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Baseball Cards and Related Collectibles   64 Lots       »   

Lot 7.  Extremely Rare 1940 Play Ball Colorized Proof Card of # 48 “Luke” Sewell. In 1941, of course, Play Ball introduced fully colorized cards. The colorized 1940 cards apparently were a step in creating the process for the 1941 cards. The 2009 SCD Standard Catalog checklists five of these cards. This card of Sewell is an addition to the list. The colorization is apparent primarily on Sewell’s face. The card has vg corners and is free of creases. There are two pencil marks on the left side of Sewell’s face, and there are scuffs on his lips, obscuring much of the pink color used for his lips. Accompanying this card, which may be one-of-a-kind, is a vg+ to ex regular-issue Sewell card.
Winning Bid $321.

Lot 8.  5 1949 Bowman Error Cards – All with Double-Printed Backs. The fronts of the cards are of #6 Cavarretta, 10 Gray, 21 Baumholtz, 25 Scheib and 33 Spahn. The backs are printed with information on both the player on the front and another player. The back of the Spahn card is double-printed with information on #105 Kennedy; Cavarretta, #78(a) Zoldak; Gray, #82 Page; Baumholtz, #93 Stevens, and Scheib, #97 Litwhiler. The backs are all slightly miscut. The fronts are well centered and grade: #6 f-g, 10 g, 21nm+, 25 nm and 33 p-f.
Winning Bid $68.

Lot 28.  1888 N28 Allen & Ginter’s World Champions Card of Joseph Mulvey. Except for a small area of paper loss on his right eye, this card would grade ex. Clean back and front with a very, very small amount of foxing on the back, ex corners.
Winning Bid $110.

Lot 32.  1904 W600 Sporting Life Cabinet Card of Harry Lumley. Sporting Life misidentified Lumley as “Arthur.” He played right field for Brooklyn from 1904-10, batting .279 in 1904 and .274 lifetime. The card has vg corners, two pin holes and one heavy crease. Some very light creases are evident on the front, and a substantial number of moderate creases show on the back. The image area is clean and displays well; the heavy crease extends ½” into the lower right of the image.
Winning Bid $198.

Lot 33.  Burr McIntosh Panorama of the 1903 Boston Red Sox – the First World Champions. This very rare and highly desirable black and white premium insert from the magazine shows the winners of the first ever World Series. In 1903, the Boston American League team, now the Red Sox, was known as the “Pilgrims.” They defeated the N.L. Pittsburgh Pirates five games to three. Cy Young won two games for the Pilgrims, and Bill Dineen won the three others. Burr McIntosh magazine of New York published the 5 ¼” x 11 ¼” panorama in 1904. “The Champions” is centered beneath the photo. The insert has several ¼” tears along the right border, and the bottom edge has a chip in the lower left and appears to have been trimmed. All of this could be matted out to display an outstanding image area that is free of creases or other defects.
Winning Bid $168.

Lot 34.  Chicago White Sox Team Picture Postcard Marking the 1906 World Series. The 3 ½” x 5 ½” postcard was postmarked in Chicago on Oct. 9, the opening day of the 1906 World Series. Identifying the Sox as the 1906 “American League Champions,” it pictures the “Hitless Wonders,” the underdogs who upset their cross-town rivals to reign as World Champions. Among the players pictured are Ed Walsh, who won two games, George Davis, Nick Altrock, Doc White and Fielder Jones. The card shows light foxing, corner creases and a 1/8” tear along the top edge.
Minimum Bid $75.

Lot 35.  Cubs Team “Error” Postcard Postmarked on the 1906 World Series Opening Day. Heavily favored to defeat the White Sox, their cross-town rivals, in the 1906 World Series, the talent-laden Chicago Cubs fell in six games to the “Hitless Wonders.” This picture postcard, which erroneously, or prophetically, identifies the Cubs as “Champions 1907 – National League,” was postmarked in Chicago on Oct. 9, the opening day of the World Series. The postcard sender wrote a “6” over the “7.” The postcard includes Evers, Tinker and Chance, as well as Brown, Kling, Reulbach and, of course, Steinfeldt. Technically f, looks better.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 36.  16 Different 1909-11 E254 Colgan’s Chips Stars of the Diamond. Uncommon issue including Devlin vg, Dougherty p-f, Halla (letter size variation) p, Hughes (no name in uniform) f, Matthews p-f, McCormick vg, Moran vg, Oakes g, Parent p-f, Pfeister p-f, Raymond p-f, Schulte vg, Selby (letter size variation) p, Jack White (Buffalo) f-g, Wiltse p-f and Woods f.
Winning Bid $163.

Lot 37.  5 Different 1909-11 T206 Cards. Two cards grade vg-ex, Rucker (portrait) and Pickering, and three are vg+, Bill Hinchman (Cleveland), Seymour (batting) and Strang. Three cards have Piedmont backs, one a Sweet Caporal back, and the Seymour card has an el Principe de Gales back.
Winning Bid $138.

Lot 38.  10 Different 1909-11 T206 Cards. All grade vg: Jack Barry (Philadelphia), Batch, Beaumont, Bliss, Ewing, McGann, Nicholls (hands on knees), Putrell, Stovall (portrait) and Heine Wagner (bat on right shoulder). Seven backs are Piedmont, two Sweet Caporal and one Sovereign.
Winning Bid $270.

Lot 39.  11 Different 1909-11 T206 Cards. These cards are g-vg: Butler, Davidson, Donlin (fielding), Ferguson, Kroh, McLean, Pat Moran (Chicago), Mullin (batting), O’Leary (hands on knees), Randall and Frank Smith (Chicago, white cap). Some of these cards are very close to vg. Five cards have Piedmont backs, five Sweet Caporal backs and one a Polar Bear back.
Winning Bid $134.

Lot 40.  6 Different 1909-11 T206 Cards Including Hall of Famers Joss and Walsh. All six cards grade good: Camnitz (hands above head), Goode (Good), Joss (pitching), Kruger (Krueger), Mike Mitchell (Cincinnati) and Walsh (portrait). The Joss card has light creases and a couple of small stains and light soiling on the back. The Walsh card has light creases and a couple of tiny scuffs. The backs are Piedmont and Sweet Caporal.
Winning Bid $134.

Lot 41.  26 Different 1909-11 T206s Including HoFers Chance, Joss and Marquard. The Hall of Fame players grade: Chance (portrait, yellow background, Polar Bear back) f-g, Joss (portrait) p and Marquard (portrait) p. The Joss card has a heavy crease with a slight edge tear, several lesser creases and minor writing on the front and back. At first glance, the Marquard card has a g or even g-vg appearance, but it has several light creases, a pin hole and light toning on about one-third of the back. The other cards in this group are F-g: Bergen (batting), Burch (fielding) and Overall (portrait). F: H. Davis, Elberfeld (fielding, Wasington), Freeman (g front, stain and very minor damage on the back [bd]), Niles, Schlei (catching, slight irregular cut), Doc White (pitching, Polar Bear back) and Wiltse (portrait, no cap). P-f: Evans (g+ front, moderate bd), Hahn (Sovereign back, minor bd) and Steinfeldt (portrait). P: Hayden (g front, moderate bd), Harry Hinchman (Toledo, vg front, moderate to heavy bd), Killian (pitching, stray ink on front and back), Owen (p front, heavy bd), Reagan (Southern League, “504” written on back), Stovall (batting) and Willett (f-g front, heavy bd). P: All are slightly trimmed, and the front of each has an ex appearance: Chase (throwing, white cap), Sheckard (glove showing) and Steinfeldt (with bat), “258” written on the back. Except as noted, backs are Piedmont and Sweet Caporal.
Winning Bid $354.

Lot 42.  1910-11 T3 Turkey Red Cabinet #36 Tris Speaker, HoF Outfielder. The striking image of one of baseball’s best center fielders is unaffected by significant corner chips, smaller border chips, the numbers “6” and “28” written in pencil in the top border, very minor stains and a tiny amount of paper loss. There is light-to-moderate soiling on the back. P. Outstanding defensively, Speaker batted .345 lifetime with 3,514 hits and 1,529 RBI. He was elected to the Hall of Fame in 1937. As a coach, he helped to turn Larry Doby, a second baseman in the Negro Leagues, into a top-notch center fielder.
Winning Bid $180.

Lot 43.  1910-11 T3 Turkey Red Cabinet #96 Bob Groom. This attractive card boasts a striking and colorful image. There is a heavy crease in the lower left corner and a moderate number of light creases elsewhere. F. Groom pitched for Washington, St. Louis (of the A.L. and Federal Leagues) and Cleveland 1909-18. His best season was 1912 when he went 24-13 for the Senators and accounted for more than 25% of their victories.
Winning Bid $113.
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