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Tommy John Book Containing More Than 125 Yankees Autographs.

Lot 89. Tommy John Book Containing More Than 125 Yankees Autographs. The signatures are inside “The Bronx Bombers,” a 1992 hardback by Bruce Chadwick and David M. Spindel. The hardback book, issued without a dust jacket, has a vg cover with tape along the spine. Thirty-nine of the 140 pages, which are ex, present autographs. Some of the better signatures are on removable cuts grading mint 9 or gem mint 10 that are in holders glued into the book: Billy Martin (2, died 1989), Lefty Gomez (d. 1989), Elston Howard (lined, d. 1980), Andrew O’Connor (one-game career in 1908, d. 1980) and “Joe” Dugan (starting third baseman for the 1927 Yankees and played in five World Series; d. 1982); also, Ken Silvestri (d. 1992) and Marty McHale (d. 1979). John signed an individual photo in the book, and so did Phil Rizzuto (2, d. 2007), Moose Skowron and Don Larsen (2). The book is signed also by Gene Woodling, Tom Henrich, Frank Crosetti, Spec Shea, Tommy Byrne, Joe Ostrowski, Charlie Silvera, Hank Bauer and Gil McDougald, as well as the Dodgers’ Johnny Podres (2 signatures). Almost every page contains multiple autographs, and there are multiple signatures of each signer. Almost all of the autographs are mint 9 or gem mint 10. Authentication by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $321.

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Winning Bid $321    


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