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Baseball Cards

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Lot 40.  1969 Topps Partial Set of 555 Different Cards – Jackson Rookie and Other Stars. These cards constitute more than four-fifths (83 percent) of the 664 card set. Key cards are: League Leaders #1 ex and 3-12; 20 Banks vg-ex, 24 Alston, 35 Morgan vg-ex, 57 Checklist (unchecked), 75 Aparicio ex+, 77 Perranoski (“LA” visible through the airbrush) ex, 80 Cash, 82 Pirates Rookies with Oliver and Hebner , 99 Twins Rookies with Nettles (black loop around “Twins” ex, 107 Checklist, 130 Yastrzemski f-p, 147 Durocher, 150 McLain, 175 Bunning, 200 Gibson vg-ex, 212 Tresh, 214 Checklist (unchecked), 216 Sutton, 235 Hunter, 237 Bobby Cox rookie ex+, 255 Carlton ex+, 260 Reggie Jackson rookie f, 295 Perez, 300 Alou, 311 Lyle rookie, 314 Checklist (unchecked), 330 Conigliaro, 335 Mazeroski ex, 355 Niekro, 370 Marichal ex+, 385 Cepeda ex-m+ , 412 Checklist with Mantle (unchecked) vg+ to ex, 420 Santo All-Star, 432 Gibson A-S, 440 McCovey vg+, 447 Houk (last name in yellow), 450 B. Williams ex+, 460 Torre, 462 Schoendienst, 480 Seaver ex+, 484 Gordon, 485 Perry (last name in yellow), 504 Checklist (unchecked), 510 Carew ex-m, 539 T. Williams and Epstein, 547 Martin, 550 B. Robinson ex+, 565 Wilhelm, 582 Checklist (red circle, unchecked) and 589 Pepitone. Thirty-nine of the 76 high numbers are present. The distribution of the cards is: #1-100, 93 cards; 101-200, 88 cards; 201-300, 91 cards; 301-400, 94 cards; 401-500, 89 cards; 500-588, 60 cards; and 589-664, 39 cards. Cards ungraded above average ex.
Winning Bid $291     

Lot 41.  1970 Topps Partial Set – 663 of 720 Cards Including HoFers and Stars. Key cards in this near set are #1 World Champions (Mets team), 10 Yastrzemski g, 64 A.L. RBI Leaders, 65 N.L. Home Run Leaders, 69 N.L. Pitching Leaders, 140 Jackson ex, 150 Killebrew vg-ex, 189 Munson rookie ex+, 197 NLCS Game 3 with Ryan, 198 Mets Celebrate with Ryan, 211 Williams, 220 Carlton nm+, 230 B. Robinson ex, 250 McCovey vg-ex, 290 Carew ex+, 300 Seaver ex, 330 Brock, 350 Clemente ex+, 380 Perez, 458 Rose All-Star, 459 Jackson All-Star, 470 Stargell f, 537 Morgan, 555 Cepeda, 630 Banks vg-ex and 720 Reichardt. Cards missing from the partial set are #61, 88, 113, 114, 161, 201, 256, 453, 460-464, 467, 468, 475, 493, 500, 502, 508, 530, 547, 548, 553, 556, 557, 561, 563, 565, 580, 582, 583, 585-587, 593, 594, 597, 600, 602, 606, 608, 613, 616, 624, 627, 633, 640, 660, 668, 670, 673, 685, 689, 700, 712 and 716. Cards ungraded above average vg-ex to ex.
Winning Bid $321     

Lot 42.  10,000 Topps Cards, 1981-89 and 1991, Including HoFers and Stars. This collection comprises approximately 1,000 cards from each of eight years, 1981-86, 1988, 1989 and 1991, and approximately 2,000 from 1987. More than 500 of the cards feature Hall of Fame members, and another 500 have stars of varying prominence. Thirty-six HoFers are from the 1981 issue, 36 from 1982, 29 from 1983, 47 from 1984, 79 from 1985, 37 from 1986, 133 from 1987, 41 from 1988, 17 from 1989 and 51 from 1991. Some rookie cards are among the stars, including Roger Clemens in 1985, Rafael Palmeiro in 1986 along with the first regular-issue or MLB player cards of Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire, and Chipper Jones from 1991. Among the HoFers are Brett, Yount, Stargell, Carlton, Ripken, Perez, Palmer, Gwynn, Seaver, Murray, Carew, Eckersley, Gossage, Winfield, Randy Johnson, Sandberg, Molitor, Gary Carter, Biggio, Boggs, Smith, Maddux, Murray, Ryan, Glavine, Dawson, Griffey, Sutter, Yastrzemski, Jackson, Fisk, Schmidt and many more. These cards are generally nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $100     

Lot 43.  6 Fleer Wax Boxes, 1981-91, and a 1984 Cello Box. Two 1981 Fleer wax boxes each have 38 wax packs, as issued. Fleer’s first 1980s issue includes rookie cards of Fernando Valenzuela and Kirk Gibson and such stars as Bench, Rose, Ryan and Henderson. Numerous error or variation cards are also part of the set. There are 24 unopened cello packs, each with 28 cards, in the 1984 box. Don Mattingly’s rookie is the key to the 1984 set. The 1985 and 1988 boxes each have 36 wax packs, with possible rookies of Kirby Puckett and Roger Clemens in 1985 and of Tom Glavine in 1988. Two 36-count 1991 boxes are still wrapped in cellophane. We see no evidence that the packs have ever been opened. In fact, they generally look as if they have never been out of the box. Nevertheless, we did not see them come out of an unopened case, however, and we are selling them as is.
Winning Bid $127     

Lot 44.  1989 Donruss Baseball Unopened Wax Case of 20 Boxes with 36 Packs Per Box. Donruss’ 1989 issue contains rookie cards of Ken Griffey Jr. and Randy Johnson. The product number on the case is 10700-82600. Each pack has 15 cards and three puzzle pieces, for a total of more than 10,000 cards in the case.
Winning Bid $61     

Lot 45.  26 Baseball Sets or Partial Sets – Topps, Bowman and Fleer Ultra. These sets average nm-m to mint. A 1985 Topps set of 792 is the elder statesman of the collection. It includes rookie cards of #181 Clemens, 401 McGwire and 536 Puckett, and cards of such stars as #30 Ripken and 760 Ryan. The other Topps sets are a 1992 Gold set of 792; four 1993 sets of 825 that include #98, Jeter’s rookie; 2013 Series 2 #332-661 and two 2014 Chrome sets of 220. Bryce Harper is one of the rookies in the 2011 Bowman Prospects set of 110 cards. Yasiel Puig is in Bowman’s 2013 Chrome base set of 220. Among the other Bowman issues are three 2013 Chrome Prospects groups, #111-220; a 2014 set of 220; a 2014 set with #BP1-110; six Chrome Prospects sets of 100 cards; a 2015 base set of 150; a 2015 Chrome Prospects set of 150, and a 2015 Paper Prospects set of 150. The Fleer Ultra entry is a 1992 set of 600.
Winning Bid $168     

Lot 46.  104 Danbury Mint 22kt Gold Baseball Cards – Ruth, Cobb, Munson, Pujols, Rivera and More! These embossed standard-sized cards have a picture of the player on the front and career statistics on the back. They were issued beginning in 1993. Each is sealed in acrylic and housed in a Danbury Mint binder. The collection includes vintage Hall of Famers and more recent stars. These cards originally sold for as much as $12.95 each. Here is the complete list: Bobby Abreu, Grover Alexander, Richie Allen, Roberto Alomar, Moises Alou, Carlos Beltran, Armando Benitez, Lance Berkman, Paul Blair, Vida Blue, Bert Blyleven, Bret Boone, Ellis Burks, Roy Campanella, Bert Campaneris, Gary Carter, Sean Casey, Cesar Cedeno, Orlando Cepeda, Ty Cobb, Mickey Cochrane, Eddie Collins, Dizzy Dean, Carlos Delgado, J.D. Drew, Jim Edmonds, Bob Feller, George Foster, Steve Garvey, Lou Gehrig, Troy Glaus, Lefty Gomez, Ken Griffey Jr., Vlad Guerrero, Tony Gwynn, Mike Hampton, Todd Helton, Gil Hodges, Trevor Hoffman, Carl Hubbell, Tim Hudson, Walter Johnson, Andruw Jones, Jim Kaat, Jeff Kent, Don Kessinger, Harmon Killebrew, Ryan Klesko, Jerry Koosman, Don Larsen, Al Leiter, Mickey Lolich, Sparky Lyle, Fred Lynn, Greg Maddux, Edgar Martinez, Bill Mazeroski, Minnie Minoso, Johnny Mize, Raul Mondesi, Matt Morris, Jamie Moyer, Mark Mulder, Thurman Munson, Mike Mussina, Robb Nen, Graig Nettles, Phil Nevin, Phil Niekro, John Olerud, Tony Oliva, Al Oliver, Magglio Ordonez, Roy Oswalt, Satchel Paige, Jim Palmer, Chan Ho Park, Herb Pennock, Troy Percival, Tony Perez, Gaylord Perry, John “Boog” Powell, Albert Pujols, Brad Radke, Mariano Rivera, Brooks Robinson, Babe Ruth, Kazuhiro Sasaki, Jeff Shaw, Alfonso Soriano, Duke Snider, Tris Speaker, Willie Stargell, Frank Thomas, Jim Thomas, Luis Tiant, Billy Wagner, Honus Wagner, Maury Wills (2), Kerry Wood, Cy Young (2) and Barry Zito.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 47.  1954 Topps GOLD Archives Baseball Set of 258 Issued by Topps in 1994. This copy of the Gold Archives set was awarded to a collector as part of Topps’ promotion of the Archives issue. A printed note from Topps confirms the award. Of the original 250 cards in the set, the company reproduced all but #1 and 250, which featured Ted Williams. Among the stars included are Hank Aaron, Ernie Banks, Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Willie Mays, Warren Spahn and Duke Snider. In addition, Topps added eight cards of players who were not in the set, including Roberto Clemente and Harmon Killebrew. The gold cards are the same as the regular issue except that the team logo and facsimile autograph are in gold, and the supply of the gold sets is much smaller. One common card is this set is creased. Otherwise, the set is nm-m.
Winning Bid $83     

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