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The Pittsburgh Steelers   38 Lots       »   

Lot 35.  Autographed Andy Russell 24” x 36” Framed Color Poster. Russell is one of the better linebackers not in the Hall of Fame. He played for the Steelers for 12 seasons. Gem mint 10 signature on an nm poster. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $25.

Lot 36.  Photos Signed by Mike Webster, HoF Center, Dermontti Dawson, Jeff Hartings. Webster, who passed away in 2002, is the second in a line of All-Pro centers to play for the Pittsburgh Steelers. The line began with Hall of Famer Ray Mansfield in 1964 and continued with Webster from 1976-88. Dawson arrived on the scene in 1988, and after a break from 1998-2000, Hartings took over the position in 2001. Webster was enshrined at Canton in 1997. He was an All-Pro seven times and Pro Bowl player nine times. Dawson is a potential HoFer. He has been a semi-finalist each year since 2005 and is a finalist for 2009. He played in seven straight Pro Bowls and in 171 consecutive games. Hartings, who retired after the 2006 season, was a two-time All-Pro and Pro Bowl selection. Webster’s autograph is 9-10 on a fabulous 8” x 10” photo matted and framed to 12 ½” x 15 ½”. Dawson and Hartings’ signatures are on a limited edition 8” x 10” photo, numbered 53 of 200, that has images of Webster in the background. Their autographs grade 9-10. The photo is matted and framed about 14” x 17”. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $50.

Lot 37.  1974 Steelers Pennant Signed by Jack Lambert, John Stallworth, Mike Webster. Ex full-sized “World Champions” Pittsburgh Steelers pennant with bold mint 9 signatures. All three are in the Hall of Fame, and each added his year of enshrinement at Canton. Authenticated by Kevin Keating. Webster passed away in 2002. Lambert signs infrequently, and when he does, he charges far more than our
Winning Bid $55.

Lot 38.  Artwork Signed by Jack Ham, Ernie Holmes, Dwight White and L. C. Greenwood. Bob Weaver 11” x 17” action print showing the four Pittsburgh Steelers stars along with Jack Lambert. Ham is in the Hall of Fame. Holmes and White passed away in 2008. The print has a tiny crease in the upper right corner. The autographs are gem mint 10s. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $125.

Lot 39.  1999 Pittsburgh Steelers Reunion Program Signed by 14 – Webster, Lambert, Etc. All of the signatures are on the cover of the 32-page program, which has photos and career information on the attendees inside. All of the autographs are strong, and they display as nm-m 8s to gem mint 10s, depending on the background. The cover is signed by Dwight White and Ernie Holmes, both of whom passed away in 2008, Chuck Noll, Ron Johnson, Robin Cole, Jack Lambert, Reggie Harrison, Larry Brown, Mike Kruczek, Mike Webster (d. 2002), Matt Bahr, Dave Reavis and Jon Kolb. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Minimum Bid $50.

Lot 40.  Super Bowl IX Composite with Franco Harris, Chuck Noll, Joe Greene Autographs. The signatures are on Goal Line Art cards framed with a Super Bowl IX ticket and 11” x 17” artwork by Bob Weaver. The Weaver print shows Harris, the game’s MVP, and Greene carrying Noll off the field after the Steelers defeated Minnesota, 16-6, for their first Super Bowl win. The game was played at Tulane Stadium in New Orleans on Jan. 12, 1975. Harris gained 158 yards on 34 carries and scored a touchdown. The autographs are gem mint 10s. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $125.

Lot 41.  Pittsburgh Steelers Autographs, Super Bowl Programs, Bradshaw Record, Etc. The programs for Super Bowl XIII (1979 vs. Dallas) and XIV (1980 vs. the Rams) are vg+ to ex. A program for Nov. 15, 1970, vs. the Chiefs is ex. Autographs on 8” x 10” photos are by Franco Harris (personalized), Greg Lloyd, Justin Strzelczyk (died 2004) and Mike Tomczak. The signatures are 9s and 10s. Photos of Lynn Swann and Harris have facsimile autographs, and a photo of Jerome Bettis is unsigned. Terry Bradshaw sings country classics on the 1976 Mercury album “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” nm in an ex-m+ jacket. There are two other 33 1/3 rpm albums: “Super Steelers ’76” from Open Pantry and “Super Team XIII” from Second Federal Savings. Jack Fleming narrated both, with are nm in ex-m+ jackets. Autographs authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 42.  27 Pittsburgh Steelers Autographs in 2 Books. Most of the signatures are in Men of Steel by Jim Wexell, 2006 hardback, ex-m+ book and dust jacket. The others, from the mid-1940s, are in The War, the Steagles and the Card-Pitts by George Burlbaugh, a self-published, 2004 softcover, ex+. In the Wexell book, the autographs are on or near the player’s photo unless otherwise noted: John Baker (on a gum card adhered to his photo), Pat Brady, Larry Brown, Jack Butler, who added “52 career int (interceptions)”; Lynn Chandnois, “Bullet Bill” Dudley, Joe Greene, Dick Hoak, Tunch Ilkin, Carnell Lake, Johnny Lattner, Louis Lipps, Ted Marchibroda, Elbie Nickel (on an index card adhered to his photo in the book), Jimmy Orr, Myron Pottios, John Reger, Donnie Shell, Bruce Van Dyke, Dwayne Woodruff and Rod Woodson. The Steagles and Card-Pitts signatures are at various locations in the book. The players and the years they played: Chet Bulger 1944, Ted Doyle (on a large section of paper pasted onto a blank page) 1938-44, Ray Graves (personalized) 1943, Mel O’Delli 1944 and 1945, Vic Sears (on a section of paper glued in) 1943, and Allie Sherman (on an index card pasted in) 1943. The Steelers joined forces with the Philadelphia Eagles in 1943, and the Chicago Cardinals in 1944. The autographs are overwhelmingly 9s and 10s with a few less. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $75.

Lot 43.  3 Autographed Books on the Pittsburgh Steelers – Bettis, Rooney, Cope. All hardbacks. 1. The Bus, Jerome Bettis, 2007 stated first edition, nm+ book and dust jacket. Bettis signed the front end- page, and the signature is a large, bold 10. 2. Dan Rooney: My 75 Years with the Pittsburgh Steelers and the NFL, Dan Rooney, 2007 apparent first, nm-m book, ex-m dj. Rooney’s signature on the first title page is mint 9. 3. Myron Cope: Double Yoi! by Myron Cope, 2002, nm+ book, ex-m dj. Cope’s signature on the front end-page grades 9-10. Cope passed away in Feb. 2008. Rooney is in the Hall of Fame, Bettis likely will be, and Cope is the first football announcer inducted into the Radio Hall of Fame. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 44.  400+ Pittsburgh Steelers Cards, 1950-86, with Bradshaw, Greene Rookies. This group represents an excellent start on a comprehensive pre-1990s Steelers collection. Bowman1950: #88-90, average ex. 1954: #25 vg-ex, 61 Finks ex. 1955: #124 ex. Topps 1956: 10 cards, 6 ex, 2 vg-ex, 2 vg incl. #63 team card. 1957: 13 cards, 8 ex, 2 vg-ex incl. #92 Stautner, 3 vg. 1958: 2, both vg-ex inc. #116 Steelers team. 1959: 16 cards, 11 ex to nm-m. #40 Layne and #69 Stautner vg-ex. 1960: 10 cards, 5 ex or better incl. #94 Johnson, 4 vg-ex, #93 Layne vg. 1961: #104 Layne ex+. 1963: 9 cards, all single prints, all but one ex or better incl. #123 Johnson, 129 Stautner, 133 team. 1968: 5 cards, 4 ex or better. 1969: 12 cards, all but one ex+ or better. 1970: 9 cards, 7 ex or better, 2 g-vg. 1971: 9 cards, #156 Bradshaw rookie ex and 245 Greene rookie ex+. 1974: 23 cards, ex to ex-m+ incl. #220 Harris and 470 Bradshaw. 1975: 14 cards, average ex+. #282 Swann rookie nm to nm+. 1976: 28 cards, ex-m overall incl. #75 Bradshaw and 140 Swann. 1977: 24 cards, nm to nm-m. #99 Webster rookie ex-m+ to nm front with wax on back. 1978: 24 cards, nm to nm-m incl. #320 Stallworth rookie. 1979: 27 cards, nm overall. 1980: 26 cards, one vg card, the rest ex-m overall. 1981: 21 cards, ex-m to nm overall. 1982: 21 cards, ex-m to nm. 1983: 15 cards, which average nm. 1984: 17 cards, nm. Beginning with 1971, the regular cards of Bradshaw are present in all of the Topps issues listed. Greene is present through 1981. There are multiple cards in the collection of Harris, Stallworth, Webster, Ham, Lambert and Bleier. Philadelphia 1965: 6 cards, 4 ex incl. #154 Steelers’ Play, 1 vg-ex and #147 Johnson vg. 1966: 6 cards, 5 ex, 1 g-vg. 1967: 13 cards, 5 ex+ or better, 7 vg-ex and 1 vg. There are miscellaneous issues from other companies as well. Authenticated by Kevin Keating
Winning Bid $403.

Lot 45.  Uncataloged 1979 Pittsburgh Press “Steeler Notebook” Apparent Set of 53. In 1979, the Pittsburgh Press newspaper printed 5 ½” x 8” profiles of 53 different Steelers. Each profile was to be placed in a special “Steeler Notebook” available from the newspaper. Each notebook page contains a picture of a Steeler player or coach and a brief article. Outlined in black, the page shows where three punch holes are to be located. The set includes Bradshaw, Swann, Lambert, Greene, Stallworth, Blount, Webster, Ham, Harris, Noll, etc. A collector neatly cut each profile from the newspaper. Almost all have a black border all the way around. All have been punched and put in the binder. About half are punched on the side opposite the punch hole indicators; in many of these, some text is affected. Overall, ex to ex-m. The “Steeler Notebook” is nm-m.
Winning Bid $83.

Lot 46.  19 Pittsburgh Steelers Yearbooks, Super Bowl and Other Programs. Three of the five programs for the Steelers’ Super Bowl triumphs are here: XIII in 1979 vg+ to ex, XIV in 1980 ex+ and XL in 2006 nm-m. The yearbooks are for 2006 and 2007, nm. There also is a copy of McDonald’s History of the Super Bowl, Vol. 3, which covers Super Bowls IX through XI. Ex-m. Programs: These are home programs unless otherwise noted. 1970 vs. Houston. Terry Bradshaw is pictured in this program, which marks his first pro game. Center folio loose; otherwise, ex-m. 1972 vs. Houston, Roger Staubach cover, nm. Rookie Franco Harris, who is pictured, scord his first regular-season TD in this game. 1997 vs. Bengals, Jerome Bettis cover, vg+ to ex. Jan. 15, 2005, AFC Playoff second-round game, Steelers 20, Jets 17, nm-m. 2006 vs. Browns, Brett Keisel cover, nm-m. 2007, Pittsburgh at Washington, nm-m. 2007 vs. Ravens, 75th Season Celebration Game, Lipscomb, Layne and Johnson on the cover, nm. Browns, nm-m. Dolphins, Lipps cover, nm-m. 2008 vs. Jacksonville, Mike Tomlin cover, nm-m. Sports Illustrated with Steelers Covers: Complete issues. Jan. 30, 2006, Jerome Bettis, nm-m. Feb. 13, 2006, Hines Ward, ex-m+. Aug. 23, 2007, special issue, “75 Years of Steelers Football,” nm-m. Also, Feb. 2006 Beckett Football, cover boasts Ben Roethlisberger as “The Greatest Rookie Ever.” Nm-m.
Winning Bid $61.

Lot 47.  15 Pittsburgh Steelers Pennants Spanning 1979-2007. Nm collection of full-sized pennants that begins with a photo pennant of the Super Bowl XIII champs. These Steelers defeated Dallas, 35-31, for the team’s third Super Bowl triumph. Terry Bradshaw, Franco Harris, Chuck Noll, Mel Blount, Mike Webster, Jack Ham, Joe Greene, Jack Lambert, L. C. Greenwood, Dwight White, John Stallworth and Lyn Swann are all in the photo. The others: 2. Super Bowl XIV pennant, Jan. 20, 1980. It pictures the Rose Bowl and identifies the Steelers as “AFC Champions.” Nm-m. 3. “One for the Thumb in 81” pennant with a large image of Joe Greene wearing four Super Bowl rings. Three tack holes; otherwise, ex. 4. Black-field pennant with “Steelers” and the team logo. Nm. 5. Ben Roethlisberger “2004 Rookie of the Year” pennant, nm-m. 6. Super Bowl XL pennant with the Steelers as the 2005 AFC Champions. 7. Super Bowl XL Champions pennant with images of Bettis, Roethlisberger, Polamalu, Porter, Parker, Ward, Farrior and Miller. 8. Super Bowl XL Five Time Champions pennant, nm-m. 9. Modern “Pittsburgh Steelers” pennant with a helmet with the team logo and the logo repeated separately, nm-m. 10. Hines Ward pennant, nm-m. 11. Super Bowl XL Champions “One for the Thumb” pennant. It shows a hand with four Super Bowl rings, nm-m. 12. 2007 Steelers “75th Season” pennant, nm-m. The final three full-sized pennant are connected with the Hall of Fame: 13. 1993 HoF induction pennant with Chuck Noll’s name on it with other enshrines. It has Raiders and Packers helmets. Vg+ to ex with two tack holes. 14. Generic HoF pennant, nm-m. 15. 2007 HoF Enshrinement & Game pennant with Steelers and Saints logos and the names of the six inductees, nm-m. BONUS - two smaller pennants: 16. 1960s, “Pittsburgh Steelers” with construction worker on an I beam, 5” x 12”, one pin hole, ex. 17. 4” x 9” “Pittsburgh” pennant with a generic football player, nm.
Winning Bid $92.

Lot 48.  45+ Autographs of Pittsburgh Steelers, Primarily 1940s-60s Players. John Stallworth is an exception; his autograph is on a 1980 Topps Super card. His signature grades 9-10, and almost all of the others are nm-m 8 or better. Five autographs are on 8” x 10” photos, each framed to 12” x 15” or larger: Howard Hartley, John Henry Johnson, Myron Pottios, Jerry Shipkey and Ernie Stautner. Five more on 8” x 10” unframed photos: Rudy Andabaker (pers.), Jack Butler (pers.), Roy Jefferson, Dick LeBeau (with Lions) and Ray Mathews. In addition, five more are on a composite “75th Anniversary Team Legends” photo: Dick Hoak, Ray Mathews, Bruce Van Dyke, “Bullet Bill” Dudley and Jack Butler. The largest group of signatures, 16, is on 4” x 6” cards with the player’s name, team logo, and, often, a player photo: Warren Bankston, Dewey Brundage, Lee Calland, John Dockery, Gordon Gravelle, Claude Hipps, Gene Hubka, Dick LeBeau, Gerry “Moon” Mullins, Mel Odelli, Chuck Ortmann, John Rowser, George Tarasovic, Dick Tomlinson, Mike Wagner and Al Young. Dale Dodrill signed an unlined 3” x 5” index card, Pete Ladygo a 4” x 5 ½” photo and Dewey Brundage, a 2 ½” x 3 ¼” photo. Autographs of Andy Russell and Craig Colquitt are on a 1968 Topps card and a Tennessee card, respectively. The remaining autographs are on separate 8 ½” x 11 pages: Ed Fullerton, Bob Gunderson and Norman Mosley on a pages of “Career Reflections,” Dick Hoak on a page concerning a 1963 game, Dick LeBeau on Steelers letterhead, John Dockery on a page “Honoring Jack Ham,” Bill Creager and Gene Hubka on “Mr. Rooney’s First Playoff Team,” Pete Ladygo on an 8 ½” x 8” note about Ernie Stautner, described as “tough, strong, steady, consistent and combative,” and “never loud or bragging,” and Joseph P. O’Malley speculating on what might have happened if the Steelers had not cut Johnny Unitas. Very interesting Steelers collection. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $185.

Lot 49.  1938 Steelers Home Schedule Broadside with Future Justice Whizzer White. Actually, the Pittsburgh pro football team was still known as the “Pirates” then, and they were one of the two worst teams in pro football. White was fresh out of the University of Colorado, where he finished second in the third year of the Heisman Award. White gave Pittsburgh fans something to cheer about in a 2-9 season. He led the NFL in rushing, outgaining runner-up Tuffy Leemans of the New York Giants by more than 100 yards. White was a Rhodes Scholar, and after the 1938 season, he left for Oxford. He returned to the U.S. to play for Detroit in 1940 and 1942 before entering the military. In 1962, President John F. Kennedy appointed White to the U.S. Supreme Court. The schedule and advertising poster are on 7 ¾” x 12” newsprint. It has four folds, a couple of holes that do not affect text or White’s photo and “1938” printed on in pencil. The name of a pharmacy where tickets could be purchased in 1938 is typed on. Living in the heart of Steelers country, we can tell you that any memorabilia associated with the teams of the 1930s-40s is very scarce. This is great item!
Winning Bid $225.
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