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100+ Signatures of AAFC, AFL WFL and USFL Football Players.

Lot 190. 100+ Signatures of AAFC, AFL WFL and USFL Football Players. Many of the players from these defunct leagues played in the NFL at some point. Most of the autographs are on 4” x 6” cards that have the player’s name and the logos of the teams he played for. Almost all are nm-m 8 or better. All-American Football Conference. The AAFC fielded teams 1946-49, and several of the joined the NFL. The 33 players listed here represent the Baltimore Colts, Brooklyn Dodgers, Buffalo Bills, Chicago Hornets, Chicago Rockets, Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Dons, Miami Seahawks or San Francisco 49ers: Ben Agajanian, John Billman, Pete Berezney, Bob Callahan, Eddie Carr, Walter E. Clay, Lamar Davis, Dan Dworsky, Fred “Dip” Evans, Bill Fisk, Bill Gompers, George Groves, Robert E. Heck, Bob Jensen, Bob Kelly, John Kimbrough, Pat Lahey, Chick Maggioli, Bob Paffrath, Ben Pucci, George Ratterman (pers.), Lou Saban, Ralph Sazio, Mo Scarry (pers.), Joe Signaigo, Bill Smith, Lou Sossaman, Art Statuto, Ken Stofer, Jim Tarrant (pers.), George Terlep, Eddie Ulinski, Wilbur Volz and Marty Wendell (pers.). Besides signing the 4” x 6” cards, 18 players signed 8 ½” x 11” pages containing career highlights or recollections of the AAFC: Don Colo, Brad Ecklund, Bill Gompers, George G(roves), Garland Gregory, Bob J(ensen), W. A. “Dub” Jones, Wayne Kingery, Pat Lahey, Achille F Maggioli (signed also Chick Maggioli), Ben Pucci, Coach Lou Saban, Ralph Sazio, Lou Sossamon, Herb St. John, Art Statuto, Joe Sutton, George Taliaferro, George Terlep and Wilbur Volz. Ecklund provides a couple of funny stories from his days in the league, and Sazio remembered the Brooklyn Dodgers as a “Mickey Mouse operation from the top down” that was “out-coached…in almost every game.” World Football League. The league lasted for less than two seasons, 1974-75: Sonny Sixkiller. United States Football League. This league tried to challenge the NFL 1983-85: Glenn Carano, Chuck Fairbanks (pers.) and Herschel Walker. American Football League 1940-41. Over the decades, there actually were several AFLs. This was the third AFL to complete with the NFL. Suspended for World War II, it was never re-constituted: Nick Toth, Buffalo Tigers. American Football League 1960-69. The fourth AFL was the most successful, and it continued until merging with the NFL: Houston Antwine, Fred Arbanas, Al Bemiller, Ed Budde, Chris Burford, Wray Carlton, Clem Daniels, Elbert Dubenion (pers.), Jim Dunaway, Brooker Edgerson, Larry Eisenhauser, Earl Faison (pers.), Miller Farr (pers.), Tom Flores, “Hoot” Gibson, “Goose” Gonsouolin, Dave Grayson, Harry Jacobs, Ronnie Hall, Wayne Hawkins (pers.), Sherill Headrick, E. J. Holub, Dick Hudson, Bobby Hunt, Rich Jackson, Bobby Jancik, Jack Lee, Keith Lincoln, Floyd Little, Paul Lowe, Paul Maguire, Ron McDole, Gene Mingo (pers.), Jim Norton, Bert Rechichar, Johnny Robinson, Ed Rutkowski, Coach Lou Saban, George Saimes, Mike Stratton, Walt Sweeney, Ernie Warlick (pers.), George Webster, Jerrell Wilson, Ralph Wilson (Bills owner, pers.) and Ernie Wright. Authenticated by Kevin Keating.
Winning Bid $75.

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Winning Bid $75    


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