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Lot 43.  1910-11 T3 Turkey Red Cabinet #96 Bob Groom. This attractive card boasts a striking and colorful image. There is a heavy crease in the lower left corner and a moderate number of light creases elsewhere. F. Groom pitched for Washington, St. Louis (of the A.L. and Federal Leagues) and Cleveland 1909-18. His best season was 1912 when he went 24-13 for the Senators and accounted for more than 25% of their victories.
Winning Bid $113.

Lot 44.  1910-11 T3 Turkey Red Cabinet #109 Pat Moran. The image area of this card is crease free and displays both clarity and strong colors. There is a very small amount of paper loss in the upper border. There is also a light corner crease on the back, which otherwise is clean. Two border tack holes dictate the grade. P. An excellent catcher defensively, Moran may be best known as the manager of the Cincinnati Reds team that defeated the Black Sox in 1919.
Winning Bid $92.

Lot 45.  1911 Max Rigot Jumbo Three-Panel Panoramic Postcard of Comiskey Park. Measuring 5” x 24”, this triptych black & white postcard says “American League ‘White Sox’ New Ball Park” in the center at the top. It provides a panoramic view of the grandstands from the third base side, the field with a game in progress and the Chicago skyline. The ballpark opened on July 1, 1910. The postcard has been professionally reinforced at the two folds; these repairs are noticeable only on the back. Otherwise, various light creases make the card technically grade g-vg. Its appearance and eye appeal are much, much better, and unlike many cards from this series by Rigot, it is free of heavy creases or pin holes.
Winning Bid $321.

Lot 46.  1911 T205 Gold Border Cards of 8 Hall of Fame Players. The cards are of Baker, Bresnahan (mouth closed), Eddie Collins (mouth closed), Duffy, Griffith, Jennings, Wallace (no hat, two lines of 1910 stats) and Wheat. The Collins and Jennings cards are p-f. The Collins card is vg except for the addition of “1910” to the front. The other cards grade poor. The Baker and Wheat cards are trimmed about 1/16” short top to bottom; otherwise, the Baker card has a vg-ex appearance, and the Wheat card, g. The Wallace card has back damage; the front has a good appearance.
Winning Bid $264.

Lot 47.  1911 T205 Cards of 4 Hall of Famers – Clarke, Marquard, Speaker and Tinker. The Clarke and Marquard cards grade g, although the Marquard card has a much better appearance. The card of Speaker is f, and Tinker, f-g.
Winning Bid $321.

Lot 48.  1911 T205 Gold Border Variation Cards – Barger, Gray and Hoblitzell. E. B. Barger has a partial “B” on his cap, f-g. The card of Dolly Gray is without stats on the back, f-g. On his card, the name of Richard Hoblitzell is spelled incorrectly as “Hoblitzel,” and there is no “Cin.” after the 1908 stats. This is the second most difficult of the three variations. The card grades p with a pin hole, and minor writing on the back. Absent the pin hole, the front has g-vg appearance.
Winning Bid $572.

Lot 49.  8 Different Postcards of the Polo Grounds Including 7 Pre-Linen Cards. Three cards share a photo taken from right center field toward home with a game in progress. Two of these cards have John McGraw superimposed. A borderless card by Manhattan Post Card says “Polo Grounds, New York City, Home of the New York Giants” in the upper left. It has back damage that affects some type; vg+ to ex front. The second card with McGraw, by American Art Publishing, says “Polo Grounds, National League Baseball Park, New York” in the top border. Minor back damage, vg-ex front. The third card from this basic image is cropped tighter and carries a Brown Bros. copyright. Postmarked 1926; vg. Two cards use a photo taken in the grandstands from the first base side and show a cane in the foreground. The version with a Success Postal Card copyright has McGraw superimposed; postmarked 1915 and f. The example without McGraw copyrighted in 1912 by the New York Times is vg-ex. The sixth card in this group has a scene from right field with a large, decorative grandstand façade in the foreground. From Manhattan Post Card, it says “Polo Grounds, New York City. The Home of the New York Giants” in the top border, is postmarked 1924 and grades f-g. Also, a pre-linen with a scene from right center with no stands in the foreground, game in progress, “Polo Grounds, N.L. Baseball Park New York” in the upper right, postally used, g-vg. And a linen, #157 and 7A-H2098, scene from center field, gold border, vg-ex.
Winning Bid $72.

Lot 50.  4 1916 BF2 Ferguson Bakery Felt Pennants Including Eddie Collins. Like Collins, which grades vg, two other players represent the Chicago White Sox: Joe Benz g and Jack Lapp g-vg. The fourth pennant has Larry Doyle, p, of the Giants. All are on white backgrounds. All four were stitched along the edges at one time. The grades do not take the small holes from the stitching into account.
Winning Bid $125.

Lot 51.  1926 “Boston Braves in the 1880’s” Featuring Goodwin & Co. Old Judge Images. In 1926, a series of sepia composites using Old Judge images was produced to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the National League. The Boston Braves display includes 4 3/8” x 6 1/8” sepia images of eight Boston players – and Abner Dalrymple, who never played for Boston! In the 1880s, Dalrymple was an outfielder for Chicago and Pittsburgh. Among the Boston players are Hall of Famer Jim O’Rourke, Sam Wise, Joe Hornung, Ezra Sutton, Dick Johnston, John Morrill, Kid Madden and Bobby Wheelock. The images are printed on photo paper about 18 ½” x 27 ½” and adhered to artboard. There are tack holes in the corners, corner creases and some light stains in the borders, which could easily be matted out. The image area is clean with strong photos. These 1926 commemoratives are scarce. Original cabinet cards of these players could easily cost $5,000-$10,000. This attractive display could be yours for as little as our
Winning Bid $267.

Lot 52.  Outstanding 1927 W560 Card of Babe Ruth. This example, printed in red, is nm-m. A strip card, it measures 1 11/16” x 2 15/16”. A red border is fully present on the left side and top, and present about one-third of the way across the bottom. Top to bottom, from red border to red border, the card measures just slightly longer than 2 11/16”, which suggests that the size of 2 ¾” typically given for the card may be something less than precise.
Winning Bid $225.

Lot 53.  1928 F50 Yuengling’s Ice Cream Card #41, HoF Manager Stanley (Bucky) Harris. While this card is decently centered on the back, the front is off center, lacking a bottom border. Otherwise, it is free of creases and shows light stains on the front, which appear somewhat darker on the back. G-vg.
Minimum Bid $50.

Lot 54.  3 House of David Baseball Postcards. Two are from the 1930s, and the third is more recent, likely from the 1960s. A card trimmed to 3 3/8” x 5 3/8” shows five members of the barnstorming House of David team in Hot Springs, AR, in 1930. The players (not identified on the card) are Walter “Dutch” Faust, Hans “Barney” Dalager, Dave “Eggs” Harrison, Percy Walker and Tom Dewhirst. Vg+ to ex as trimmed. The seven players on the second card are unidentified, f (ex with a crease and two ¼” tears in the upper left). A real-photo postcard pictures three members of the 1934 or 1935 team (identified separate from the card), George “Andy” Anderson, Long John Tucker and Jesse Lee “Doc” Talley, vg-ex.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 55.  1931 Washington Senators Picture Pack Partial Set of 12 with Johnson, Rice. The set comprises 30 of these sepia, blank-backed cards. This group consists of Lloyd Brown ex+, Charles Fischer ex+, Edward Gharrity ex, William Hargrave ex, Walter Johnson ex+, Sam Jones ex, Baxter Jordan vg-ex, Joe Judge ex-m, Fred Marberry vg-ex, Harry Rice vg-ex, Sam Rice vg-ex and Ray Spencer ex+.
Winning Bid $125.

Lot 56.  1933 Goudey Sport Kings #42 Carl Hubbell. Colorful vg-ex card.
Winning Bid $248.

Lot 57.  1933 R319 Goudey #92 Lou Gehrig. G-vg example of the Yankee Hall of Famer.
Winning Bid $572.
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