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Washington, D.C., Area - Sports and Non-Sport   19 Lots       »   

Lot 288.  35 Mostly Washington, D.C., Newspapers, 1856-1981 - Presidents, Slavery, Etc. These newspapers, most of them apparently complete, provide snapshots of U.S. history and, in part, trace the evolution of the newspaper business in D.C. Apparent full issues from 1963-81 of the “Washington Post,” “Washington Times,” “Evening Star,” “Washington Star-News” and “Washington Daily News” cover such topics as the assassination and funeral of President Kennedy, Jimmy Carter’s being sworn in as President, President Reagan’s landslide victory and his announcement that he will seek a second term, the hostage crisis in Iran, the deaths of President Eisenhower and Charles DeGaulle, President Nixon, the wounding of Pope John Paul II and the Bullets’ NBA championship. Among these papers are the final edition of the “Star” (four copies, 1981), the farewell issue of the “Daily News” (2 copies, 1972) and the first issued of the combined “Evening Star” and “Daily News.” There also is a 114-page 1902 50th anniversary edition of the “Evening Star” and a 1949 “Star” with articles on President Truman and Chiang Kai-shek. The collection includes seven 1947 issues of D.C.’s “Weekly News Review.” The 1875 “Spirit of the Times” is full of articles on horse racing and breeding, agriculture and theatre, as well as advertisements, including Tiffany’s, the touring Booth family and PT Barnum. Among the incomplete newspapers is the 1856 “Planter’s Advocate,” which has two articles on recent slave insurrections, and the 1893 “Evening News” with a report on “The Washington Horror,” the collapse of Ford Theatre, which killed 23 people and injured 67. Other partial papers cover the death of President Franklin D. Roosevelt (full-page photo), the 1949 inauguration of President Truman, Richard Nixon’s “bitter” concession to Gov. Brown, “The Truman Story in Pictures,” and the Kennedy assassination. Other newspapers represented are the “Christian Science Monitor,” “The Evangelist” of Albany, NY, the “Almas Temple Hurricane” and the D.C. “Times Herald.” There also is a promotional poster for the “Washington Star.” Newspapers from 1963-81 averages ex to ex-m. The condition of the earlier papers varies, from p to ex, and averages g-vg to vg.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 290.  6 Hardback Books, 1896-1939, on the History of Washington, D.C. The 1896 book, edited and compiled by Gen. Duncan S. Walker, is titled “1793-1893 Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of the Laying of the Corner Stone of the Capitol of the United States.” This is an original copy of Walker’s work, not one of the reprints created several years ago. The 8” x 11.5” 152-page book is complete with two maps of D.C. in addition to the text. The red boards are water stained, as are many pages at the top; a much smaller number of pages have tears at the top. The text and extensive illustrations are unaffected. There is no dust jacket. A second book, “Every-Day Life in Washington” by Charles M. Pepper, contains more than 200 illustrations. The binding of this 1900 book, which has a decorative stamped cover, is tight, and there is some fading along the spine; vg-ex. The other books are: “Walks About Washington,” Francis E. Leupp and Lester G. Hornby, 1915, gilt lettering on cover and spine, no dj, owner’s name and spine crack inside, nice vg+. “Washington D.C.: The Nation’s Capital,” autographed by the author, Frances Margaret Fox, 1930 edition, paste-down of the White House on the cover, vg+ to ex, clean pages, tight binding. “Washington Sketch Book,” J. Frederick and Helen Essary, 1932, ex. “The Face of America: Washington Nerve Center,” Edwin Rosskam, 1939, vg-ex book, vg dust jacket. Also, a seventh hardback, “Your Uncle Sam in Washington,” Myrtle Cheney Murdock, 1952, vg+ book, no dj. These books provide excellent insights into the early days of our nation’s capital.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 291.  Early 1900s Books on Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., History. Originals of the Philadelphia book is scarce; recent reprints are being offered for $50 and more. This original hardback is titled “Philadelphia: Its Founding and Development 1683 to 1908.” William W. Matos compiled it for the city’s 225th anniversary. The 508-page extensively illustrated book was published for the city by the Executive Committee in charge of the Founders’ Week Celebration. It is complete with the binding somewhat loose and the back end-page and last page separated and flyleaf torn. The boards are soiled, lettering on the spine is no longer readable, and the pages generally are ex. The D.C. book is “Washington and Its Romance” by Thomas Nelson Page, 1923 stated first edition hardback from Doubleday. The paste-down front cover is stained, and lettering on the spine has faded away. The interior is complete; some pages have light stains along the edges. Two scarce books loaded with interesting reading and useful historical information.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 293.  75 Washington, D.C., and Maryland Yearbooks and Literary Publications - 1912-35. These publications represent primarily the D.C.’s Central, Eastern and Western High Schools. The collection includes six copies of “The Westerner,” the Western H.S. yearbook, for 1925, 1926 (2), 1927 (2) and1924. These hardbound publications average vg-ex. Eastern H.S. produced a magazine of news and sports articles, photos, artwork, short stories and poetry called “The Easterner.” Containing anywhere from 30-48 pages, these 33 softcover magazines from 1912-22 range from vg to ex-m. Four issues have sports covers. Twenty-seven issues of Central High School’s equivalent magazine, “The Review,” are present and span 1918-20 and 1927-35. These magazines are distinguished by creative covers, five with a sports theme. They average ex to ex-m. One issue is actually the mock-up for the Jan.-Feb. 1930 edition. Seven copies of “The Adjutant,” for 1920 (2), 1921, 1927, 1928, 1932 and 1934, focus on military cadets in the D.C. schools. Vg-ex. Finally, the collection includes a 1924 “Class Book” for the D.C. Knights of Columbus Evening School, and yearbooks for the the McDonough Institute of LaPlata, MD, (1911) and the Emerson Institute (1925). The total number of publications reaches 77 with the inclusion of 1955 and 1956 softcover yearbooks for Leland Jr. High of Chevy Chase, MD.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 294.  31 Cook Books or Booklets, Most from the Washington, D.C., Area, Early 1900s-80s. These cook books, booklets and pamphlets, softcovers unless otherwise noted, originate with a variety of sources, including individual chefs, churches, businesses promoting their products and a university extension service. Highlights include “The Old Washington Recipes,” 1931 by Polly Graham Latane, vg+ to ex; “Recipes of Quality” from the Heurich Brewing Co. of Washington, D.C., 1912 hardback, complete, g; “Selected Recipes for Varied Occasions” by Nancy Carey, 1927, vg; “The Republican Congressional Cook Book,” Samuel L. Devine of Ohio version, probably 1960, ex; “Home Cooking” by S. T. Rorer of the “Ladies’ Home Journal,” 1905, ex; and “What is the art of using Wines & Spirits?” by “Mr. Bib,” 1953, vg-ex. Four book are from Maryland or Virginia churches, 1970s-80s, vg-ex, some writing. Three books are from service organizations, the Ohio Girls Club of D.C., 1947, ex; the Silver Spring Woman’s Club, 1963, g-vg, and Eastern Star, “Treasure of Recipes,” 1958, vg+ to ex. Three booklets are from the University of Maryland Extension Service, vg-ex; they deal with cakes and cookies, home canning, and jellies, jams and preserves. Promotional books are from Wilkins-Rogers Milling, “Washington Flour,” 3rd edition, apparently 1920s-30s, and “For Finer Baking,” 1968, vg+ to ex; Potomac Electric, two different, ex; the National Live Stock and Meat Board, ex+; the “Washington Post,” 1934, meat recipes, g; Bond Bread, 1933, ex; Washington Gas Light Co., three different, 1931, 1948 and 1962, ex; “Evening Star,” 1943, “Wartime Canning and Cooking Book,” g-vg; National Broiler Council (chicken), 1974, g-vg, and Milk Industry Foundation, “Cottage Cheese Recipe Book,” ex. Also: “How to Mold Fancy Candy & Sugar,” 1976, g-vg: “Aunt Sammy’s Radio Recipes,” USDA, 1976, vg; “The White House Chef Cookbook,” Rene Verdon, 1968 hardback, vg+ to ex book and g dust jacket, and “Recipes with Supplement” from the Washington Sanitarium & Hospital, Myrta M. Cornor, 1944, ex.
Winning Bid $45.

Lot 295.  400+ Photos, Early 1900s to 1980s, Primarily from the Washington, D.C., A highlight of this collection is a 10” x 31” original 1934 photo of the Collingdale High School, apparently PA, senior class at George Washington’s home, Mt. Vernon. The sepia photo is rolled and otherwise ex with several minor creases. There also is an 11” x 13.5” oval studio photo of a child. Otherwise, the collection consists of a substantial number of snapshots, most 3.5” x 3.5” or smaller, and some studio shots. Children and adults are pictured, as well as scenery, buildings and even a flock of turkeys. A lithographed 8.5” x 10.5” photo from 1954 captures a scene at Betterton Beach in Maryland. The photos average ex. The early 1900s photos average g-vg.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 297.  Scarce, Delightful 1942 African-American Self-Published “Rebecca’s Cookbook.” Surely among the earliest of books self-published by an African-American, this 70-page obscure softcover is full of familiar and unique recipes that Rebecca West collected as she traveled with and cooked for “my lady.” Each section of the book begins with a folksy and sometimes humorous introduction by Rebecca, who may have written a column for a Washington, D.C, newspaper. Although the book is short on biographical information, it seems that Rebecca cooked for some notables of the period, including Thomas Hitchcock Sr., the Hall of Fame horse trainer who is known as the father of American steeplechase horse racing. A photo in the book shows her serving William Randolph Hearst. Her specialty was terrapin, which merits a special section in the book. Interestingly, Rebecca calls recipes “receipts,” a regionalism that was somewhat common during the period. The cover of this unusual book, a “must” for a black Americana collection, has a small chip in the upper right corner; otherwise, the softcover publication is ex.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 298.  Gallery Pass for Gen. Eisenhower’s 1945 Address to Congress. On June 18, 1945, Ike was officially congratulated for “conquering the Nazi fighting machine” in World War II. In the U.S. House of Representatives before a joint session of Congress, he gave an impassioned speech in tribute to his soldiers. On a scrapbook page are a House gallery pass stamped with the date of his address and a pass to the Senate steps. Each pass is adhered to the page and has an ex appearance. Above the passes is a photo clipped from a newspaper showing Eisenhower speaking to the members of Congress. The clipping has a tear and is chipped. The passes represent an important part of U.S. history.
Winning Bid $20.

Lot 299.  Unused 1946 Calendar Featuring Gen. Douglas MacArthur. Vivid 8” x 9.25” lithograph of MacArthur on a 10” x 16.25” calendar. Recipient of the Medal of Honor for his service in the Philippines in World War II, MacArthur was one of only five individuals ever to rise to the rank of General of the U.S. Army. Vg calendar has a small tear at the top; its appearance is better. The calendar promotes a Washington, D.C. tailor.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 300.  Rare Rockville, MD, History: “Western Gateway to the National Capital.” First edition, first printing hardback self-published in 1949 by Noma Thompson. This 122-page illustrated book outlines the history of the Montgomery County city beginning in the late 18th century. Ex book with tgilt lettering on the spine; no dust jacket. Important, tough-to-find slice of Maryland history.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 302.  1953 Photo of Vice President Nixon at a Washington Senators Baseball Game. As President, Richard Nixon was known as the No. 1 fan of the Washington Senators. In this 1953 photo, he is shown at a Senators game with Murray Chotiner, a controversial confidant. Manager of Nixon’s Congressional campaign in California, Chotiner developed a reputation for using dirty tricks. In 1968, he helped Nixon defeat Hubert Humphrey for the Presidency. Sepia 8” x 10” photo is vg+ to ex.
Minimum Bid $10.

Lot 304.  Washington, D.C., Area Vintage Memorabilia - 90+ Items - Labels, Maps, Prints, Railroads, Brochures, Etc. These paper collectibles are generally from the 1960s and earlier. Among the highlights is a 7” x 10.75” color print that shows the Washington Monument and Babcock Lake, which is now filled in. Two other prints, both by A. Marc, depict the Capitol and Mt. Vernon. Three different circa 1925 labels, each 6.5” x 8.5”, are from Memorial apples, Mt. Vernon apple butter and Capitol fancy apples. Ex. Many items promote D.C. business. Several are 3-D, including a rules for WMAL-TV, Marchant Calculators and the National Bureau of Standards, a patch for the National Zoo, a small address book for a piano company and a button hook for Wm Hahn & Co. There are 20 brochures for hotels, many of them pre-zip code; several restaurant menus or brochures; a 1933 calendar for a printer; three blotters; a vintage recipe book for Washington Flour; a lumber calculator, and 15 catalogs or other promotional items for a dental supply company, the Hecht Co., Potomac Electric and others. One of the more interesting catalogs is the 1897 edition from the Seward Trunk and Bag Co. of Petersburg, VA (chips to front cover, back cover missing, nice interior). Publications for events cover the 1950s arrival of the Mayflower II, including the official souvenir booklet, the 1928 auto show and the 1960-61 winter schedule for a hiking club. Five brochures deal with travel on the B&O, the PRR or the Washington-Sunset Route. Also, three maps and publication related to the Library of Congress, the National Gallery of Art and the National Aquarium. These publications average vg+ to ex.
Winning Bid $68.
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