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Baseball Cards, Pins, Silks and Related Collectibles

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Lot 40.  9 1930s-40s Baseball Cards Featuring St. Louis Browns – Goudey, Play Ball, Etc. Goudey is the source of five cards: 1933 R319 Goudey, #16 Blaeholder g, 18 Ruel g-vg and 198 Burns (minor back damage; vg front) p-f. 1934 R320, #48 Melillo vg-ex and 64 Grube vg-ex. The lone 1934-36 R327 Diamond Star is #53 Melillo p. From Play Ball, 1939 R334 #132 vg and 1940 R335 #53 McQuinn vg. Finally, 1947 Tip Top Bread Lehner p.
Winning Bid $75     

Lot 41.  1934 Goudey Wrapper with Lou Gehrig. This wrapper might once have contained a highly valuable card of Gehrig, Jimmie Foxx or Hank Greenberg. Or maybe a less valuable card of a more common player. Whatever the case, it shows the usual folds and resulting wrinkles, but no signs of abuse. It will make an excellent addition to a wrapper collection or complement to a 1934 Goudey set.
Winning Bid $94     

Lot 42.  1934-36 R318 Batter-Up Low Number Partial Set – 34 of 80 Including 8 HoFers. This collection comprises #1 Berger p-f, 2 p-f, 3 Lopez f-g, 4 vg, 8 Bottomley g, 13 f, 16 Hafey vg-ex, 18 ex, 21 Vaughn (Vaughan) g, 22 f, 26 g, 31 Grove f-g, 32 Cronin p-f, 36 Lyons (tape on the blank back; otherwise) vg, 38 g-vg, 39 f, 46 ex, 48 f, 49 vg-ex, 50 vg-ex, 51 vg+, 55 f-g, 60 vg, 61 f-g, 63 ex, 67 g, 69 ex, 71 vg-ex, 74 ex, 75 vg-ex, 76 ex, 77 Manush vg, 79 g and 80 vg+. Three duplicate color variations are also included for a total of 37 cards: #13 p, 18 f-g and 71 p-f.
Winning Bid $297     

Lot 43.  5 Different 1934-36 R318 Batter-Up High Numbers Including #122 Lindstrom. The five cards are #95 Reynolds ex, 114 Chelini (ex+ front with a f-g back) vg, 122 Lindstrom (tape on blank back; otherwise) g, 134 Harder p and 187 Suhr vg-ex.
Winning Bid $92     

Lot 44.  69 Diamond Matchbook Covers and 3 Matchbooks – All Cubs – from 4 1934-36 Series. The matches have been removed from the matchbooks. The strikers remain unless otherwise indicated. Twenty-eight covers are from the 1934 SILVER BORDER SERIES: Bush, Camilli, Cuyler vg, English Galan, Grimm, Hack (2, one blue, one orange), Hartnett vg, Babe Herman (no striker), Billy Herman ex, Joiner (striker removed), Jurges, Klein vg+ to ex, Lee, Malone, Nelson (4, two blue, one without a striker, one orange and one green), Stainback, Stephenson (2, one red, one blue), Tate (2, one orange, one green) and Tinning (2, one blue, one green). Three matchbooks are without matches but have not been unfolded: Klein vg+ to ex, Tinning ex-m and Warneke ex. The 1934 Silver Border covers average vg-ex. Two covers, both 1935 Black Border, are without strikers: Klein vg-ex appearance and Warneke g appearance. Twenty-seven additional matchbook covers are from the 1936 TEAM ON THE BACK SERIES: Bryant (striker removed), Carleton (2, both red), Casey (no striker), Cihocki, Cuyler (no striker; otherwise) vg+, Galan (2, one red, one blue ), Grimm, Hack, Hartnett (2) one red, one blue, each ex; Billy Herman (2, both green) one ex and one vg+ to ex; Joiner, Jurges, Klein (half of striker removed; otherwise) vg, Kowalik, Lee (2, one blue, one red), Lindstrom (a small portion of the striker removed; otherwise) vg-ex, O’Dea, Root, Stainback and Warneke (3, one blue, two green, striker problems with all three). The 1936 Team on the Back covers that are not graded above average vg. And finally, 12 1936 Cubs Series: Grimm, first pose (4, two red, two green) and Grimm, second pose (8, three red, three blue, two green). These covers are vg-ex.
Winning Bid $198     

Lot 45.  62 Different 1935-36 Diamond Matchbook Covers – All Chicago Cubs. The matches have been removed from the matchbooks. The strikers remain unless otherwise indicated. When a player is listed with (3) copies, one is blue (b), one is green (g) and one is red (r). Here is the list: Bryant (3), Carleton (3, green striker removed), Cavarretta (b, r), Collins (3), Davis (3), Demaree (3), French (3, chip out of blue striker), Frey (3), Galan (4, 2r), Garbark (3), Hack (3), Hartnett (3) red vg-ex, green vg-ex and blue vg+ to ex; Herman (3) red ex+, blue (tear in the striker; otherwise) vg and green ex; Jurges (4, 2r), Lee (3, chip in blue striker), Marty (3), O’Dea (3), Parmelee (3), Root (3), Shoun (3) and Stainback (3, blue striker removed). A total of 64 matchbooks. These matchbook covers are vg-ex to ex.
Winning Bid $121     

Lot 46.  5 1937 American Badge Co. Chicago Cubs Pins. These 7/8” pins are extremely scarce. This groups consists of Bryant (“121”written on the paper backing; otherwise) nm, French nm, Parmelee nm, Root ex-m+ and Shoun nm.
Winning Bid $125     

Lot 47.  Extremely Rare Late 1930s Blum Premium of John (Honus) Wagner. This premium was uncataloged in Sports Collector Digest’s 2012 “Standard Catalog” and in Beckett’s 2011 “Almanac.” We have never seen another copy. This example is the 11.5” x 13.75” variety. Typically, the date given for theses premiums - from Fred J. Blum and his “Blum’s Baseball Bulletin – ranges from 1929-34. The earliest possible date for this premium, however, is 1936 because it describes Wagner as a member of the Baseball Hall of Fame. Wagner was selected with the inaugural class in 1936 and inducted in 1939. The premium has two small pieces of tape at the top of the blank back. They apparently were once used to hold the premium in place. Otherwise, it grades g-vg with two small edge chips and displays as vg-ex. It appears to be among the rarest of Wagner collectibles.
Winning Bid $700     

Lot 48.  1940 R335 Play Ball Starter Set of 43 with 7 HoFers. The Hall of Fame members are #10 Ruffing (pin hole; otherwise) g-vg, 46 Averill vg, 105 L. Waner vg, 118 Hoyt vg-ex, 129 Harris vg, 132 Mack vg, 134 Cronin vg+ to ex and 141 Stengel vg-ex. The other cards are #20 vg-ex, 22 (name stamped on back; otherwise) vg-ex, 28 vg-ex, 31 f-g, 33 vg-ex, 35 vg-ex, 36 f-g, 39 g-vg, 44 vg-ex, 45 vg-ex, 48 vg-ex, 51 vg-ex, 52 g, 56 vg, 57 vg, 61 f-g, 65 Fitzsimmons vg-ex, 66 vg-ex, 67 vg-ex, 70 vg-ex, 72 Dressen vg-ex, 82 vg, 97 vg-ex, 98 vg-ex, 109 vg-ex, 111 vg, 112 vg+, 113 Cooper f-g, 114 Warneke f-g, 115 p-f, 116 Schacht vg+, 117 vg-ex, 127 vg, 135 vg and 137 vg-ex.
Winning Bid $204     

Lot 49.  20 Different 1940 R335 Play Ball Cards – 17 HoFers Including Wagner and Mathewson. The cards in this collection are 132 Mack p-f, 137 p, 149 p, 152 p, 168 Wagner vg, 170 Speaker p, 171 Heilmann f, 172 Bender g, 173 Lajoie p, 174 Evers p, 175 Mathewson p-f, 177 Baker vg, 178 Carey g-vg, 223 Jennings p, 224 Traynor vg+, 226 Hooper vg+, 232 Goslin vg+, 234 Chance p, 235 McGraw p and 237 Keeler vg-ex.
Winning Bid $321     

Lot 50.  7 Pins or Coins – Chandler, 1940 Hubbell, Sweet Caporal, Johnson and Topps Coins, Etc. Four pins and three coins make up this collection. Hall of Fame pitcher Carl Hubbell is pictured on a 1940 PM10 pinback. The celluloid at 5 o’clock has pulled slightly loose. Otherwise, the sepia on white 1 ¾” pin is centered slightly toward the left bottom and is nm. One coin is from Walter Johnson’s 1925 Base Ball Game. This 7/8” nm coin has a portrait of Johnson, who has a “W” on his cap. Nm. “Be Lucky Go Happy” is the message from Happy Chandler on a 1” nm blue on white pin. Chandler was Baseball Commissioner from 1945-51. A 1910-12 P2 Sweet Caporal pin is of Tex Erwin; vg with brown spots toward the rim. An original 1 ¼” Ted Williams Boston Red Sox black & white pin is vg-ex. The Topps coins are 1964 #149 Hank Aaron All-Star, vg-ex, and 1971 #153 Willie Mays, g-vg.
Winning Bid $50     

Lot 51.  7 1943 R302-1 M.P. & Co. Cards – DiMaggio, Feller, Greenberg, Hubbell, Ott, Etc. All different. Joe DiMaggio grades g; Feller vg, Greenberg g-vg, Hubbell f-g, Ott g-vg, Novikoff g and Vander Meer g-vg. Also, 1949 R302-2 M.P. & Co. #102 Kerr ex-m. A total of eight cards.
Winning Bid $113     

Lot 52.  1949 Eureka Sportstamps Set of 200 in Sheets. Highlights of this set, composed of National League players and two MLB executives, include #25 Spahn, 33 Campanella, 36 Furillo, 39 Hodges, 46 Newcombe, 48 Reese, 49 Robinson, 50 Snider, 88 Kluszewski, 128 Ashburn, 144 Roberts, 165 Kiner, 191 Musial, 197 Schoendienst and 198 Slaughter. Stamps 1-120 are in sheets of 20 each, while 121-200 are in folded sheets of 40 each. The sheets average vg-ex to ex, with many individual stamps grading higher.
Winning Bid $480     

Lot 53.  19 Different Bowman Baseball, 1949-52 – 17 St. Louis Browns, 6 High Numbers, Etc. One card is from 1949: #146 Zarilla vg. The cards from other years are 1950: #250 ex, 251 vg+ to ex and 252 (last card in the set) f. 1951: #21 p, 67 vg, 136 vg+, 137 f-g, 172 vg, 173 g, 209 vg-ex, 210 vg-ex, 244 vg, 245 Berardino rookie vg-ex, 315 vg+ to ex, 316 vg-ex, 318 vg-ex and 320 vg-ex. And 1952: #229 ex.
Winning Bid $83     

Lot 54.  1952 Red Man Tobacco Partial Set of 32 with Tabs – 10 HoFers – Mays, Snider, Reese, Etc. With Lot 55 below, this group makes a complete set. The American League cards with tabs are #2 vg-ex, 4 vg, 5 Dom DiMaggio g-vg, 6 Doby vg-ex, 9 Fox vg, 11 vg-ex, 14 McDougald ex, 15 Minoso vg+, 16 vg+, 17 vg, 18 vg-ex, 19 ex, 20 Shantz vg-ex, 21 vg-ex, 22 g-vg and 26 Zernial ex. Representing the National League are #1 Durocher vg-ex, 2 Ashburn g-vg, 3 vg-ex, 6 vg, 7 vg-ex, 12 Kiner vg, 13 vg, 15 Mays g+ to vg, 17 Reese vg, 18 Roberts ex+, 19 Schoendienst vg-ex, 21 Snider ex+, 23 g-vg, 24 Thomson ex, 25 ex and 26 Westrum vg+ to ex. These cards constitute more than three-fifths of this difficult and desirable set.
Winning Bid $533     

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