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New York Yankees Cards, Autographs and Memorabilia   32 Lots    «  »   

Lot 157.  1948 Exacta Babe Ruth Men’s Watch. The face of this colorful watch is nm-m with a superb image of the New York Yankees great. The watch shows wear on the back and has a metal elastic band. An ageless timepiece!
Winning Bid $121.

Lot 158.  Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig Professionally Framed Lithograph. The 16” x 20” color print of the two New York Yankee legends is double-matted and framed to about 22” x 26”. Numbered 1 of 150, the print shows Gehrig and Ruth peering at game action from the dugout.
Winning Bid $152.

Lot 159.  Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio Matted and Framed B&W 16” x 20” Photo. The framed size is 24 ½” x 25 ½”. The display includes a plate noting the DiMaggio-Monroe marriage lasted for only months and that “for 20 years Joe sent a dozen roses to her crypt three times a week.” A definite conversation starter!
Minimum Bid $75.

Lot 160.  Yankee Stadium Scoreboard Letter “V.” In 1974 and 1975, the New York Yankees moved to Shea Stadium while Yankee Stadium underwent major renovations. During this period, the scoreboard was replaced. Offered here is the letter “V” from the original scoreboard. Measuring 15 ¾” x 22”, it is orange with a black background.
Winning Bid $248.

Lot 161.  4 New York Yankees Yearbooks – 1956, 1959, 1961 and 1965. The 1956 and 1959 editions, each with 48 pages, are by Jay Publishing. The 1956 yearbook is ex, and the 1959, vg+. The 1961 yearbook is the revised edition, ex-m, and the 1965 version is g-vg.
Winning Bid $113.

Lot 162.  Tremendous Wall Display of Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris. The focus of the display is a 16” x 10 black & white photo of the New York Yankees stars. The photo is matted and framed with a facsimile gold signature of each and a plaque with career information. The 29” x 30” frame has a grained leather appearance.
Minimum Bid $75.

Lot 163.  Mickey Mantle 1961-63 White Square Base Bobbing Head in the Original Box. This bobble has a strong appearance from the front, including an intact “Mickey Mantle” decal on the base. There are two tiny marks on the bill of Mantle’s cap and a couple of rub marks on each shoulder. The back of the head has two cracks, and there is a barely noticeable hairline crack along the side of the head. The box is complete with a vg label that has a staple at the top. There are some chips on one end of the lid, and the box is separated at one corner. Together, the bobbing head and box display impressively!
Winning Bid $480.

Lot 164.  Roger Maris 1961-63 White Square Bobbing Head. Strong, good-looking example Bob. The decal has a barely noticeable nick, and there are tiny rub marks on the nose, eyebrow, bill of the cap and several others on the top of the cap. The head has several hairline cracks and a tiny chip. Ex to ex-m and looks better.
Winning Bid $198.

Lot 165.  Mickey Mantle Fabulous, Bold Rookie-Era Pencil Signature. Removed from a scorecard, the signature is neatly mounted to a 3” x 5” index card with Mantle’s photo from his 1961 Topps card. An inoffensive piece of tape covers the bottom portion of “Mickey.” Early Mantle signatures are indeed rare. This one is extremely nice, and authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $121.

Lot 166.  Mickey Mantle Signed OAL Bobby Brown Baseball. Large and bold mint 9 to gem mint 10 autograph on the sweet spot. Ex-m ball with strong pre-printed areas and cream to yellow toning that is slightly uneven. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $321.

Lot 167.  Mickey Mantle Autograph on a Print from the Artwork for His 1953 Topps Card. Bold and beautiful gem mint 10 signature on a 7” x 10” print numbered 1952 of 2000. There are some light creases in the border, which brings the full size of the item to 11” x 15”; the creases could easily be matted out. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. Proceeds from the sale of this lot will benefit the Society for American Baseball Research.
Winning Bid $240.

Lot 168.  Mickey Mantle Signed “A Day to Remember” Number 7 Retirement Picture Sleeve. One June 8, 1969, at Yankee Stadium, the Bronx Bombers honored Mantle by retiring his uniform number. Only Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Joe DiMaggio had their numbers retired before him. Events of the day are captured on a 7” Columbia 33 1/3 rpm record. It features the voices of Mel Allen, Mantle and others. The record has an ex-m appearance. It is housed in a vg+ picture sleeve that looks better than the grade and has multiple images of Mantle. Across “A Day to Remember,” Mantle boldly placed a large, unimprovable autograph. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $291.

Lot 169.  Mickey Mantle Autograph on His 1957 My Greatest Thrills in Baseball Comic Book. The 16-page color comic was produced apparently to promote Mission of California orange soda. It was distributed by a local bottler, Pioneer Valley Ginger Ale Co. Three stories in the comic book outline Mantle’s life, from high school through the 1956 season. The final chapter, titled “Chasing the Great Bambino,” has two boys debating whether Mantle might break Babe Ruth’s home run record. The comic has a stain in the upper right corner; otherwise, ex. Mantle’s signature is large and bold, mint 9 with inoffensive bleeding. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. The comic book itself is scarce and well worth our
Winning Bid $218.

Lot 170.  Mickey Mantle Signed 11” x 14” B&W Photo – Part of an 18” x 24” Display. The autograph is large and bold, mint 9 to gem mint 10, and Mantle added “No. 7” below. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. The photo is matted and framed to 18” x 24” with two first day envelopes, one from the 1994 Baseball Hall of Fame induction ceremonies and the other, a Historic Limited Edition Z Silk Cachet marking Mantle’s death on Aug. 13, 1955. Mantle was enshrined at Cooperstown in 1974. This display will be a welcome, impressive addition to a game room or sports bar wall.
Winning Bid $218.

Lot 171.  Ten/One/Sixty-One – Roger Maris’ 61st Home Run Captured by Bill Purdom. On Oct. 1, 1961, in the final game of the season, Yankees slugger Roger Maris blasted a pitch from Tracy Stallard into the seats in right field. It was Maris’ 61st home run, one more than Babe Ruth swatted in his best home run season, 1927. Purdom, a member of the Bill Goff stable of sports artists, faithfully captures the moment in this 21 5/8” x 29 ¼” color lithograph signed by the artist. He even shows a field-level auxiliary scoreboard that presents Maris as the right fielder. Actually, as the large Ballantine scoreboard shows, Maris played center field that day. Photographic evidence supports this representation. The lithograph, #457 of 600, which is rolled, has a 3 ½” crease to the left of Maris’ feet, a couple of minor creases in the image area, edge creases and minor tape on the back that was used to attach it to a wall. Matted and framed, it will display very well. With copies of this lithograph being offered elsewhere for as much as $1,200, this copy is well worth our
Winning Bid $1,119.
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