50     

Lot 292.  Rogers Hornsby Cast Iron 1963 Sports “Hall of Fame” Bust. Hornsby was the first player to win the Triple Crown twice, and only Ty Cobb has a higher lifetime batting average. His induction into the Hall of Fame in 1942 made him a candidate for a series of 20 plastic baseball player busts issued in 1963 by “Sports ‘Hall of Fame’ Inc.” The Hall of Fame licensed this statues, which are 6” tall, including a pedestal that has the appearance of wood. This cast iron figure is the bust alone, without the pedestal. It is 3.75” tall, weighs under three pounds and has Hornsby’s name impressed on his back; not all of these figures do. This figures apparently were used as part of the production process. The condition of the Hornsby bust is the best we have handled. The cast iron figure shows only very light wear on the tip of his nose and on his ears. We have seen only one of these cast iron busts for each figure in the set.
Minimum Bid $50     

Lot 293.  Christy Mathewson 1963 Sports “Hall of Fame” Cast Iron Bust. Under a license from the Baseball Hall of Fame, “Sports ‘Hall of Fame’ Inc.” produced a set of 20 plastic player busts in 1963. These statues included a plastic simulated-wood base that gave them a height of 6”. The cast iron bust only is 3.25” tall and weight slightly less than three pounds. “Chris. Mathewson” is impressed between Mathewson’s shoulders. This figure was apparently used in some aspect of the manufacturing process. Likely one-of-a-kind, it shows wear on the high spots. On most lists, Mathewson ranks among the 10 best baseball players of all time, with Walter Johnson the only pitcher rated higher.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 294.  5 Store Model Baseball Gloves – Ruth, Williams (2), Power and Burdette. Spalding manufactured the Babe Ruth glove, apparently from the 1960s, Model 12-3915. G+ with decent stampings, including a strong facsimile Ruth autograph, cracking, laces missing from three fingers, cloth patch present. The glove is for a right-hander. Two Ted Williams gloves, which fit a smaller adult hand, are the same, Model 16156, both for a right-handed thrower. They are Sears Ted Williams Brand gloves and have his facsimile autograph. One is ex to ex-m, and the other, vg-ex. The Vic Power first baseman’s mitt has a “Hoyt” stamp on the back; otherwise, the manufacturer is unidentified. Power’s facsimile signature is on the front, along with various descriptors – “First Sacker,” “Whip Action” and “Cork-Tone cowhide.” A couple of laces on the palm and back are missing. Vg+ to ex with decent form and relatively strong stampings. The Lew Burdette Model LB 12 glove is by Rawlings and has his facsimile signature in the palm. Vg+ to ex with very strong stampings and an intact, worn cloth patch. Both the Power and Burdette gloves will fit an adult hand.
Winning Bid $60     

Lot 295.  Press Pin for the 1968 Baseball All-Star Game in Houston. The Astros hosted the 1968 contest in the Astrodome, which is depicted against a star on the blue, white and gold-toned one-inch pin by Balfour. The game was a pitcher’s duel, with six National League pitchers yielding only three hits in a 1-0 victory. Don Drysdale was the winning pitcher. The N.L. managed only five hits and scored the winning run on a Willie Mays’ single, a wild throw to first and a wild pitch by Luis Tiant that advanced Mays to second and then third, and a double play that allowed Mays to score. Balfour made the pin, which is nm-m.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 296.  Watch Commemorating MLB’s One Millionth Run and Other Memorabilia. Bob Watson of the Houston’s Astros scored the 1,000,00th run on May 4, 1975 on a home run by Milt May – but almost did not! The approach of run number 1,000,000 was well publicized. With two out and John Motefusco pitching for the San Francisco Giants, Watson was on second and Jose Cruz on first. When May homered, Watson knew he was about to score the momentous run. As Watson raced for home, Cruz stopped between first and second to watch the ball and enjoy the moment. May, however, wasn’t paying attention to Cruz – and ran into him. Fortunately for Watson, Umpire John McSherry ruled that May had not passed Cruz. If he had ruled differently, Watson’s run would not have counted, and Dave Concepcion’s home run in Milwaukee would have gained him the notoriety. In recognition of Watson’s achievement, each member of the Astros team received a Seiko watch engraved on the back with “1,000,000th Run, 5-4-75 ASTROS.” This watch belonged to Astros pitcher Wayne Granger, who had a nine-season MLB career as a pitcher. The watch shows light use and is nm. Currently it is not working. The watch comes with a signed, hand-printed letter of authenticity-provenance from hobby dealer Denny Graziano. Six items from Granger accompany the watch – a pair of cuff links with his name and No. 37, his uniform number with the Cincinnati Reds from 1969-71; an ONL Coleman baseball autographed on the sweet spot by Granger; and fireman cufflinks and a matching tie tack. A relief pitcher, Granger appeared in more games than any other N.L. pitcher in 1969 and 1971. In 1970, he led the league in saves and games finished. His autograph is nm-m 8 on the nm-m baseball and has been authenticated by Kevin Keating. A JSA Auction Letter of Authenticity for another auction company also is included. Interesting collection from a celebratory MLB moment and a well-traveled reliever. We have not seen another of these watches offered to the public.
Winning Bid $102     

Lot 297.  3 Hartland Statues – Dizzy Dean, Whitey Ford and Willie Mays. Hartland issued the Dean and Ford figurines in 1990. Dean is relatively scarce; production was limited to only 500. These statures are 8” tall. Both are in their original green “Dallas” boxes. Dean is mint and slightly off-white. Ford’s forearms and head have become detached and re-glued. They are not part of the casting; they are separate pieces that were originally glued on. The Mays statue, from Hartland’s 25th Anniversary edition, is mint in the original box. Mays is 7 ½” tall.
Winning Bid $185     

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