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Baseball Cards

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Lot 115.  3 Small Sets of Cards – 1983 Olympics, 1988 Swell Football and T3 Turkey Red Reprint. From Finder Image International, the History’s Greatest Olympians set comprises 99 cards, including #36 Eruzione, 37 Thorpe, 39 Didrikson, 49 Owens, 50 Jenner, 59 Mathias, 77 Patterson, 88 Dillard, 92 Clay (Ali) and 94 Rudolph. The Swell football set consists of 144 cards, including Unitas, Namath, Butkus, Grange, Thorpe, Nagurski and Jim Brown. The 100 baseball cards in the T3 Turkey Red reprint set are 2.5” x 3.5” and numbered from 1-50 and 77-126. Nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $20     

Lot 123.  Pittsburgh Pirates 1950 Partial Picture Pack Set – 18 of 26 with Kiner. Murtaugh, Law, Etc. Key cards in this 6.5” x 9” issue are Bell, Kiner, Law and Murtaugh, all g. The rest of the partial set averages g: Beard, Castiglione, Chambers, Coogan, Dickson, McCullough, Meyer, Phillips, Queen, Rojek, Schenz, Strickland, Werle and Westlake. The missing cards are Dillinger, Fernandez, Hopp, Vic Lombardi, MacDonald, Mueller, Turner and Walsh.
Winning Bid $40     

Lot 124.  Roberto Clemente Books, Cards and Other Memorabilia. Eight items make up this little Clemente collection: 1. “I Was There” 3” pin for the unveiling of Clemente’s statue at Three Rivers Stadium in 1994. The pin has an image of the statue. Ex+. 2. 1972 Daily Juice card of Clemente, cut from a sheet, slightly irregular, no creases. 3. 1969 Topps Deckle Edge #27, g. 4. 1989 LJN Toys Baseball Talk Collection card, an image of Clemente’s rookie card on the front, ex. 5. Hardback book, “Clemente!” by Kal Wagenheim, 1974, ex-m book, vg dust jacket. 6. Paperback book, “Roberto Clemente” by Ira Miller, 1973, English and Spanish text, vg. 7. 1993 McDonald’s tumbler with a photo of Clemente’s 1961 Topps card, nm-m. And 8. A 1993 Iron City Beer can honoring Clemente, #1 of 4. Vg.
Winning Bid $25     

Lot 126.  Pittsburgh Pirates Card, Yearbook and Memorabilia Collection of 70+ Individual Items. This eclectic assortment includes Pirates yearbooks for 1962, g-vg, vg pages; 1965, ex-m; 1966, vg-ex, and a 1966 spring training roster and media guide. In the 1962 yearbook, Donn Clendenon is a young player, and Willie Stargell, a prospect. The 1966 yearbook provide photos of rookies Steve Blass, Manny Sanguillen, Al Oliver and Dock Ellis and prospect Wilbur Wood. All five are the subjects of biographical sketches in the media guide, which has writing on the outside and inside of the front cover and otherwise is ex. 5-6. Two programs are part of the collection, 1967 vs. St. Louis, scored, corner of one page clipped, vg+, and 1969 vs. Los Angeles, ex-m. Clemente is among the players pictured in the 1967 program, and Stargell in 1969. Mazeroski is in both. Other items include: 7. A paper fan with Japanese players and “Pirates” on one of the uniforms, vg+ to ex. 8. Pirates 7.75” x 11.5” mascot sign, yellow, black and white, vg-vg. 9-11. Three mini-pennants, an 8.5” circa 1960s felt mini-pennant with “Pittsburgh Pirates” and a drawing of a pitcher in red on a gray field, ex-m. Also, two 1970s 6.75” mascot mini-pennants, ex. 12. Barry Bonds 3” photo pin, ex+. 13-15. A 2” Pirates mascot cloth patch and two 1970s mascot stickers. 16. 1959 Topps card #569 autographed by Bob Friend, nm-m 8 autograph. 17-18. 1950 Pirates team-issued postcards of Pete Castiglione and Jack Phillips, both autographed. Castiglione’s autograph is vg 3, and Phillips’, ex 5. 19-24. Topps cards - 1963 #18 Buc Blasters with Clemente; 1967 #140 Stargell; 1967 Rub-Offs Stargell; 1968 #308 Pirates team; 1969 #545 Stargell; and 1974 #253 Parker rookie. 25-37. 1969 Milton Bradley, 12 player cards, an apparent team set, including Bunning, Clemente, Mazeroski and Stargell, plus the photoless team card. 38-39. Hostess cards - 1975 #135 Stargell (2). 40-43. Kellogg’s - 1972 #19 Sanguillen; 1976 #43; 1978 #8 Gossage and 52 Parker. 44. 1978 Big T/Tastee-Freeze #11 Stargell. 45. 1981 Perma-Graphics/Topps Dave Parker “credit” card. 46-72. Twenty-seven 1975 SSPC cards, #561-586 and 606, including Parker, Stargell and Oliver. 73-78. Laminated, homemade cards, including young Dan Murtaugh. Kevin Keating authenticated the autographs.
Winning Bid $138     

Lot 127.  47 Babe Ruth Baseball Cards and 3 Pins. A list of the cards follows. The pins are reproductions, each approximately 1 ½” in diameter, “Babe Ruth Never Forgotten,” and “Babe Ruth Sultan of Swat,” 2 copies. These pins are nm-m to mint. The cards range from 1962-93: 1-2. 1962 Topps #142 Coaching for the Dodgers and 144 Farewell Speech. 3. 1970 Sports Cards for Collectors Old Timers Postcard #8. 4-13. TCMA, 10 cards from various sets: 4. 1973 All-Time Greats, Ruth & Hartnett. 5-6. 1974 League Leaders, Ruth & Hornsby and Ruth & Simmons. 7-9. 1974 The Babe, Ruth and Johnson; Ruth and Huggins, and Ruth and Lazzari. 10-13. 1985 Baseball Photo Classics, #4 Ruth in the hospital; #8 Mr. and Mrs. Babe Ruth; #9 Babe Ruth with Joe Cook, and #36 William Bendix & Babe Ruth. 14. 1977 Exhibit Supply Co. Baseball’s Great Hall of Fame exhibit. 15. 1977 Play Ball reprint, Series 2 checklist. 16. 1981 Perez-Steele postcard “Yankee Greats” with Ruth, Combs and Gehrig. 17. 1984 Donruss Champions #1. 18. 1992 Delphi “Babe Ruth: The Called Shot.” 19-33. 1992 Conlon Collection, unopened pack of 15 cards with a card of Ruth on top. 34-44. 1992 Megacards unopened pack of 10 Babe Ruth Collection cards plus card #96. 45. 1993 Hoyle Products card. 46. 1993 Bill Goff postcard showing a Bill Williams lithograph, “Remnants of Power.” 47. A homemade card with a newspaper photo of Ruth.
Winning Bid $55     

Lot 266.  Large Collection of 38 Baseball Card Sets or Near Set, 1981-2000. These sets and near sets average nm-m. They contain rookie cards of Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Fernando Valenzuela, Kirk Gibson (2), Sammy Sosa, Barry Larkin, Barry Bonds, Kirby Puckett (4), Roger Clemens (4), Derek Jeter, Manny Ramirez and others. Star cards are present for Rickey Henderson, Cal Ripken, Pete Rose, Nolan Ryan and numerous other greats and near-greats. Here is the complete list: TOPPS – Four 1985 near sets of 791, missing only McGwire; 1989 near set of 788, missing the last four cards; 1990 opened factory set of 792; four 1992 sets of 792, including a factory set that is taped closed; and 1993 set of 835. FLEER: Two 1981 near sets, both missing #640 and 660, and one missing several other cards; 1987 set of 660; and 2000 Focus partial set, #1-125. DONRUSS: 1981 near set of 600, missing the five checklist cards; 1986 factory set of 660, opened with the cards still sealed in the original cellophane wraps; 1987 set of 660; and 1991 set of 770 plus 12 Highlights cards, #BC-11 through BC-22. PINNACLE: Two 1992 sets of 620 and 1997 Certified set of 150. None of the Certified cards has been peeled. BOWMAN: 1990 factory set of 528, opened, and 1998 Series 1, #1-221. STADIUM CLUB: 1991 set of 600; three 1992 sets of 900, and a partial set of #1-600; 1993, Series 1, #1-300, and Series 1 and 2, #1-600; and two 1991 Charter Members sets in the original boxes, each with 50 cards representing baseball, football and hockey, a Nolan Ryan bronze card and a keychain. UPPER DECK: 1990 low-number set of 700; 1991 set of 800, and 1992 low-number set of 700. COLLECTOR’S CHOICE: 1998 unopened factory set of 530 plus 10 StarQuest cards. PLEASE NOTE: Because of the size of this lot, we cannot guarantee that all sets are 100 percent complete. We have checked each set for primary rookie and star cards. These sets have tremendous break-up and enjoyment value.
Winning Bid $138     

Lot 269.  19 Different 1990-2001 Starting Lineup Baseball Figurines – Ryan, Puckett, Ripken, Etc. With a couple of exceptions that are noted, these figures and the accompanying cards are mint in packages without price stickers. The grade describes the condition of the package. 1990 – Mark McGwire (price sticker on plastic) vg+ to ex. 1992 – Kirby Puckett vg+ to ex, Nolan Ryan vg-ex and Tom Seaver ex (two corner creases). 1993 – Nolan Ryan vg. 1994 – Frank Tomas vg-ex. 1995 – Alex Rodriguez ex-m. 1998 – Jose Canseco nm-m, Ken Griffey, Jr. (card is creased ) vg and Hideo Nomo nm+. 1999 – Nomar Garciaparra nm-m, Vladimir Guerrero nm+ and Sammy Sosa nm-m. 2000 – Mark McGwire nm and Cal Ripken, Jr. ex. And 2001 SL2 – Jason Giambi nm-m and Magglio Ordonez nm. This collection also includes a 1989 “Baseball Greats” package with Johnny Bench (road uniform) and Pete Rose (home uniform). Vg-ex package (two creases on the back) with mint cards and figures).
Winning Bid $40     

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