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Baseball Memorabilia   19 Lots    «    

Lot 352.  Brooklyn Dodgers Limited-Edition Display of 1951, 1952 and 1954 Baseball Cards. The 1951 Dodgers were victims of the “Shot Heard ‘Round the World,” and the 1952 team won the N.L. pennant. These two teams and the 1954 Dodgers are represented in 44 cards on this attention-grabbing 22.5” x 25.5” Ernie Montella laminated display plaque. Co-founder of the Philadelphia A’s Historical Society, Montella used his talents to produce very-limited-edition plaques using a combination of vintage, “archives” and reproduction cards. This plaque is unique; he did not make any others like it. The cards in this display, which includes an aerial image of Ebbets Field, are laminated, with a linen finish, to mahogany. Among the cards are 1951 Bowman Snider, Reese and Campanella cards, 1951 Hodges and 1954 Robinson, Hodges, Gilliam, Black, Labine, Lasorda and Snider. There also is a 1994 Topps “1954” archives card of Clemente as a member of the Montreal Royals. The plaque has a scratch on the Clemente card; otherwise, it is nm. Montella signed the back of the display. (Note: This display weighs approximately 14 pounds.)
Winning Bid $100.

Lot 353.  Brooklyn Dodgers Display of 26 1953 Baseball Cards. This Ernie Montella display plaque consists of a 1953 Billy Loes card and 25 1991 Topps “1953” archives cards laminated to a 19.5” x 25” mahogany backing. The stars are present who helped the Dodgers win the N.L. pennant. Among them are Jackie Robinson and Gil Hodges. Artwork shows a game in progress at Ebbets Field. Montella is best known as co-founder of the Philadelphia A’s Historical Society. Over the years, he also has produced a number of attractive limited-edition plaques that he offered at national shows or made on commission for baseball players and athletes. No more than six of these plaques were created. (Note: This display weighs approximately 11 pounds.) This very limited nm plaque has a glossy finish.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 354.  Ernie Montella 1955 World Champion Brooklyn Dodgers Baseball Card Display. Widely recognized as a co-founder of the Philadelphia A’s Historical Society, Montella is also appreciated for his attractive limited-edition laminated displays of actual baseball cards. In 1995, he produced a 26” x 22.5” plaque honoring the 1955 Dodgers. Autographed by 1955 World Series MVP Johnny Podres, it consists of 40 archives cards issued by Topps in 1995, including Don Drysdale, who spent the 1955 season with the Dodgers’ Montreal farm club. With the cards laminated on mahogany, the display has a linen finish. Montella produced no more than 12 of these plaques. He signed this example on the back. Nm. (Note: This display weighs approximately 14 pounds.) Kevin Keating authenticated the Podres autograph.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 355.  “1955” World Champion Dodgers Display of S. Rini Postcards on an Ernie Montella Plaque. This laminated 24.5” x 24.5” display plaque is one-of-a-kind. It features the photo portions of 29 cards in postcard sets created from S. Rini artwork. Twenty-seven cards apparently are from 1988 Set 1, and the two other cards, from 1991 Set 3 and Set 4. Montella, co-founder of the Philadelphia A’s Historical Society, produced unique and very limited-edition display plaques using a combination of actual cards and reprinted versions. The cards in this display are laminated, with a glossy finish, to mahogany board. Ebbets Field is depicted, along with individuals who were part of the 1955 Dodgers’ organization: Alston, Amoros, Barber, Black, Campanella, Craig, Durocher and Barber, Erskine, Furillo, Gilliam, Herman, Hodges, Labine, Loes, MacPhail, Newcombe, O’Malley, Podres, Reese, Robinson (2 different), Roe, Roebuck, Shuba, Snider, R. Walker, Zimmer and the Dodgers Sym-Phony Band. This is an outstanding, unique commemorative of the Brooklyn Dodgers’ only championship season.
Winning Bid $75.
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