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Lot 34.  15 Signed Copies of Robin Roberts’ Book, "The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant." Roberts wrote the 390-page illustrated book with C. Paul Rogers III, dean of the Southern Methodist University Law School. Each hardback book is new, mint in an nm-m dust jacket. Roberts autographed the title page of each book and added “HOF 76” and “1950 Whiz Kids.” In addition, Rogers signed the title page of seven books. Each autograph comes with a PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. These books are uncommon. On the Internet, new unsigned copies are offered for $60 and more. Roberts‘ website offered signed copies for $100. These 15 autographed copies have significant potential break-up value.
Winning Bid $163.

Lot 37.  Robin Roberts “Double Vision” Collection of 20 Items, 16 of Them Autographed. Generally including two of each collectible, this lot offers substantial potential break-up value for the dealer and plenty of material to trade for the collector. 1-2. Two signed, limited edition (#156 and 163 of 336) Bill Purdom lithographs titled “We Won the Pennant October 1, 1950.” Featuring a 9” x 14” image capturing Roberts in N.L. Pennant-clinching final inning of the 1950 regular season at Ebbets Field, each 11” x 16” print is double-matted to 16” x 20”, ready for framing. 3-4. Two 34” Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger bats, both autographed, one with “Hall of Fame 1976” added, and the other, with “1950 Whiz Kids.” The first addition is rare because Roberts typically indicated his Cooperstown status with “HOF 76.” 5-6. Two unsigned bats as in 4-5, one engraved with Roberts’ name and “Louisville Slugger,” and the other with his name and “1950 Whiz Kids.” 7-8. Two unsigned size 52 Roberts replica home jerseys, one for 1948 and another for 1950, from the Major League Baseball Cooperstown Collection produced by Mitchell & Ness of Philadelphia. 9-10. Two Phillies replica caps, one for 1948 and the other for 1950, size 7 3/8, from the New Era OML Official On-Field Collection. Roberts signed each on the bill. 11-12. Two Time May 28, 1956 reproduction 11” x 16” covers with Roberts’ autograph on his image. 13-14. Two copies of The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant, mint 1996 hardbacks and dust jackets, one autographed by Roberts and co-author C. Paul Rogers III on the title page, and the other signed by Roberts alone. 15-16. Two autographed Hall of Fame yellow plaque postcards. 17-18. Two OML Selig baseballs signed on the sweet spot. 19-20. Two OML Selig baseballs with the Hall of Fame logo, both signed on the sweet spot. To one, Roberts added “HOF 76,” and to the other “Hall of Fame 1976,” a very rare addition. These 20 items generally are mint with gem mint 10 signatures. Kevin Keating authenticated all of the signatures, and PSA/DNA, all but the ball with the “HOF 76” addition and the two bats, which were not submitted. The other signed items come with a PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity, except for the caps, which have PSA/DNA stickers, but not the certificates. Collectively, these items were offered on Roberts’ website for well over $1,000.
Winning Bid $324.

Lot 38.  36 Different Robin Roberts Signed Collectibles, Each Authenticated by PSA/DNA. Incredible collection consisting of signed baseballs, photographs, Philadelphia Phillies caps, a Hall of Fame gold plaque postcard, a book and artwork by Bill Purdom. Except for the caps, each item comes with a PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. The caps have PSA/DNA stickers, but the certificates are absent. Kevin Keating also authenticated these collectibles. Twenty-three signatures are on 8” x 10” photos capturing Roberts in five different pitching poses - one with the Phils’ 1949 home uniform, three with a 1950s away uniform and one with a 1950 home uniform. In addition, a very young Roberts is shown in a Twin City uniform in a b&w photo, and an older Roberts is pictured wearing a Baseball Hall of Fame jacket. In some cases, Roberts signed only his name. In others, he added “HOF 76,” “7X All Star,” “286 Wins” or “1950 Whiz Kids.” There are no duplicates when the signature and additions are considered. Roberts signed five OML Selig baseballs in a similar manner, except that he wrote out “Hall of Fame 1976.” Except for a very limited signing shortly before his passing in May, he used the abbreviation “HOF.” Consequently, this ball is a very limited, desirable Roberts collectible. The baseballs are mint. Two hats with a white “P” on a red field are signed on the bill “Robin Roberts” and “Robin Roberts, 1950 Whiz Kids.” To a 1949-style cap, Roberts added “HOF 76” below his name. There are two limited edition copies of the Purdom artwork, #17 of 36 signed “Robin Roberts ‘We Won the Pennant’ 10/1/50,” and #161 of 336 with Roberts’ signature alone. Each print is double-matted to 16” x 20” and is ready for framing. Roberts also signed his HoF gold plaque postcard, an 11” x 14” reproduction of the May 28, 1956 Time cover depicting the future Hall of Fame pitcher and an apparent first edition copy of The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant, which Roberts wrote with C. Paul Rogers III. Rogers joined Roberts in signing the title page of the nm-m book. Roberts’ autographs on these 36 items are overwhelmingly gem mint 10s, and nothing is less than a mint 9.
Winning Bid $264.

Lot 39.  Robin Roberts Signed Photo, Baseballs, 1948 Replica Cap, Etc., + an Unsigned Jersey. The key item in this collection is a very limited edition OML Selig baseball with the Hall of Fame logo. Roberts signed the sweet spot and then added “Hall of Fame 1976.” The addition in this form is extremely rare. Roberts typically added “HOF 76.” The ball is mint. Roberts also signed the sweet spot of another an OML Selig ball, which nm-m, with only his name. Other signed offerings are a Hall of Fame gold plaque postcard and a copy of Roberts’ 1996 book (mint), "The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant." Roberts signed the title page. All of the signatures are gem mint 10s authenticated by PSA/DNA and by Kevin Keating. These items will display nicely with a 1948 autographed replica cap and an unsigned 1948 replica size 52 jersey from the Major League Baseball Cooperstown Collection by Mitchell & Ness of Philadelphia. New Era produced the size 7 3/8 MLB Authentic Official On-Field cap. Roberts autographed the bill and added “HOF 76.” (No PSA/DNA CoA.) The jersey, size 52, has bright red stitching in the tail that says “1948 Robin Roberts.” The cap and jersey are mint and unused. An 8” x 10” color photo showing Roberts in a 1948 uniform is annotated with “286 Wins.” Six gem mint 10 autographs, including one on a rare baseball, and an unsigned jersey too!
Winning Bid $100.

Lot 40.  Robin Roberts “Whiz Kids” Autograph Collection Plus an Unsigned Jersey. Six signed collectibles, all with gem mint 10 signatures authenticated by PSA-DNA and Kevin Keating. The key unsigned item is a 1950 replica size 52 home jersey, part of the Major League Baseball Cooperstown Collection produced by Mitchell & Ness of Philadelphia. With “1950 Robin Roberts” sewn into the tail in red, it was intended for signing by Roberts for sale on his website. Unfortunately, he passed away in May before the signing could be completed. Also, a 34” Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger “Robin Roberts 1950 Whiz Kids” bat, mint. The signed items are: 1. A 1950 replica size 7 3/8 cap, a New Era MLB Authentic Official On-Field product. It nicely complements the jersey. Both the jersey and cap are mint and unused. (No PSA/DNA CoA.) 2. A reproduction of the May 28, 1956 cover of Time, which shows Roberts on the cover; signed and dated “5/28/56.” 3. An 8” x 10” color photo, with “1950 Whiz Kids” added, showing Roberts in an away uniform. 4. A copy of The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant, 1996, mint hardback and dust jacket, written with C. Paul Rogers III and signed on the title page by both. 5. OML Selig mint baseball signed on the sweet spot with “1950 Whiz Kids” as an addition. 6. Another OML Selig ball, this one with “HOF 76” added. Excellent collection that with nice potential for display or break-up.
Minimum Bid $100.

Lot 41.  Robin Roberts Huge Collection of Signed and Unsigned Memorabilia - 200 Items! Autographed collectibles are: 1-6. Six 8” x 10” signed color photos (two different poses) with “HOF 76” additions. 7-13. Seven autographed Hall of Fame gold plaque postcards. 14-18. Five copies of "The Whiz Kids and the 1950 Pennant," new mint hardbacks and dust jackets, autographed on the title page by Roberts and co-author C. Paul Roberts III. 19-22. Four reproduction (11” x 14”) copies of "Time" magazine’s May 28, 1956 cover signed by Roberts on his image. 23-27. Five limited edition signed copies (#83, 157, 159 and 166 of 336) of “We Won the Pennant October 1, 1950,” Bill Purdom 11” x 16” lithographs showing Roberts on the mound in the final inning of the final regular-season 1950 Phillies' game. Roberts and the Phillies won the game and the N.L. Pennant. Double-matted to 16” x 20” and signed by Purdom also. 28. A very limited edition autographed print – #20 of only 36 made! The Purdom artwork is similar to #23-27 above, but there are several differences, and Roberts signed his name and added “‘We Won the Pennant’ 10/1/50.” Purdom also signed the 11” 16” print, which has a 9” x 14” image area and is double-matted 16” x 20”. 29-30. Two 34” Hillerich & Bradsby Louisville Slugger bats, both autographed, one with “Hall of Fame 1976” added, and the other, “1950 Whiz Kids.” Roberts typically wrote “HOF 76”; consequently, the addition to the first bat is rare, a product of a very limited signing by Roberts. 31. Phillies 1948 replica cap, size 7 3/8, from the New Era OML Official On-Field Collection. Roberts signed the bill, with the addition “HOF 76.” 32. Roberts’ signature on the back of a Baseball Hall of Fame business card. 33. Signed 2003 first day cover marking the retirement of Roberts’ uniform number by the Vermont Mountaineers. 34-40. Seven signed OML Selig baseballs, all signed on the sweet spot. One ball has Roberts’ signature only, one has “286 Wins” added, one “Whiz Kids 1950” (smudged) and four “Hall of Fame 1976.” The last addition is very rare. Roberts almost always wrote only “HOF 76.” In a very limited signing shortly before his passing, he signed these baseballs, which have the Hall of Fame logo. Kevin Keating authenticated these autographs, and except for the bats and two baseballs, so did PSA/DNA. With the exception of the items noted and the cap, all come with a PSA/DNA Certificate of Authenticity. The cap has a PSA sticker, but the CoA is absent. The following unsigned items are also included in this collection: 1-4. Four unsigned 34” Louisville Slugger bats engraved with “Robin Roberts, 1950 Whiz Kids.” 5-6. Two Phillies replica home jerseys, size 52, one for 1948 and one for 1950, produced by Mitchell & Ness of Philadelphia as part of the Major League Baseball Cooperstown Collection. 7. A Starting Lineup figure (out of the box). 8-160. One hundred fifty-two (152) “We Won the Pennant October 1, 1950” lithographs, all signed by artist Bill Purdom, but not by Roberts. Purdom’s artwork for these 11” x 16” numbered prints (production was limited to 336) is outstanding, and they are double-matted to 16” x 20”. Except as noted, these 200 collectibles(!) are mint. They have tremendous break-up potential.
Winning Bid $477.

Lot 44.  1933 Hardbound "Who’s Who in Major League Baseball." Published by Grover C. Buxton of Chicago and compiled by sportswriter Harold (Speed) Johnson, this scarce reference is what every annual should be. Consisting of 544-pages, it devotes a full page to each of several hundred baseball players. Each player is represented by a large photo. In addition, the publication provides the player’s full record and a biographical sketch with career highlights. The “Who’s Who” starts with Earl “Sparky” Adams and ends with Tom Zachary. Judge Landis, managers, owners and other personalities also are profiled. Luke Sewell autographed his photo; authenticated by Kevin Keating. Red covers with gilt impressions are vg-ex with several small stains. The contents are ex. No dust jacket. Scarce and desirable.
Winning Bid $264.

Lot 69.  HoF Induction Cachets, 1994-2007, Signed by Rizzuto, Ryan, Puckett, Brett, Etc. - 22 Signatures. Twelve nicely designed 4 1/8” x 9 ½” colorful envelopes, each with images of the players inducted that year, with 22 HoF autographs. The 1994 cachet envelope, matted and framed to 8” x 13”, is autographed by Steve Carlton and “Scooter” Phil Rizzuto. The other envelopes are unframed and generally nm-m or better: 1996, signed by Jim Bunning and Earl Weaver; 1997, Phil Niekro; 1999, George Brett, Orlando Cepeda, Nolan Ryan and Robin Yount; 2000, Sparky Anderson, Carlton Fisk and Tony Perez; 2001, Bill Mazeroski, Dave Winfield and Kirby Puckett; 2002, Ozzie Smith; 2003, Eddie Murray and Gary Carter; 2004, Dennis Eckersley and Paul Molitor; 2005, Wade Boggs, and 2007, Tony Gwynn. Most envelopes have players who did not sign; an extra 2007 envelope is unsigned. The signatures are gem mint 10s and mint 9s. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $354.

Lot 70.  Regulation Home Plate Signed by 4 HoF Catchers and 2 with HoF Credentials. Hall of Famers Yogi Berra, Johnny Bench, Carlton Fisk and Gary Carter autographed the plate, along with Ivan Rodriguez and Mike Piazza. The signatures are 9s and 10s. Unusual and impressive display item! Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $248.

Lot 71.  Home Plate Nicely Signed by George Brett, Ozzie Smith, the Niekros and 6 More. This “mini” home plate, which measures 10” across and about 10” from front to back, has the Baseball Hall of Fame logo in the center. Around the logo are bold 10 signatures of Brett, Smith, Robin Roberts (died 2010), Phil Niekro, Joe Niekro (d. 2006 ), Vince Coleman, Enos Cabell, Jon Warden, Dave Bergman and Jamie Quirk. Produced by Schutt Sports, the reduced-size home plate serves as an excellent host for the signatures. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $92.

Lot 162.  Jimmie Foxx and Connie Mack Signed OAL William Harridge Baseball. With Foxx, Mickey Cochrane and other future Hall of Fame stars in his lineup, Mack led the A’s to world championships in 1929 and 1930 and to the AL pennant in 1931. Mack and Foxx both autographed a side panel of this circa 1934-35 Harridge ball. All of the letters in Mack’s signature are light but completely readable, and there is no smudging. A grade of vg+ to ex 4.5 or ex 5 seems reasonable. The Foxx signature is not as strong, but still is vg-ex 4 with small portions of the “F,” the first “x” and especially the second “x” missing. As for the ball, 50-75% of the pre-printed area has faded; otherwise, it remains very presentable, with an off-white color and light, even soiling. Nice collector example for an Athletics’ fan or Foxx or Mack collector. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Minimum Bid $500.

Lot 242.  Quality Walter Buck Leonard (HoF) Pre-Stroke Autograph. Playing for the Homestead Grays in the 1930s and early 1940s, Leonard and Josh Gibson were the Negro Leagues’ equivalent of Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth. A lifetime .328 hitter, Leonard averaged 34 home runs per year in an eight-season period. He was enshrined at Cooperstown in 1972. In 1986, Leonard suffered a stroke that partially paralyzed his right side. After that, he wrote with his left hand. Pre-stroke autographs such as this one command a premium. The signature is large, bold nm-m 8 beauty, filling a 1 ½” x 4 ¾” section of unlined paper that is matted and framed to about 10 ½” x 13 ½” with a Perez-Steel postcard of Leonard. Kevin Keating, author of The Negro Leagues Autograph Guide, authenticated this signature.
Minimum Bid $75.
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