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Baseball Programs, Yearbooks, Books and Annuals, Tickets and Ticket Stubs   42 Lots       »   

Lot 325.  12 Boston Red Sox Yearbooks, 1957-85. Four are from the 1950s-60s. In the 1957 yearbook, Ted Williams, Mel Parnell, who pitched a no-hitter in 1956, Billy Goodman, Jackie Jensen and Jimmy Piersall all receive a page of their own. Vg-ex; the inside pages have a tiny chip in the lower right corner. 1961, Carl Yastrzemski rookie, ex. 1963, Wilbur Wood a prospect, vg+. 1968, Yaz, Lonborg, Dick Williams on the cover, ex. Also, 1970 vg-ex, 1976 vg-ex (2nd edit.), 1978 ex-m (Rice, 2nd edit.), 1979 vg+ to ex (Rice), 1981-85 nm to nm-m.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 326.  44 1950s-80s American League Yearbooks. These yearbooks average ex-m to nm. California (3): 1983-85. Chicago (5): 1958 f-g, 1961 vg, 1962, 1963, 1984. Also, two paperbacks, Operation White Sox, 1964, and A Pictorial History of the White Sox, both ex. Detroit (4): 1978, 1980, 1981, 1983. KC Athletics (3): 1963-65. KC Royals (3): 1975, 1984, 1985. Milwaukee Brewers (4): 1980, 1983-85. Minnesota (8): 1968, 1971, 1977, 1978, 1980-82, 1985. New York (10): 1971, 1975, 1978, 1979 (revised), 1980, 198286. Also, the May 12, 1983 Yankees Magazine. Oakland (2): 1969 ex, 1971. Seattle (1): 1985. Texas (1): 1985. Toronto: 1977, scorebook, vol. 18, ex.
Winning Bid $102.

Lot 327.  4 Cleveland Indians Yearbooks Including 3 Oversized Issues from the 1960s. The yearbooks, or “Sketchbooks,” for 1962 and 1964 are really big, measuring 21 ½” x 13 ¾” and 17” x 11”, respectively. The 1962 edition, which is ex, has a team photo on the cover and some full-page player photos inside. The 1964 edition is vg. At 9 ¼” x 11 ¼”, the 1966 yearbook approaches the standard size, ex. The 1984 yearbook is nm-m.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 328.  5 1960s-70s Programs: Senators, Cubs, Salute to Bob Gibson, Etc. 1. 1965, New York at Washington, scored in pencil, vg-ex. Frank Howard profiled; Gil Hodges the manager. 2. 1968, Baltimore at Atlanta, possibly spring training, Aaron and Torre pictured, scored, pin hole all the way through, ex appearance. 3. 1969, Kansas City at Chicago, vg-ex. 4. 1970, Cincinnati at Chicago, scored, vg-ex. 5. July 9, 1972, Yankees at Cardinals, salute to Bob Gibson’s 211th win, scored, g-vg with small area of paper loss on cover.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 329.  Scarce 1964 Houston Colt .45s Yearbook with Rookie Joe Morgan. This 68-page 4 ½” x 7” publication booklet features player statistics, photos and profiles, along with the 1964 schedule and miscellaneous additional data. Besides Morgan, Jerry Grote also is a rookie in this edition. Other stars such as Fox, Staub and Runnels are included. Vg-ex cover with minor discoloration, ex-m pages with a price in pencil on the first page.
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 330.  1969 Yearbook, Program and Ticket Stub of the World Champion New York Mets. The 64-page yearbook contains photos and statistics of the players who would become known as the “Miracle Mets” by the end of the season. Gil Hodges was the team’s manager, and stars included Tom Seaver, Jerry Koosman, Cleon Jones and, in his second major league season, Nolan Ryan. Very nice example that would be near mint except for a stain in the upper right of the front cover and a couple of small, light stains on the front and back covers. The unscored program is for a home game with the Giants. Seaver and Hodges are figure among the 30 pages, ex. The ex ticket stub is for a June 1 game vs. the Giants, which the Mets won- 5-4, to improve their record to 22-23.
Winning Bid $68.

Lot 331.  39 Issues of Baseball Magazine Spanning 1934-56. This periodical made its debut in 1908 and published continuously until 1957. Issues generally have excellent cover photos and significant historical information. These issue average vg-ex; an asterisk (*) indicates the date or some other information is written on the front cover. 1934, May, June, Nov.* (Cochrane, Frisch cover). 1935, March (Paul Waner). 1937, March* (Durocher). 1938, March, June. 1939, Sept. 1940, Feb., June*. 1942, July, Dec. 1943, April, July, Sept., Oct. 1945, June, July. 1946, Nov. (Feller, Newhouser). 1947, April. 1948, Jan., March (Berra), April, July. 1949, March*. 1950, March (Henrich, Stengel, Mize with Waitkus on the inside front cover), Oct. 1951, April (Garagiola, others), Dec. (Cy Young). 1952, Oct., Dec. 1953, Spring (Reese, others), May, June (Joe DiMaggio, others), July (Bruton, Mantle), Aug.*, Nov. (Schoendienst, Reese, Rizzuto, Roberts). 1956, May, July (Mantle).
Winning Bid $248.

Lot 332.  Baseball Annuals and an Early TSN Baseball Register Mailing Envelope. The undated cardboard mailer appears to be from the 1940s and is ex. Accompanying it is a hardbound 1943 Register that has Uncle Sam on the original cover. The binding has “1943” written on the front board and on the spine. The copy inside is nm-m. Also: 3. The Baseball Yearbook 1937 from Heilbroner, vg-ex. 4. 1977 Famous Slugger Yearbook, ex. 5-6. Street and Smith’s Baseball Yearbook for 1955, Berra cover, vg+ to ex, and 1968, Lonborg cover, ex-m. 7. Baseball Digest 1985 Annual Guide, ex-m. 8. Major League Baseball Records 1901 to 1947, 22” x 27 ½” poster, ex.
Winning Bid $30.

Lot 333.  15 Periodicals with Baseball Covers Street & Smith’s 1943 Baseball Yearbook. This copy of the venerable annual has an ex appearance at first glance. Closer examination reveals a stain in the lower left corner throughout. Perhaps the least common publication is a 16-page insert from The Sun of Baltimore for the 1958 All-Star game. Starters are pictured, and Williams, Musial and Ruth are featured. Horizontal fold, small edge tear, nice copy. SI, Aug. 27, 1984 and Aug. 19, 1985, Pete Rose covers, nm, labels. Sports All Stars Baseball, 1960, 1961, vg-ex. Circa 1963 Baseball: The Game – The Career – The Opportunity, heavily illustrated 44-page recruiting publication from Major League Baseball. Many players are pictured, including Stan Musial, Jackie Robinson and Chuck Connors. Baseball Yearbook, 1968, Koufax, Mays, Mantle, vg. True’s Baseball Yearbook, 1968 ex-m. Varsity, March (Durocher) vg and Aug. 1948, g-vg. Baseball Preview ’83, nm. TSN 1983 Baseball Yearbook nm-m and specials for the 1983 All-Star Game and the opening of the 1985 season, vg.
Winning Bid $40.

Lot 426.  2 Early Hobby Publications – The American Card Catalog and the Stirling Catalog. The American Card Catalog, by J. R. Burdick, is a 1967 softcover edition by Nostalgia Press, ex. Similar in purpose to The Sports Collectors Bible, the Stirling Sports Card Catalog, by John C. Stirling, Jr., lists a wide range of baseball issues, and some from other sports as well. This 94-page softcover was issued in 1977 and is ex-m.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 427.  1970s-80s Hobby Publications: First CPU, TCMA, Fritch + Card and Show Promos. The first of the baseball card monthly price guides, Card Prices Update debuted in Sept. 29 with Mickey Mantle on the cover. Seven additional issues of the first 12 are present. They average vg-ex. Also, the March 1985 issue of Current Card Prices, vg, and eight 1988-89 issues of Baseball Card Price Guide, ex. One of the more interesting publications is the Jan. 1981 SCD Express. The cover is creased and barely attached; the rest is ex. There also are two 1987 issues of SCD (ex), seven 1979-80 issues of Baseball Hobby News (vg), three 1984 issues of Baseball Card News (vg), a 1988 Baseball Cards (vg-ex), the Dec. 1976 T’s Paper Americana (vg-ex), the Dec. 27, 1976 Sports Collectors News (vg) and a 1974 promo for The Sports Hobbyist (p). Also: 10 1970s issues of TCMA’s Baseball Advertiser, a 1986 Larry Fritsch catalog, a 1990 Lew Lipset auction, and a 1977 catalog for the Sports Corner, billed as the “first baseball card shop in the U.,S.A.” There also are some checklists, promos for Pro Set football, two tickets for a 1982 Eastern PA Sports Collectors Club Show and program for the 1981 “1st Seashore Baseball Card Show” in Ocean City, NJ.
Winning Bid $83.
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