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New York Yankees   24 Lots       »   

Lot 112.  Original 1949 World Series Photo: Stengel, Chandler, Harridge and Frick. Stengel captured the first of his five consecutive World Series as a manager as his New York Yankees defeated the Brooklyn Dodgers in five games. The 8” x 10” b&w photo shows him with Baseball Commissioner Happy Chandler, A.L. President Will Harridge, N.L. President Ford Frick and Dodgers manager Burt Shotton. All but Shotton are in the Hall of Fame. The image area of the photo is vg to vg-ex with some small border tears and two tack holes.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 114.  8” x 10” Photo of Mickey Mantle and Lee Majors, the “Six Million Dollar Man.” The comparatively recent b&w print shows Mantle and Majors at a charity golf event. Nm-m.
Winning Bid $10.

Lot 153.  “Joe” Dugan Autographed 8”x10” B&W Glossy Photo. Gem mint 10 signature by the third baseman for the 1927 New York Yankees! He passed away in 1982. The right border of the photo has been removed. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 154.  Whitey Ford Signed Postcards and Photos. Ford’s autographs, all gem mint 10s, are on a 1981 Perez-Steel Hall of Fame postcard, a Gold Plaque HoF postcard and two different black & white photos. One photo shows Ford with Moose Skowron. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Minimum Bid $70.

Lot 163.  Clyde King Signed Autobiography “A King’s Legacy” from Tommy John’s Collection. King, who passed away last year, spent more than 60 years in baseball. He played for the Brooklyn Dodgers and Red and managed the San Francisco Giants, Braves and Yankees. For many years, he served as a special advisor to Yankees owner George Steinbrenner. Self-published and very scarce, King’s 1999 softcover book is ex. His autograph on the title page is a 10 of 10 at the end of a lengthy inscription to John and is dated Sept. 12, 1999. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. Comes with a “Property of Tommy John” label.
Winning Bid $35.

Lot 174.  George Steinbrenner Autographed March 1, 1993 “Sports Illustrated.” Steinbrenner, who passed away in 2010, strikes a Napoleonic pose on the playful cover of the nm issue. His signature in silver sharpie is mint 9 personalized to “Jim.” Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 180.  “At Home in the Bronx” Print Signed by Berra, Ford, Skowron and 8 Other Yankees. Based on a painting by M. Kuyper, this 1991 open edition 25” x 16.25” print from the W. Gilpelder Gallery has the autographs of Yogi Berra, Whitey Ford, Enos Slaughter, Gaylord Perry, Moose Skowron, Bobby Richardson, Ralph Terry, Tony Kubek, Don Baylor, Jim Coates and Doc Gooden. The signatures are 9s and 10s. The print is rolled and vg. Autographs authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $168.

Lot 182.  4 Signed Gold Plaque Hall of Fame Postcards – Bell, Conlan, Dickey and Marquard. Bold nm-m 8 to gem mint 10 autographs by James “Cool Papa” Bell, Jocko Conlan, Bill Dickey and Rube Marquard. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $90.

Lot 183.  Gold Plaque Postcards Signed by Yankees Battery Mates Whitey Ford and Yogi Berra. Their autographs on their respective Hall of Fame postcards are gem mint 10s. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $92.

Lot 189.  Signed Photos of Jackson’s 500th HR, Henderson’s 939th Stolen Base and More! Five signed photos and an autographed cereal box from the Tommy John Collection. The Jackson and Henderson photos are mounted on 13” x 10.5” plaques. Each has a brass plate describing the event. Jackson’s autograph is a 9 of 10, and Henderson’s, a 10. In addition, the collection includes signed photos by Ron Darling, Brett Butler, Carl Pavanow (Red Sox uniform) and Lenny Dykstra (magazine photo). Their signatures are 10s. Recently, Henderson was available to sign at an event for $100 per signature. The Kellogg’s Corn Flakes box, apparently from 1983, is autographed by A.L. umpire Mike Reilly. He was raised in Battle Creek, MI, the center of the breakfast cereal industry, and still lives there. As a result, broadcaster Ernie Harwell dubbed him “Corn Flakes Reilly.” His appearance on the cereal box was a natural. Reilly umpired four World Series, four All-Star Games and numerous League Championships and Division Series. He was regarded as a pitcher’s umpire. He retired in February. His signature, personalized to John, is an 8. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 190.  1978 Yankees vs. Dodgers World Series Program Signed by Randolph, Nettles and Dent. The autographs, bold on the cover, have been authenticated by both James Spence Authentication and Kevin Keating. A JSA label is on the cover, and the Certification accompanies it. The program is ex-m, and the autographs, nm-m 8. Nettles added “Dodger Killer” after his name, and Dent added “W.S. M.V.P.” The Yankees captured the World Championship in six games as Dent batted .417 and drove in seven runs.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 202.  6 Baseballs Single-Signed by 3 HoFers – Ford, Jenkins and Sutter, and 3 Stars. Except as noted, the autographs are mint 9s or gem mint 10s on the sweet spots of OML Selig baseballs. Whitey Ford (added “HOF ’74”), Keith Hernandez, Fergie Jenkins (added HOF 91), Bruce Sutter (nm-m 8 signature, very slight bleed on last name; added “HOF 06”) and Ralph Terry (multiple additions including “62 W.S. MVP,” “All Star ‘61” and Yankee years). Maury Wills signed an nm ONL Coleman baseball. He added “30” and “MVP ’62.” Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $102.

Lot 203.  5 OML Baseballs Signed by Yankees with Additions – Skowron, Rivers, Peterson, Etc. Mint baseballs signed on the sweet spots with mint 9 or gem mint 10 signatures unless otherwise noted. The baseballs signed by Blanchard and Peterson have the New York Yankees logo in place of the MLB logo: Moose Skowron, “1961 World Champs” added below his signature on the SS and “1961 Mantle, Maris & Moose 143 HR’s” on the south panel. Oscar Gamble, “200 HR, 660 RBI, 1195 Hits” on the west panel. Mickey Rivers, “77 & 78 W.S. ‘Champs’,” on the SS and “267 S.B., 1660 Hits, 295 B.A. and 1976 All Star” on the south panel. Johnny Blanchard, “1961-World Series Champs” on the SS and “4 Straight H.R. July 21-22 1961” on the west panel. And Fritz Peterson, all on the north panel, “Starting pitcher for NY Yankees in last game at ‘the house that Ruth built’, Fritz Peterson 9/30/73.” Peterson started the final game played in the original Yankee Stadium. His signature and additions are nm-m 8. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $102.

Lot 216.  24 Single-Signed Baseballs – Mattingly, Strawberry, McDermott, Staub, Etc. Unless otherwise noted, the signatures are on the sweet spots of official NL, AL or MLB balls. The balls are signed by Mickey McDermott (died 2003), Don Mattingly (sharpie), Darryl Strawberry, Tommy Davis, Rusty Staub, George Shotgun Shuba, Ozzie Virgil (sharpie on a panel), Dave Magadan, Art Mahaffey, Sam Militello, Terry McGriff, Joe McEwing, Don McCormack, Bob Milacki, Jeff Parrett, Donn Pall (sharpie), Ray Sadecki, Pete Smith, Craig Swan, Lenn Sakata, Kevin Seitzer and Mo Sanford; two are unidentified. The Mattingly signature is ex 5; the others range from ex-m 6 to gem mint 10 and average nm-m 8 to mint 9. Ten of the baseballs are nm-m or better, and 14 are nm or better. Four are ex-m, three ex and two vg-ex. Uneven toning is the main factor influencing the grades. The Staub signature is on a ball that has the appearance of being game-used. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $185.

Lot 235.  New York Central Railroad 1939 Yankees vs. Reds World Series Scorecard. The 8” x 5” card has spaces for recording the train taken; runs, hits and errors for each team; the starting batteries and substitutions. The lower right corner of the card is attached with tape on the back, and there are creases in the left corners. The Yankees swept the Reds. An uncommon baseball and railroad collectible.
Winning Bid $10.
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